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Currently reading: Too Like the Lightning

Ada Palmer

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2018-03-20 to 2018-04-24

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Debbie's Spurts
Publisher page for book details is at http://us.macmillan.com/books/9781466858749. I have added covers and requested edits for the editions here on booklikes, but until libra...
Debbie's Spurts
After a long hiatus -- looks like the TOR free ebook club is back!
Debbie's Spurts
Too Like the Lightning - Ada Palmer Reading start: 2018-03-20 Reading finish: 2018-04-24


Reading progress: 11%.
Debbie's Spurts
Out of curiosity I searched my ebook edition for occurrences of "reader" = 227 times. That doesn't sound like a book only addressing reader directly during a foreword or int...
Reading progress: 10%.
Debbie's Spurts
What's up with all the references to 18th century stuff? Is it eventually supposed to add something to the story? Oh, okay, fine -enough of a scholar they know such things b...
Reading progress: 4%.
Debbie's Spurts
Lots mentioned but not yet explained (hey, I'm only 4% in). Rather stilted, but hopefully that's just the introductory material where the fictional narrator/author is addr...
Just starting ...
Debbie's Spurts
After a really long hiatus, publisher TOR (Macmillan publishing group) just reinstated* their monthly free ebook club (join by adding your email, no charge, will all be Scienc...


Putting aside for now
Debbie's Spurts
I'm not in the mood for this. I may come back to another time (particulalry if future books in series sound like get better). I went wandering about the blogosphere and re...

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