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Carmilla Reads
Carmilla Reads rated it 2 years ago
The story is told mostly through the perspective of an odious and most likely paranoid schizophrenic called Horridge. This entirely unpleasant man is hate-filled, self-aggrandising, homophobic and racist. He even has a limp and at times feels almost a Dickensian caricature. But the book doesn't let ...
Cynically Speaking
Cynically Speaking rated it 5 years ago
This is a very interesting novelette. Caught it on sale, free or a buck maybe. I have added Mr. Powers 'Fault Lines' trilogy to my wish list. Out of sequence travel back in time and an ancient Sumarian text.
altheaann rated it 8 years ago
The prostitutes at Nell Gwynne’s house are carefully selected women of many talents. Few know that their clients include not just the upper crust of London society, but The Gentlemen’s Speculative Society, who pay mainly, not for pleasures of the flesh, but for secrets and spycraft. Their payments t...
fossumcarl rated it 8 years ago
A delightful novella from Tim Powers showing him at the top of his game.The story revolves around a rare book dealer named Richard Blanzac who opens a box of consignment items and things get weird and strange as only Tim Powers can do from there. Enter time travel an ancient Sumerian Diety a forgo...
Book Sand Worm
Book Sand Worm rated it 8 years ago
The Basics Miles hasn’t been back to the family farm in Arden, Wisconsin in twenty years. He left behind a reputation as a troublemaker, but he feels Arden is the place to be no matter how the locals hate him. Because he has to keep a promise he made all those years ago. My Thoughts Let’s star...
kathleencioffi1 rated it 8 years ago
Not as hilarious as I had hoped it would be--this is the author's SF riff on "All About Eve." Reads like a novel from the 1940s, but with an SF twist.
book reviews forevermore
book reviews forevermore rated it 8 years ago
Claire Havilland is an aging theater actress making a quick costume change for her latest Broadway production, Only Human, when her agent stops by her dressing room. She knows he's working an angle but can't quite decipher his intent when he pitches a couple of interviews. Her artfully referenced ob...
veeral rated it 8 years ago
My second novella this year after Connie Willis's [b:Fire Watch|10301442|Fire Watch (Oxford Time Travel, #0.5)|Connie Willis|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347988641s/10301442.jpg|16295500] (which was just above average kind of a read).This novella served as an introduction to Charles Stross's works ...
wealhtheow rated it 8 years ago
A short novella about an aging actress who meets an android prototype. She fears that Emily the android will replace her, given that the android is beautiful, tireless, and gives flawless performances. But instead of sabotaging the young droid, she gives her the best advice she can, for reasons the...
davidofterra rated it 9 years ago
I found the description of our heroine's role in the 1842 retreat from Kabul quite annoying. The author spends two paragraphs describing her capture and escape.
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