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Currently reading: Old Man's War

John Scalzi

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2017-07-01 to 2017-07-31

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Midu Reads
I am loving the humor. Expected this to be heavier on the science even though I have read Agent to the Stars, which was just plain fun minus the science.
Libromancer's Apprentice
The only thing I can figure about the green skin is they do seem to indicate that it's a rather pale green. But yes, it's definitely very "light" sf/mil fic. I don't really ...
That's fair. Everyone I know who continued loved the first book, so I wasn't compelled to try for the others. If you do continue, I guess I'll get to see whether you agree wit...
Debbie's Spurts
I'm only on Chapter 6 -- I like it well enough but think I might be agreeing with your review, not seeming very military, not seeming like people are acting their age, ... on ...
Hopefully my review explains why I didn't want to reread this one.


Finished Chapter Ten
Debbie's Spurts
I'm still finding this amusing. I'm not sure if everything I'm finding funny was intended to be. So far, despite it being a booklikes book club read, I think I'm the only on...
Reading progress: on to Chapter 7
Debbie's Spurts
Well, at least now there is a drill sergeant so presumably starting basic training. Mentally, I just got myself stuck by hearing the sergeant's voice as being exactly the ...
Finished Chapter 6
Debbie's Spurts
I like John, the protagonist. I still like the writing and enjoy the way it reeks of some favorite classic SF writers. A bit hokey and convenient with the sudden friendships...
Anyone else reading this (July read for booklikes' Virtual Speculation Book Club)?
Debbie's Spurts
Am I the only one doing the July book club read? Am I discussing it with myself? If so, I'm going to just read like any other book without pausing to post discussions and ...
Finished Chapter 2 (July read for booklikes' Virtual Speculation Book Club)
Debbie's Spurts
This was a short one. Just the stage before actually leaving earth. Meeting up with a few other geriatric recruits on the space platform and getting "chatty." Reminded me ...

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