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East of West, Vol. 1: The Promise - Community Reviews back

by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta
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Tackling Mt. TBR
Tackling Mt. TBR rated it 7 years ago
This was such an odd read. I had to sit for a bit afterward and think about how to rate it. I found the story both creative and fascinating and the art work was quite well done. However, I didn't really find any particular characters to root for. There are no good guys in this graphic novella. Every...
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 7 years ago
I can't believe this is over. So, so sad :( I've ordered volume two from the library, but I will be itchy with anticipation until it comes. Dammit! This was brilliant! It's like this huge mashup - politics and religion, old and new (futuristic old west) - and then Hickman threw in the N...
Omnilogikos: literati
Omnilogikos: literati rated it 8 years ago
In East of West, Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta find a way to mix a few science fiction themes with a major typical fantasy plot - the beast of the apocalypse - in a very interesting way. This first volume is a presentation of the characters, their general background and drive and where they sta...
TStarnes Book reviews
TStarnes Book reviews rated it 8 years ago
When I was sent this trade for review I was very excited because I have never read a Western comic. All the titles I read are superheroes, gods, devils, angels, sci-fi and magic. So I was a little bit bemused when I opened this comic to three adolescents being ‘birthed’ from inside a magic circle. F...
Maybe Tomorrow
Maybe Tomorrow rated it 8 years ago
The horsemen of the apocalypse are reborn only to find that one of their number is missing. Where oh where could Death be? Well, he's busy wreaking unholy vengeance on those who wronged him of course! But this isn't simply a tale of brutal violence. Death has a very valid purpose to his onslaught, a...
Merry Meerkat Marginalia
Merry Meerkat Marginalia rated it 8 years ago
Star Rating Art: 4 StarsStar Rating Story: 3.5 StarsNetgalley ReviewFirst Impression: Am liking the art. Intreaguing SP? comes to mind.Plot/Storyline: Very confusing, not sure if I will want to read other volumes. I can’t get a good handle on what the heck is going on. Some background would be ni...
The Golden Darter
The Golden Darter rated it 8 years ago
"You come face to face with love, and before the sun sets, you've become someone you didn't used to be."If you like some violence and epic world building with your graphic novels, this is a must read.Yeah, I'm hooked. Loved the world building! Apocalypse cometh and the turning of the tide arrives wi...
In Libris Veritas
In Libris Veritas rated it 8 years ago
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