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text 2014-11-06 04:55
All right, "Teen Dreamers", I need your help
Beauty Queens - Libba Bray
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Douglas Adams
Tousle Me: A New Adult Parody - Lucy V. Morgan
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - Tom Stoppard

Shameless "Beauty Queens" by Libba Bray reference in the title, but there's a purpose for that.  I'll get to it in a bit.


First order of business: updating my NaNo count 8921 - I'm aiming for 10K tonight, so I've got my stash of chocolate and I'm keeping a late night.  Will resume reading tomorrow.


Second order of business: I might end up asking on Goodreads later, but I figure it'd be better to ask here.  I'm looking for parody/satire books to use as inspiration reads while I'm writing in NaNo.  I always like to read books that help me get in the mood of what I'm writing, so it'd be great if I could pick up some great books in this genre.


I've already read some of the books mentioned in the ribbon at the top here, but can anyone think of other reads they were impressed with?  I'm totally open to suggestions in any genre, any age group.


One final thing, a few quotes from Beauty Queens, just for good measure:


“Ahem. Dear Jesus," Taylor intoned more fervently. "We just want to thank you for gettin' us here safe ---"
There was a loud, gurgling groan. Somebody shouted, "Oh my gosh! Miss Delaware just died!"
"--- for gettin some of us here safe," Taylor continued. "And we pray that, as we are fine, upstandin', law-abidin' girls who represent the best of the best, you will protect us from harm and keep us safe until we are rescued and can tell our story to People magazine. Amen."



“I hate this place,” Tiara whimpered. “It’s super creepy. Like a haunted Chuck E. Cheese’s where the games all want to kill you and you never get your pizza.”

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review 2014-09-24 00:00
Breaking Leila (Knives & Flowers)
Breaking Leila (Knives & Flowers) - Lucy V. Morgan 3.5 stars
hot and twisted. If you described this to me, I'd say ""not a chance it hell"". It jumps all over some of my buttons like cheaters galore and questionable BDSM practice...and yet. And yet. It's super hot. And I mostly just liked all of it.

Minus half a star for some seriously screwing internal monologue. It's first person POV from Leila, and some of her tangents are just too much. I had zero idea what she was talking about and was wondering if she was high.
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review 2014-09-23 00:00
Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess - Lucy V. Morgan Short and sweet. A bit unbelievable, but not bad.
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quote 2014-06-10 01:59
Then I stare into the mirror as the shower heats up, analyzing every inch of my decidely average and plain face; the big eyes that are just a bit too far apart, the nose that's kind of cute and buttony and makes me look like a little girl, which can't be attractive; the full and pouty mouth which I'm sure make people think of waterbeds and pus-weeping sores.
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-04-08 07:50
book review- beautiful mess
Beautiful Mess - Lucy V. Morgan

Summary - Warning: contains pet rats, hot YouTube celebrity roommates, and one spurned girlfriend about to get even...
Working in a wedding cake shop sucks when you've just been dumped.

Bailey Frost has a recipe for disaster: one cheating ex, one big glass of liquor, and three well-meaning male friends who think her lack of a sex life is funny. Before she knows it, she's confessed that she's never had an orgasm with a man.

Now Bailey has to navigate sappy couples at work, while her friends are hell-bent on helping her get revenge on evil Craig...by dressing up as werewolves, on YouTube.

And one of those friends - the tall, shy-but-gorgeous Linc - might just want to help Bailey with that other little problem...


Read from April 8- 9


Review - bailey was dumped by her cheating boyfriend Craig she lives with her two guy friends tom an olly and there is also linc he doesn't live with them but he's always there the guys do YouTube video parodies and baliey works at a wedding cake shop on valentines day linc and bailey hook up I really like this book and them together it was a fun read.

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