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William S. Burroughs
Birth date: 1914-02-05
Died: 1997-08-02
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Community Reviews
Booklife of Bia
Booklife of Bia rated it 7 years ago
This was an incredibly exhausting and somewhat pointless read. The intro, as well as the annex, were okay-ish and had at least an informative value to them (to a certain degree...), but everything in between was horrid and reeeally far from being understandable or enjoyable at all. So... thanks, but...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 8 years ago
Synopsis: In his debut novel, Junky, Burroughs fictionalized his experiences using and peddling heroin and other drugs in the 1950s into a work that reads like a field report from the underworld of post-war America. The Burroughs-like protagonist of the novel, Bill Lee, see-saws between periods of a...
What I am reading
What I am reading rated it 9 years ago
My picture of William S. Burroughs – coming from the couple of books I read – was one of a weapon fanatical, crazy and borderline paranoid old man. I think I mentioned in a previous review on one of his books, that the only thing in his writing that actually shocks me is the incoherency in it (proba...
Misericordia rated it 9 years ago
Он познакомился с новым сортом свободы, свободой жить в постоянном напряжении и страхе на пределе своего внутреннего страха и напряжения так, что давление по крайней мере уравнивалось, и впервые за свою взрослую жизнь он понял значение полного расслабления, абсолютного наслаждения моментом. Он чувст...
Misericordia rated it 9 years ago
Читала на русском. Дальше спойлеры:Можно конечно спросить: «А почему вы вообще пробовали наркотики? Почему вы продолжали употреблять их достаточно долго для того, чтобы стать наркоманом?» К наркотикам привыкаешь, потому что в других сферах деятельности нет особо сильных желаний, привязок, стимулов, ...
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