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William Browning Spencer
Birth date: January 16, 1946
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bigfootmurf rated it 12 months ago
‘Lovecraft‘s Monsters’ is a big anthology and this much gloom is probably best taken in small doses unless you‘re from Innsmouth. The very famous Neil Gaiman opens the billing but I’m heading up the review with ‘Remnants’, a short story by Fred Chappell. Fred Chappell! I mean no disrespect to the ot...
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 6 years ago
Above average anthology from the usually outstanding Datlow (the hardest working editor in horror). Avoids some traps by excluding some of the usual suspects you would expect in an anthology like this (I won't name them) and substituting others who I bet this was their first foray into Lovecraftiana...
asandwich rated it 6 years ago
Here’s one of those books that uses its title to explicitly tell you what you’re getting - a collection of stories featuring all things squamous, cyclopean and antediluvian: Lovecraft’s Monsters.Filled with a variety of tales that revolve around amphibious people, trans-dimensional head-fuckery and ...
Midu Reads
Midu Reads rated it 6 years ago
★ Pickman's Other Model, Tsathoggua, A Colder War★★ Mr. Gaunt, The Fungal Stain, Take Me To The River, Cold Water Survival,★★★ Fair Exchange, The Vicar Of R'lyeh, The Crevasse, Bad Sushi, Old Virginia, The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft, The Oram County Whoosit, Buried In The Sky, Bringing Helena Back...
Reclusive Reads
Reclusive Reads rated it 6 years ago
This was an ARC from NetGalley.This anthology is an excellent homage to the monsters of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Solid stories by some of the best authors in the business, past and present, each with a striking illustration make this a must for any fan of the Mythos.
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