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Yesterday's Gone: Episode 1 - Community Reviews back

by Sean Platt, David W. Wright
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charlton rated it 3 years ago
One of those books I didn't know I'd like so much.I mean I'd read the blurb and thought this sounds interesting.But within the first 10 pages it pretty much had me. Basically it deals with the U.S.,it doesn't mention any other countries.One evening all the humans disappear.With the exception of a sc...
The Book Addict's Ramblings Book Blog
Yesterday's Gone focuses on a select few survivors. A reporter who wakes up without his wife and son, a creepy serial killer, a mother with a young daughter, a bullied teen and his drunken step-father, a fugitive who survives a plane crash, and a young boy who is alone and looking for his family.Bef...
Inspiring Insomnia
Inspiring Insomnia rated it 8 years ago
I picked up Yesterday's Gone after reading and enjoying the authors' WhiteSpace: Episode 1. I was surprised that I didn't like this better, because I typically love the apocalypse genre. The book focuses on a handful of characters, with the points of view switching among them with each chapter. They...
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 8 years ago
Not too long ago, I rudely criticized a kindle novella for being patterned after the format of a TV series. So along comes Yesterday's Gone a serialized novel that is blatantly patterned along a similar style. So why was unnamed novel so terrible and Yesterday's Gone pretty damn good.The first obvio...
The Social Potato Reviews
The Social Potato Reviews rated it 8 years ago
A very interesting take on an apocalypse. We're introduced to many different characters and we're switching back and forth, back and forth. Although that's cool, as it gives us a lot of angles to view the situation, I felt it was a little bit too much... I think there were about six? seven different...
The Aussie Zombie
The Aussie Zombie rated it 8 years ago
What would you do if you woke up one morning to find your family had disappeared? Assume they have gone out to hit the shops, visit the neighbours, take the dog for a walk? And then you realise that your whole apartment building is empty… This is the situation that faces a bunch of ‘survivors’ in Ye...
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