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When Summer Ends - Community Reviews back

by Isabelle Rae
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Book-Devouring Misfit
Book-Devouring Misfit rated it 9 years ago
So why 2.5 stars, huh? Well, the story was cute especially Chloe and Will's relationship. The characters were awesome, too, you'd think they're perfect. I just thought that the book's way too long and it actually took me more than six hours finishing it. There were some parts that I just thought the...
 Stacia in Progress
Stacia in Progress rated it 9 years ago
Hi. My name is Stacia. I'll be your cruise director for this trip on the spoiler seas. Ah, what the heck. I probably could find a way to complain without spoilers like I normally do, but I figured I'd just warn you this time and you can choose whether or not to read this review, Cutie. So here we go...
Gisbelle rated it 9 years ago
I didn't enjoy this book at all. The characters were not realistic in my option and the pace was too slow and a bit too much detail. I didn't understand why Will liked Chloe in the first place. She was so immature and extremely annoying for her age (she often stuck out her tongue and said stupid thi...
hippiedaizy rated it 9 years ago
2.5 Stars I love teacher/student books. I don't know why I love the whole forbidden love thing, but I do. With that said, I've read quite a few of them, one being Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Now, I HATE comparing books, and I never have before but there were too many similarities to Slammed in Whe...
Fiction in Fiction in Fiction
Fiction in Fiction in Fiction rated it 9 years ago
Rating: 4.5/5 stars!Ah this was so sweet and worth trading in some exam study time!I absolutely LOVE Will, he's so sweet, romantic, considerate, passionate and just plain amazing. I wish I had a guy like Will! I absolutely love how he calls Chloe 'Cutie'.What I didn't like:The writing itself I felt ...
Little Pieces of Imagination
Little Pieces of Imagination rated it 9 years ago
More of my reviews can be found on my blog.I really enjoyed this book as a whole, but I read a very similar book like a few days before and that book impressed me a bit more than this one, hence the three stars. The thing that bothered me most about this book was Chloe's naive and childish behaviou...
Sandra @ My Fiction Nook
Sandra @ My Fiction Nook rated it 9 years ago
Updated 10/12/12:Allegedly, this author took a Twilight fanfiction and allegedly posted it on Wattpad with changes. Then, this same author allegedly took the fiction off Wattpad and published it. The fanfic in question is still posted on Fanfiction.net under the title Under The Boardwalk. With the s...
Fiction Fare
Fiction Fare rated it 9 years ago
So this was possibly a twilight fanfic called Under the Boardwalk. And not even one by this author.
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