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Frequently Asked Questions about BookLikes. If you have more, feel free to drop us a line at contact@booklikes.com.  

About BookLikes

(what's BL, account, settings)

Books on Shelf

(adding/removing books, shelves, rating, book pages and reviews)

Import and Synchronization

(book import, BL-> GR sync option, Kindle sync)


(creating and taking part in)

Writing on Blog

(posts, reviews, drafts, editing, customization)



Commenting System 

(BookLikes comments, Disqus, Facebook comment box)


(widgets, reading challenge)

BookLikes Community

(Dashboard, book blogs and friends)

Discussion Rooms

(creating groups and discussions) 

Social Media

(Facebook, Twitter, Friends, Posting)

Official Profiles and Author Features on BookLikes 

(author's tab, official profile badge)


About BookLikes


What’s BookLikes?

BookLikes is a place designed for book lovers with your own personal webpage with blog, virtual bookshelf and reading timeline. BookLikes gathers book lovers, book bloggers, reviews, writers and avid readers from all over the world who can share their reviews and other writings, reading updates and find other interesting blogs, writers and avid readers


Is BookLikes independent?

Yes, BookLikes is 100% independent.  


Is BookLikes free?

Yes, BookLike is 100% free.


Is there a limit to the number of books allowed on my bookshelf for the free membership? 

Nope. As we said we're 100% free with no limits of shelves, books, reviews and new book friends :)


Can I change language version of BookLikes?

Yes, you can. BookLikes is available in three language versions: English, German and Polish. You can choose Language for BookLikes in Settings/General. You can also change BookLikes’ language on homepage.


Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can. Go to Settings/General, click on the box “use your own domain” and provide your domain in a given field.


How can I change my username?

To change your username go to Settings/General, type new username and Save. Remember that once you change your username, the address of your personal webpage of BookLikes will be also changed (yourusername.booklikes.com)


How can I change my password?

You can change your password in Settings/General by typing old one and selecting new password. Remember to Save changes.

If you cannot log in because of your password, use Forgot password form. You’ll receive email message with link to reset your password.


How can I set new password if I signed up by Facebook?

If you signed up by Facebook, please go to Settings/General, leave “Currently password” field empty and type new password in New Password field. Save. Your new password should be set up. 


How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account in Settings/General.


How do I unsubscribe from email notifications?

You can switch off email notifications in Settings/General. Save after a change.


How can I change my profile picture?

You can change your avatar in Settings/General.


What’s the difference between username and blog name?

Username is name on which your account is created and it’s part of your personal web address: yourusername.booklikes.com. You can change your username in Settings/General, however, remember that your personal address will be different then.

Blog name is name of your Blog set up in Settings/Blog, Blog name can be different from your username.


What’s my personal booklikes address?

Your personal address includes your username and looks like this: yourusername.booklikes.com.


Can I log in with my social media?

Yes, you can but first you need to connect your social media in Settings/General.



Books on Shelf


How to add book to a bookshelf?

To add book to bookshelf use search box on the top to find it. Click on the cover, then “+Shelf”, select the reading status (read, currently reading, planning to read” and Save.


How to remove book from a bookshelf?

To remove book, click on it on your Shelf and select reading status, then click Remove from shelf. You can also delete several books at one go in Shelf Table view (select and click Remove selected).



How to create thematic shelf?

You can create thematic shelf on Shelf page, in the book pop up and in bookshelf settings.

1. On Shelf Page. Go to your Shelf page, click “Add new shelf” on the top, type shelf name, hit enter.

2. In the book pop up. Click on the book, select +Shelf (if it’s not on your shelf already), click Edit shelves, add new shelf name and hit enter. The select reading status and Save. The book will be shelved with status and on your new thematic shelf.

3. In bookshelf settings. Go to your Shelf page, click the settings icon on the right. Add, remove, rename your shelves. Remember to Save. 


How to shelve a book on more than one shelf?

   To shelve books more than on one thematic shelf, search the book, click on the cover, add it to bookshelf (if not added) and click Edit shelves. If you have no additional thematic shelves, you can create them in this book pop up (type shelf name and hit enter). The tick select thematic shelves (you can select several) and Save.

   If the book is already on your shelf, click on it, click on reading status (read, currently reading, planning to read), and then Edit shelves.


What’s table view of shelf?

Table view of your shelf in your book list with additional edit and batch edit options.


Can I edit more than one book at once?

Yes, you can. You can edit several books at a time in Table view of your Shelf (entrance to table view is on your shelf page). Table view has several options: check/uncheck many books, add selected books on shelves, delete books from shelves. You can also add and edit review, add read date and edit shelves in for a single book too.


What is reading status?

BookLikes has three reading statuses: Read, Planning to read, Currently reading. You can also create your own reading status or change existing shelf into exclusive status.


Can I create new reading status?

Yes, you can. You can create new status on Shelf Page. Click Add exclusive status, type new status (e.g. DNF) and press enter.


How to set reading status?

To set reading status click on the book,  then Add to bookshelf and select right status: read, planning to read, currently reading and Save. If you already have chosen status, click on the book, click on book status in book pop up, change into the one that fits you and Save.


How to rate book?

You can rate book in book pop up and it table view of your shelf.

- To rate a book click on the cover, then on Read status and select ratings stars (rating is only for book with Read status). Then Save.

- To rate book in table view, go to table view and select rating stars in Rating field.


How to mass edit books on shelf?

You can edit several books at a time in Table view of your Shelf (entrance to table view is on your shelf page). Table view has several options: check/uncheck many books, add selected books on shelves, delete books from shelves. You can also add and edit review, add read date and edit shelves in for a single book too.


What are Daily Deals?

Daily Deals are special book offers from book sources available on BookLikes. We’re planning to add special book offers from other bookstores soon.


How can I change book edition?

Each book edition is a separate book entry. The book edition can be changed in three BookLikes' spots: 


- On book page. To change book edition go to a book page of a given title, enter the box Other editions, remove the book edition from your shelf and select a new edition. 


- On your Shelf page in table view. Go to your Shelf and switch the view to the table view and click change edition just under the book title. Insert the book title, click the book and select a new edition. The book will be updated on your shelf and in review, if added. 


- If you would like to change the edition of the book imported from GR collection, please go to your Import Page (Settings/Import), select Change, insert a book title and select a new book. 


Are there book pages on BookLikes?

Yes, there are. BookLikes uses several book sources and each book edition is a separate book entry with a separate book page. All editions are connected into one single book page for a give title. To go to a book page, click the cover and select Book page. 


What is Book Page of Single Edition?

Each book edition has got a separate book page. 


What’s ‘Shelve it’ visible on Shelf page and how does it work?

‘Shelve It’ lets you to add books to your bookshelf directly from bookseller’s site. Drag “Shelve it” button to your bookmark bar and while visiting bookseller page, click it if you see a book which you would like to add to your bookshelf on BookLikes. Shelve it option supports Amazon and Book Depository sites.


Can I search books on my Shelf?

Yes, you can. To search through your shelves, go to a Shelf page and use the search box there. 


Can I use half-stars rating?

Oh yes you can :-)


Can I have exclusive status on BookLikes?

Yes you can. You can add, remove, rename and manage shelves and statuses in bookshelf settings (go to Shelf page and click on Settings icon on the right). 


Can I change existing shelf into exclusive status?

Yes, you can. You can add, remove, rename and manage shelves, statuses in bookshelf settings (go to Shelf page and click on Settings icon on the right). 


How can I update my currently reading status?

The book with currently reading status is visible on Dashboard and admin blog view in the right column. To update the currently reading status click Update. 


How can I sort books on my shelf?

You can add, remove, rename and manage shelves, statuses and books' display in bookshelf settings (go to Shelf page and click on Settings icon on the right). 


Can I change shelf order?

Yes. To change shelf order go to Shelf Settings, choose manual shelf order and then move shelves by dragging or writing numbers in position set. 


Can I set a table view as a default view for my shelf?

Yes. Go to Shelf Settings, chose shelf view and save. 


What do I do when I can’t find a book?

If you cannot find a book in our book sources, you can add book manually. Click Add new book in search book results and fill up necessary book information.



BookLikes Book Edits Guidelines:

1. BookLikes members can edit book and author information.


2. Edits made by BookLikes members needs to be accepted by the Librarians to be visible on the site.


3. Edits made by BookLikes members can be accepted or rejected by the Librarians.


4. BookLikes Librarians are members who have been invited to receive a librarian status on BookLikes. The Librarians are allowed to edit the BookLikes book catalog, and accept/reject/improve the edits made by other users on BookLikes.


5. BookLikes users can use the following sources for book and author information:

- BookLikes affiliate partners (visible at Settings/Affiliate Programs),

- official websites of publishers

- public domain information which provide open access to the information

- official author page

- personal archives


6. BookLikes members should fill up all required information and follow the tips in the edit forms. The cover image should not include any water mark. A good quality scan of a book cover is also acceptable to use.


7. The book information should not include a review or a personal feelings. It should be a summary and not a personal opinion.


8. The author information should not include a personal feeling. It should be a short bio and not a personal opinion.


9. The uploaded book cover should correspond to a given book edition and its ISBN.


10. Author names should follow the format as seen on the author’s webpage, publisher’s webpage and book cover information. Make sure to spell it correctly and add name(s) in Author Name field and surname in Author’s Surname field. If the author uses the initials, you can insert the initials in the Author’s Name field. Authors titles or degrees should not be added (e.g. Dr., Ph.D.) unless it’s a part of a pen name (e.g. Dr. Seus). If the author uses a one word pen name, please fill up the Author’s Surname field, and the Author’s Name leave empty.


J.K. Rowling

Suzanne Collins

James Patterson

Stephen King

Lauren B. Davis

Mary Higgins Clark


11. Book titles and series names should follow the same format as seen on author’s webpage, publisher’s webpage and book cover information:


Game of Thrones

Sizzling Sixteen

Pride and Prejudice

The Song of Ice and Fire


12. The publication dates should follow one of the given format:


dd-mm-yyyy - 04.10.2012

mm-yyyy - 10.2012

yyyy - 2012


13. ISBN numbers or ASIN numbers should correspond to a given book edition and should follow the format seen on author’s webpage, publisher’s webpage and book cover information.


14. Users should provide ISBN numbers 10 or 13 or both if provided. Users should provide ASIN number if provided.


15. The Librarians are required to follow community guidelines, edits guidelines, the etiquette and good manners when making the edits and interacting with other users.


16. The edits can be made on the book pages and author pages. To make the edits, click Edit on the book or author page.


17. Always think twice before making the edits and make sure you provide the correct information.


18. If a BookLikes member will deliberately provide inaccurate information, he/she can be blocked from the edit option. If a BookLikes member will deliberately mess the book catalog, he/she can be blocked or removed from the site.


19. If you're not sure how to proceed, use the report option or contact the BookLikes team. 


Import and Synchronization 


Can I import my books and reviews from Goodreads?

Yes, you can. Export your GR’s collection to csv file and import your file in Settings/Shelf. Your books, ratings, shelves, reviews and dates will pop up on your shelf and blog. 


How can I export by books from Goodreads and import to BookLikes?

Go to My Books on your GR profile and click Import/Export in left column. Export your books, the csv file will be saved on your computer. Then go to Settings/Import on your BookLikes Profile, select csv file in Goodreads Import section and click Import. 


What's Import Page?

Import Page is a place where you see all data from your csv file. You can Remove book from import (they will not be imported to your Shelf) and Change book edition if wrong book was imported or without a cover.


If you remove already imported book on Import Page, the book will be removed from your shelf along with a review if the text is attached to this book. The book and review is imported as a set. 


What’s BookLikes -> Goodread synchronization?

You can synchronize your Goodreads profile with your BookLikes webpage.


BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization includes:


Once you do one of those things on BookLikes, they will be published here on your BookLikes webpage and on your Goodreads profile.


Have in mind  that if sync is ON and you'll do corrections to your imported books and edit reviews, the changes will be mirrored on your GR profile. If you wish to edit your reviews and books after import, please connect and synchronize your accounts after editing imported data.


How can I synchronize my Goodreads profile?

To synchronize your Goodreads profile with your BookLikes webpage, go to Settings/Import and connect your Goodreads account. You must sign in to Goodreads in the second tab to make the connection possible. 


Is 'Book Import' and 'BookLikes -> Goodread Synchronization' the same?

No. The synchronization will be active from the moment you connect your GR account on BookLikes. If you would like to fill up your BookLikes profile with your past book entries from Goodreads, you can do that by importing your csv file from Goodreads with your book collection, bookshelves, reviews and ratings in Settings/Import. Remember that if your synchronization is ON and you'll make any changes to imported books ad reviews (change edition, edit review), those changes will be also visible on your GR profile. 


If I import my books and reviews and then edit them on BL blog and shelf, will those changes be visible on my GR profile?

If your accounts are connected and synchronization is ON in Settings/Import, all changed done to imported data will be mirrored on your GR profile.

If you wish to edit your reviews and books after import and you don't want this to be added to GR profile, please connect and synchronize your accounts after editing.


Why my books and reviews are visible on my Goodreads profile with a delay?

During synchronization process we're dependent on Goodreads technology and some synchronization delays concerning adding books on your Goodreads shelf and posting a review may occur.


Why some books don't appear on my Goodreads bookshelf?

Please remember that BookLikes -> Goodreads book match is possible thanks to ISBN. If the book lacks the number or is unavailable on Goodreads with the given ISBN, it may not appear on your Goodreads bookshelves.


Does synchronization include book removal from shelf?

No, it doesn't.


Can I stop BookLikes -> Goodread synchronization?

Yes, you can. To stop synchronization, go to Settings/Import and click Disconnect in BookLikes -> Goodread synchronization section. Your BookLikes performance (adding books, adding shelves, adding ratings, posting review), won’t be published on your Goodreads profile.


What's Kindle synchronization?

You can share your reading progress from your Kindle and it will be updated on your BookLikes account.


How does Kindle synchronization work?

To make sync possible connect your Twitter account on your Kindle and on BookLikes and switch ON sync option in Settings. Then share your reading progress with a scheme    "...%"    or    "...% and your comment".


Have a look at the examples:


I tweeted from my Kindle but nothing happened on my BookLikes account. What could go wrong?

Check if you've connected your Twitter account and switched ON Kindle sync in BookLikes Settings.

Check if you've tweeted withe the scheme mentioned above. 




What books can I list as Giveaway?

All kind of books, including ebooks and audiobooks that you own or have permission and rights to give away. Remember that it is the one who starts a Giveaway that is responsible for shipping book, delivery costs and providing information how to collect ebook/audiobook.


Can I start a Giveaway of a book written by me?

Sure you can. Giveaway is a great promotional tool for you and your book.


What do I do if I win a giveaway and don't receive the book?

Occasionally a book is lost somewhere during delivery process. If you did not receive a book within a month from winning a book, please write to us and we’ll contact with the person who started the Giveaway. 


Can I list a giveaway for the same book multiple times?

Yes, you can list a giveaway for a given title as many times as you like. Remember though that giveaways dates shouldn’t overlap. You can also select number of copies of a given title available.


How the winner of Giveaway is selected?

Person who starts a Giveaway has two option to choose from to select winner:


  1. He/She can do it by himself/herself (those who enter to win leave an answer to question ‘Why I should win this book’; the notes are passed to Giveaway’s author who selects the winner),
  2. BookLikes algorithm does it (we take into consideration reading taste, book genres on shelf and site activity and other criteria, the information is available for Giveaway's author).


Do I have to leave my postal address when I enter to win a Giveaway?

Yes, you do if you're requesting a paper book. Once you win your address is passed to Giveaway’s creator who sends you a book. If you won’t provide your address, you won’t be able to enter to win a Giveaway. If your address is false and you win, you won’t receive the book.


You don’t have to leave your address if the Giveaway is an ebook. Then you should confirm your email. Giveaway’s author will send you an information and/or ebook/audiobook on your mail.


In order to start a Giveaway’s, author agrees that he/she won’t post or mail you anything except the book you won and information how to collect the book. 


What happens when I enter Giveaway with different country than in my postal address?

You cannot enter Giveaway if your country doesn't match the county Giveaway is available for. The book won't be sent. 


Writing on Blog


How can I change my blog name?

To Change your blog name, go to Settings/Blog or to customization Tab where you can personalize your webpage.


How to add book review?

You can add book review in numerous ways.

1. From Dashboard/Blog view - click Text on top tool bar, add book on wooden bar, mark “Review” and rating stars in text box, add your text and Save to publish.

2. From Shelf view - click the book that is already on your shelf and choose “Create post”. If the book has rating stars, they will be transferred to text box.

3. From table view - click add review link. If the book has rating stars, they will be transferred to text box.

4. From any place in the service - just click on any book cover and choose “Create post”.


How to edit book review?

You can edit reviews from several places:

1. From admin blog view - click Blog on the top, then hover over the text and click Edit in upper right corner of the post. Make corrections and Save. If you would like to search for post published some time ago, you can use post search box in admin blog view in right column (type title and hit enter).

2. From Table view - go to table view of your Shelf, select Reviewed shelf and click “Edit review” next to a book you would like to edit.

How to delete a book review?

Go to admin blog view (click Blog on the top), hover over the post and select Delete in upper right corner of the post. The blog post will be deleted permanently.


How to find my old book review to edit?

1. From admin blog view: You can easily find your reviews in admin blog view. Use post search post in right column - type post title and hit enter.

2. From Table view: Go to table view of your shelf, select “Reviewed” shelf and sort by your shelf.


Can auto-post my reviews to my social media?

You can auto-post your posts and reviews to your Facebook and Twitter profiles once you connect your social media in Settings/General. When it’s done, you’ll see Facebook/Twitter icons green (active) in writing post view (right column, under tags). You can switch off auto-post by click the Facebook/Twitter icon in writing post view, icons will go grey=deactivated.


Can I create Profile Page on my Blog?

You can create additional pages and add them to menu next to blog, shelf and timeline. New page can be your profile page, bio, list or redirect link.


How can I add page break to my text?

You can add page break in writing review mode by using text box editor and icon for “Page break”.


Can I add links inside my text?

You can add links inside your text as well as add content link sources in writing post mode.


Can I add my social profiles links to my Blog Page ?

You can add your social profiles and links in customization tab:


Can I customize my blog look?

Yes, you can personalize and customize your webpage in customization tab: http://booklikes.com/template/customize (entrance is in Settings/Blog).


How can  I change the design?

You can change the design in customization tab. It’s a place where you can choose theme for your webpage, make changes in site’s elements and add new ones (e.g. your social links, widget etc).


What’s customization tab?

Customization tab is a place where you can personalize your webpage by changing design and customization of your site’s elements. To enter customization tab, go to Settings/Blog and press Customize.


Why the view of the service is still the same when I log into after my customization?

Customization and design change is visible in public your view: yourusername.booklikes.com. The view after log in is admin view of your webpage and internal sites available for BookLikes Community.


Can I upload my own theme?

Yes you can upload your theme in customization tab, theme section: http://booklikes.com/template/create


How can I edit / delete my posts?

Go to Blog in your administrative view (click Blog on the upper navigation bar). Once you point on a given post, you’ll see two options “Edit” and “Delete”. Click option of your choice and edit your post or delete it from your webpage.


What’s difference between username and blog name?

Username is part of your personal webpage address e.g.: yourusername.booklikes.com and can be differen from your Blog Name.

You can change your username in Settings/General (have in mind that your address will change too). You can add your Blog name and description in Settings/Blog.


What’s Draft?

You can save your reviews and all posts as Drafts and schedule them for later publication. Then they'll stay invisible for anyone but you until post date. To see your Drafts click Blog on the top of the Dashboard and then click Drafts in right column. If you want to publish post from Draft, hover over the posts and Edit,  set date and Publish.


Can I switch off Blog from my webpage?

Yes, you can, go to Settings/Blog. You can decide which sites are visible on your webpage (you can hide and reveal them) and which site is homepage for your webpage (blog, shelf, timeline).


What are Affiliate Programs in Settings and how can I use them on BookLikes?

You can add affiliate programs that you’re using to your page on BookLikes. If you are already cooperating with bookstores go to Affiliate Program tab in Settings and paste your ID (IDs) from affiliate program that you're using in a suitable box. The name of this ID and its look may vary depending on the bookstore.


If you add your IDs from  affiliate programs that you're using, all books that you put on your shelf and add to your texts from these bookstores will use your affiliate ID. This means that if someone clicks and buys a book from your shelf or your review all profit will be transferred directly to you (with accordance to rules and regulation in a given bookstore).



Commenting System


Can I comment on blog posts on BookLikes?

Yes, you can. For the time being we have 3 comment options:


You can easily switch them on in Settings/Blog and add them to your blogs (see below). In order to comment on other person’s blog, he/she needs to do the same.


Can I comment directly on Dashboard?

Yes, you can once you switch on BookLikes comments in your Settings/Blog.


How can I add Disqus comment box?

To add Disqus comment box to your blog, you need to register your BookLikes webpage on Disqus.com.We know what you say, register somewhere again? But you need to do it only once and Disqus is a great place to monitor all comments inflow and replies.


All process of adding comment box can be done it three easy steps. Go to Disqus.com and register, then click on "Add site" and provide the web address of your webpage on BookLikes (e.g.: http://youruserlike.booklikes.com/) choose username and site's shortname.

Then go to BookLikes Settings/Blog, tick Disqus comment box and add here the site's shortname from your Disqus. Save. The comment box will be visible under each of your post when you click on a particular blog post title. We wrote about that on our Blog here:  Share Your Writing and Let Others Comment on Yours.


How can I add Facebook comment box?

To add Facebook You need to connect your Facebook account in Settings/Generall and tick Facebook comment box in your Settings/Blog.

The Facebook comment box will appear under each post. Here's post on our Blog about this: Talk About Books - New Comment Feature in Your Settings



What are Goodies?

Goodies are additional fun stuff for BookLikes Community, including widgets, reading challenge, giveaways, daily deals and discussion rooms.


How does Shelf widget work?

Shelf widget presents books on your Shelf, you can customize the widget with design style, widget title, book cover size, number of books (total and in a row), sorting option, widget size, shelf option, reading status.


How can I add widget to my blog page?

If you want to add widget to your other webpage, copy the code and insert it into your other site’s code.

If you would like to add widget to your BookLikes Blog page, copy the code, go to customization tab: http://booklikes.com/template/customize and paste the code in Widget Area field. If you would like to add more than one widget copy/paste codes one under another in Widget Area. Remember to Save.


Is there Reading Challenge widget?

Yes, it’s available on Goodies page. You can copy/paste Reading Challenge widget code into other webpage or your BookLikes blog (paste code in Widget Area in customization tab http://booklikes.com/template/customize).


How does Reading Challenge work?

Once you set up your reading challenge goal, we will count all your read books with filled Finished reading date for a given year. 



BookLikes Community


Where can I find other Blogs on BookLikes?

You can discover other Blogs and avid readers on Explore page where you see blogs adjusted to your language version with an avatar, description and pieces of writing. 


Do you have special features dedicated for authors?

Yes, we do. Please write to us and we'll switch Author feature for you. Read more about Author Feature and Official Profiles on BookLikes below. 


How can I find my friends on BookLikes?

You can do that on Find Friends page (entrance is on Dashoard on the right). You can find your Facebook and Twitter friends if you connected your Facebook and/or Twitter account (in Settings/General) as well as search them by their username or blog name in Find friends search box. You can also find other avid readers on Explore page where BookLikes Community is presented.


Can I invite my friends to BookLIkes?

Yes, you can. Use Invite box visible on your Dashboard or go to Invite Friends Page. Paste email address of a person that you would like to invite. Your guest will get an Invitation Mail with registration link and starts following you after registering.


You can also invite your Facebook friends. Connect your FB account with your BookLikes page and send them invitation messages from your Dashboard. 


Why do I follow some blogs after the registration?

After the registration process you’re following recommended and interesting blogs. The notification with information about this appears on your Dashboard along with a link to your Followings page where you can Unfollow blogs that you don’t want to observe.


What does green tick icon next to a photo mean?

Green badge next to someone’s photo means this person’s blog got verified. Book authors, publishers and bookstores can request official profile badge/


What happens when I follow someone?

When you start following a blog, you’ll see this person’s posts, reviews and bookshelf updates on your Dashboard.


What can I do when somebody followed me but i don’t want him/her to continue following me?

If you don’t want to share your content with other blog, you can block this person from following you. Go to Followers Tab (click Friends, on the top), hover over the blog and click round block icon.


What’s the difference between Following and Followers?

Following are blogs that you started to follow, you see their posts and bookshelves updates on your Dashboard. Followers are people who are following your blog.


What’s Friends tab?

It’s a place where you can see your Following and Followers, find other blogs and invite your friends to BookLikes.


How can I find the most recent blogs that started following me?

Go to Friends tab, choose Followers and sort by date.


How can I invite friends to BookLikes?

You can invite others to join BookLikes from Friends tab by using Invite friends box. Type email address of the person you want to invite and he/she will receive invita mail to BookLikes.

You can also invite your Facebook friends once you connect your social media in Settings/General. Then you’ll be able to invite your Fb friends directly from Dashboar.


How can I see reviews of other BookLikes members?

You can find reviews wrote by other BookLikers on Explore page, Book Catalog Page, on Book Pages and on Dashboard by using Tag Search (enter book title, select Tags and hit enter).


Can I view who liked and reblogged post on Dashboard?

Yes, click show activity under a post on Dashboard to view blogs who liked and reblogged the writing. 


Can I view only reviews on Dashboard? 

Yes. Select Reviews in the left column on Dashboard. 


Discussion Rooms

What are discussion rooms?

Discussion room is a place where you can set up a group, start a discussion or join existing one and take part in book talk.


Are there groups on BookLikes?

Yes, there are. They are called discussion rooms.


How do I create a group?

Click Discussion Room on the top of Dashboard, click Create group, fill up the form and click Create.


How do I leave the group?

Go to main page of a given group and click Leave next to group’s photo.


How can I add discussion to group?

You can add new discussion in groups you’ve joined.


Is formatting allowed in group posts?

Yes, there is. Writing box have several formatting possibilities.


Can I block group member?

You can block a group member if you’re group's administrator.



Social Media

Can  connect my BookLikes account with my social media?

Yes you can. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter profile in Settings/General.


I tried to connect my BookLikes profile with my Facebook Page but nothing happened.

You can connect only your Facebook profile.


Can I log in to BookLikes with my social media?

In order to log in with your social media, you need to connect your profile(s) (Facebook and/or Twitter) in Settings/General).


Can I auto-post my reviews to my social media?

Yes, you can. Once you connect your social media in Settings/General, the social icons (Facebook, Twitter) are active in writing post view (green=activated).


How can I stop auto-post to my social media?

It can be easily done without necessity of disconnection in Settings. Just click the social icons (Facebook, Twitter) in writing post view in right column to make them grey = deactivated.


How can I add Twitter widget to my Blog page?

Go to Widget tab in your Twitter Settings, create a widget, copy code and go to Customization tab in your BookLikes profile (entrance in Settings/Blog). Paste the code in Twitter Widget field and Save.


How can I add Facebook Page Like Box to my Blog page?

Copy URL of your Facebook Page and paste it in Facebook Like Box widget field in Customization Tab (entrance Settings/Blog) and Save.


How can I add links to my social profiles to my Blog page?

You can add your social profile links and webpages in Customization Tab (entrance Settings/Blog).


How does “Invite your Facebook friends” on the top of the Dashboard work ?

You’ll see “Invite your Facebook friends” only if you connect your Facebook profile in Settings/General. Click Invite and send your Facebook friends private message.


How can I search for my Facebook and Twitter friends here?

Connect your social media in Settings/General and then search for your Facebook and Twitter friends in Friends Tab.


How can I post my review to Facebook or/and Twitter?

You can post your reviews to Booklikes, Facebook and Twitter at one go. Connect your social media in Settings/General and while posting a review make sure that social icons in writing post mode in right column are green (activated).


Official Profiles and Author Features on BookLikes


Are there features for authors on BookLikes?

If you're an author you can request official profile on BookLikes (needs to be verified) and Author's Tab. If you haven't requested Official profile during registration process, please mail us at: contact@booklikes.com


What's Author Tab?

Author's Tab is a place where you can select all books written by you and they'll get a special marker in book search results and in book window with a link to your BookLikes webpage and your photo. Thanks to it your books will get bigger exposure, your readers can easily find you on BookLikes and start following your page, your writings and information about your books. 


If your BookLikes account gets verifed, your profile will get offcial status on BookLikes and bigger exposure among BookLikes Community. 


What is an official profile on BookLikes?

We use verification process to check authenticity of people and companies on BookLikes. BookLikes verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for BookLikes Community to find authors, publishers and other official profiles. We concentrate mainly on book authors, publishers, libraries and other publishing related individuals. Official profile receives a badge which is visible on the BookLikes webpage and on other sites of the service. 


Who gets verified?

We verifies profiles of book authors, publishers, bookstores, book-related institutions from publishing and book world. If you meet the criteria for the verification and have not yet received a badge, please be patient. We may reach out to you soon.


How to get your profile verified? 






Official profile requests should be sent to contact@booklikes.com or authors@booklikes.com or simply follow the steps and request Official Profile while registering. 


If you're an author, publisher, bookseller and would like to cooperate with BookLikes, let us know. 


More questions? Mail us.

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