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Wilhelm Grimm
Birth date: 1786-02-24
Died: 1859-12-16
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Nighttime Reading Center
Nighttime Reading Center rated it 5 years ago
The audio book that I downloaded from Libox is a free download. It got a 62 Chapters or you can call them stories by the Grimm Brothers. It fairy tales and what the originals stories ending really are. Did you always think that the Disney version was the real one and did not know that they did not r...
Musings/Träumereien/Devaneios rated it 6 years ago
(Original Review, 2005-11-30)In Genesis there is suddenly this sentence/observation about giants walking the Earth in them days... I always see those elderly male Jews in Babylon, staring glumly at some campfire, thinking about the good old days and thinking up revengeful plans to smite the enemy. T...
Portable Magic
Portable Magic rated it 6 years ago
I think my only exposure to the Grimm brothers’ stories has been the Disney-fied version. I think I prefer Disney’s. Stories: Hans in Luck – Hans is a fool who wouldn’t know a good bargain if it punched him in the face. The Goose Girl – Trickery and ambition get you thrown naked into a barrel of ...
YouKneeK rated it 7 years ago
I started reading this book on January 2 of this year and I’ve been slowly, slowly working my way through it. It’s 752 pages and contains 211 stories. I think, if I had tried to read this book all at once, I probably would have given up on it. As it is, I’m not sure finishing it is the wisest thi...
aminor2 rated it 8 years ago
This is a book filled with many different stories by The Grimm Brothers. This would be an excellent book for older students who are looking at myths, folktales, and short stories.
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