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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Birth date: January 29, 1962
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Yoz0ra Reads
Yoz0ra Reads rated it 5 years ago
I didn't know that Neon Genesis Evangelion had a manga adaption until I finished watching the original anime years ago. Initially, I hesitated to read the manga adaption because I thought it would be drastically different and I don't want my memories of the anime to be ruined. I looked up informatio...
Letras y Bucles
Letras y Bucles rated it 10 years ago
Edición bastante feúcha, pero que en el momento era la única que había. De todos modos, el manga sigue siendo buenísimo, aunque arranque un tanto lento.
Breaking It All Down
Breaking It All Down rated it 11 years ago
Man, Shinji & Asuka can't catch a break. This time Asuka gets saved from death (a death that got played in the movie a lot like a rape) at the hands of the Mass Production Evas by Shinji, and Shinji gets his one triumphant moment where he manages to save someone, only for the trigger to get pulled o...
Breaking It All Down
Breaking It All Down rated it 11 years ago
So, we haven't had the Quantum Reis (Ree?) showing up during some of the characters death scenes. So, I wonder, when we have Third Impact, will the characters who have died before Third Impact formally begins (Misato, Gendo, Kaji) contributing to Shinji's self analysis, or will we be limiting oursel...
Breaking It All Down
Breaking It All Down rated it 11 years ago
This volume of the manga adapts the Operation Yashima plotline, which I'd also describe as the "First Rei Arc." It gives the reader a baseline for who Rei is currently, so her character can develop and change over future volumes.The story in this volume is missing some of the light humor that the an...
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