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Lora Hates Spam
Lora Hates Spam rated it 1 year ago
Edited by Paula Guran I'm very much a fan of good time travel stories, so when this anthology came up for review, I couldn't resist. Also there was a story included by Michael Moorcock, whose fantasy writing I've enjoyed before. Like most anthologies with stories from a lot of different writers, t...
bigfootmurf rated it 2 years ago
‘Lovecraft‘s Monsters’ is a big anthology and this much gloom is probably best taken in small doses unless you‘re from Innsmouth. The very famous Neil Gaiman opens the billing but I’m heading up the review with ‘Remnants’, a short story by Fred Chappell. Fred Chappell! I mean no disrespect to the ot...
Jessica's Book Thoughts
Jessica's Book Thoughts rated it 2 years ago
I read this, and two other novels, while travelling out of state to set up funeral arrangements for my father in law. I needed a distraction, this did just that. For that I give much thanks to the author, Elizabeth Bear. This definitely is much faster paced than the first book. My only complaint a...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 3 years ago
This book took me a long time to read because I checked it out, didn't finish in time, and then came back months later. I think this was a detriment to the book or actually my feelings about the book. I really wasn't enjoying it when I came back to finish it. I hate the love triangle even though ...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 3 years ago
I'll start with complaints. 1. If your book is written in English, if you use another language in same book make sure you have the English translation. I've seen this done before in many book I've read. It's irritating if you don't have access to the internet to translate sometimes whole paragraphs ...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 3 years ago
Anthology. I'm going to read each author's work in this triptych. Starting with Volume 1, then Volume 2 and lastly Volume 3. I'm hoping that each story will give an extension of the beginning story. 3.79 stars average1. Bannerless by Carrie Vaughn. Fantastic story. Dystopian investigator finds out w...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 3 years ago
Same great narrator as Karen Memory, but too short and too straightforward for my tastes. I really do struggle with novella as a length, y'all. There are some great scenes in this one, but I definitely wanted more. More gadgets, more dialog between the three strangers she meets at dinner, and far...
Debbie's Spurts
Debbie's Spurts rated it 3 years ago
This reader's personal opinion, ©2018, all rights reserved, not to be quoted, clipped or used in any way by goodreads, Google Play, amazon.com or other commercial booksellers* This was an uneven read for me. Had an air of From the Legend of Biel - Mary Staton, Zelazny's Amber books and thousands o...
FeeRtheDragon rated it 4 years ago
The Stone in the Skull by Elizabeth Bear is the first book in the Lotus Kingdoms trilogy. Gage is an automaton mercenary created by a wizard. He is carrying an important message to the sorcerer of the Lotus Kingdom. This story was not what I was expecting. I couldn't get into the story. It was too...
Evaine's Books, Books and More Books
I really enjoyed this book! I'm a fan of Elizabeth Bear's, even thought sometimes I think her writing is too smart for me to actually get. *LOL* I had been looking forward to reading Karen Memory since it was published and finally, it went on sale and I could afford the ebook. All I knew about i...
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