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photo 2020-10-02 14:43
Pole Tent Roof

Canopy : Fire retardant; satisfies ULC-S109 and also NFPA 701 large scale. Mildew and rot resistant Constructed with opaque, block out of 550gsm fabric ( 18 oz ) with gloss self cleaning finish protected by a heavy duty carry bag. Read more @ http://abriscrystal.mystrikingly.com/blog/pole-tent-roof

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photo 2020-09-01 17:47
Frame Tent for Sale

Commercial grade : quality designed for sustainable use. Interchangeable parts : same piece usable to make up to 12 different sizes Joiners : Gutter System available to connect several tents Pole free Interior : Free Space inside , flying center pole is supported by cross cable in the air and gives free spacious interior. Read more @ https://abriscrystal.wordpress.com/2020/08/23/frame-tent-for-sale/

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url 2020-08-27 09:09
Polo Forest Tent Tour Package Gujarat 2020 - Polo Utsav

Plan to Visit Polo Forest Tour? Book Polo utsav forest tour package at Polo Utsav near Idar, Sabarkantha, Vijaynagar, Gujarat. Best honeymoon and holiday destination in Gujarat, India. Watch out for the Tomb Raider isshtyle old monuments sans the similar adventurous plots and scheme of events at Vijaynagar.

Source: www.poloutsav.in
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text 2020-06-15 11:38
Why Is It Necessary To Buy Grow Tent? What Are The Benefits?

Do you love gardening? This can be your good exploration if you want to grow plants & greenery in the house. Before we move further, it is important to know the actual definition or introduction of Grow Tent Australia and other places.


Grow tent is basically a portable frame that remains covered with a thick plastic sheet designed to capture and keep in heat for the growth of plants. However, the shape and designs vary as per the need and trend. But, the main purpose of grow tent is to provide protection to the plants and necessary growth sources.


Once you get to know countless benefits of installing Grow Tent Melbourne you will surely think about purchasing one. So, let’s head towards the benefits.


Grow tents can capture the heat and hold it in a covered area with a mini climate. This will allow plants to grow longer than the outer environment. In the season of spring, if you set up a grow tent in the planning area will allow the ground to get heated and dried faster. This will allow the plants to get transplanted faster in the season.


Also, grow tent offers shelter to the plants for hardening off early before placing them in the garden area. At the end of the growing season, the tents hold enough heat to allow the last of the harvest before the frost comes.


Grow tents are a complete solution for those that require an indoor garden but don’t need to devote the room to consider the space. The straight consideration to buy grows tent. The main things you need to include are size material and style.


The size of grow tent is always important


You need to make sure about measuring the height, width, and length of the space you need to include to set up the growth. The tent should be smaller than the space to allow for maintenance. Also, you need to consider the gardening goals and the size that will allow achieving the needs. The main question you need to know is how many plants you want to grow and how big do you want those plants to progress?


One more consideration is if you want to harvest continuously if you want to grow the cycle. However, the harvesters often want a tent for flowering, vegging, and harvesting.

Usually, the harvesters will require one tenant for vegging and another for the flowering. Also, they require the third tent for harvest curing and drying. However, the plant containers and strains sizes vary and the number of plants you grow in the tent size remains subjective.


  • Grow tents are energy efficient
  • They are convenient to grow them indoors faster
  • They help you avoid pest and infestation


Ending up!


Thus, you should spend into Grow Tent Australia services to keep your indoor green. For more information about the same, bookmark our blog posts, and be a regular reader. Thank you for reading and keep on sharing the information for making the world green and pollution-free!



Source - What do You need To Know About Grow Tent? Read To Know!

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text 2020-06-09 14:25
Tensile Shades Manufacturers and Suppliers in Dubai UAE

We give a wide range of tensile shades in UAE with all stock, manufacturing and establishment administrations. Our Tensile Structures are solid and sturdy for every single climate condition. These shades are accessible in different plans and estimates and are intensely utilized for huge and little territories. The cruel climate state of UAE is exceptionally brutal as the stay hot in the entire year which increment the interest of open air conceals intensely.


We utilize top notch concealing material that are incredibly UV treated and gives 100% shades at open air puts and shields from unforgiving Sun beams and sand. We give PVC Fabric Tensile Shades, HDPE Tensile Structures, PTFE Fabric Shades with guarantee of 5 to 20 years according to customer necessities. For Structure we utilize Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel which are durable and tough for all UAE climate conditions.


We give both custom size and standard size Outdoor Tensile Structure conceals with all vital structure and texture count of shades. We utilize top notch Shading material for vehicle conceals like Gale Pacific HDPE Knitted Mesh Fabric, Ferrari PVC Fabric, Mehlar PVC, PTFE Fabric, GRP Sheet, GI Sheet, K-Span Sheet and so on. We use Galvanized Steel Structure, MS Structure with Epoxy, Aluminum Tent, for the shades that will give long life to the stopping conceals. We give 5 to 15 years of guarantee on stopping conceals structure and fabric.




tensile structures

Tensile Shade Material



Gale Pacific – HDPE Mesh Fabric

PVC Fabric – Brands: Mehler | Ferrari

PTFE Teflon®-coated woven fiberglass membrane

Canvas Fabric

K-Span Sheet

GRP Sheet (Fiberglass sheet)

Aluminum Galvanized Corrugated Sheet

GI Sheets (Galvanized Iron Sheets)


Tensile Shade Structure Material


MS Steel (Mild Steel) Structure

GI Steel (Galvanized Steel) Structure

SS (Stainless Steel) Structure

Aluminium Structure

GI Steel Accessories

SS (Stainless Steel) Accessories

Wooden Car Parking Shade Structures



Tensile Shades Structures Applications


  • Shade Sail: Outdoor Area Tensile Structure Sail Shades
  • Park Area Shades: Tensile Shade Structure for Parks
  • School Area Shades: Tensile Structure Shades for Schools
  • Commercial Building Shades: Tensile Shades Structure for Commercial Buildings
  • Warehouse Area Shades: Tensile Shades for Warehouse Outdoor Areas
  • Walkway Area Shades: Tensile Area Shades for Walkway Areas
  • Swimming Pool Shades: Tensile Shade Structure for Pool Area
  • Play Ground Area Shades: Tensile Structure for Play Ground Areas
  • Beach Shades: Tensile Shade Structure for Beach Area
  • Mosque Outdoor Shades: Tensile Shades for Mosque Outdoor Areas
  • Industrial Area Shades: Tensile Shades structure for Industrial Areas
  • Hotel and Resort Shades: Tensile Shades for Hotels and Resorts
Source: shadetechgroup.com
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