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Who Could That Be at This Hour? - Community Reviews back

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Baby Got Books
Baby Got Books rated it 9 years ago
Fun read with my 8 year old. We're both bummed that we have to wait until fall for the next one.
Raging Biblioholism
Raging Biblioholism rated it 9 years ago
A bit more 3.5 - it feels, at times, like it's largely just set up for the circumstances of the rest of the series, no matter how many shenanigans occur over these 250ish pages - but a solid return from Mr. Snicket, who returns to tell us the story of a different young person than the Baudelaire orp...
The Incredibly Deadly Viper
The Incredibly Deadly Viper rated it 9 years ago
More like 3.5/5.
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 9 years ago
Ah Moxie. How do I love thee? You are far more interesting then the boy named after a fruit. His Gal Friday you are not. You are yourself.Amusing book with the references. Really wish I knew cabbies like Pip and Squeak.
Readundant rated it 9 years ago
Do any actual kids like Lemony Snicket books, or are they only read by hip parents who think that they are the kind of books they want their kids to like?Because, sure, I'd think it was neat if my daughter was into, like, opaquely plotted genre satires stuffed with obtuse narration, whimsical wordpl...
Scott Reads It!
Scott Reads It! rated it 9 years ago
Find reviews and more at City of Books There is a book that is strangely addicting and very mysterious. I am talking about none other than Lemony Snicket's latest Who Could That Be At This Hour? which covers Mr. Snicket's apprenticeship with V.F.D. Who Could That Be At This Hour? is the first boo...
WordsofaReader rated it 9 years ago
I reviewed this over on my youtube channel you can watch that video here - http://youtu.be/8u8FmtmFT5o
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