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Currently reading: Furry Logic: The Physics of Animal Life

Liz Kalaugher, Matin Durrani

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2019-03-01 to 2019-03-31

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Murder by Death
Furry Logic: The Physics of Animal Life - Matin Durrani, Liz Kalaugher Reading start: 2019-03-01 Reading finish: 2019-03-31


Quote: Furry Logic [Chapter 5]
Elentarri's Book Blog
"The good news regarding Oriental hornets is that they won’t nest in your house. Nor will you find them living in trees or shrubs. Instead, these wasps hang out in intricate u...
Ch 4 & 5
WhiskeyintheJar Romance
In 2003 the British composer Sarah Angliss held an experimental concert at London’s Purcell Room, playing music laced with infrasound at a frequency of 17Hz. More than a fifth...
Furry Logic - Quote [Chapter 5]
Elentarri's Book Blog
"When Tim Berners-Lee dreamt up the World Wide Web while working at the CERN particle-physics lab near Geneva in the early 1990s, the idea was to help physicists across the gl...
Reading progress update: I've read 114 out of 304 pages.
Murder by Death
This has been a slow read for me, through no fault of the book's, and in spite of my tortoise speed, I'm enjoying it. It's not edge-of-your-seat stuff, exactly, and the humor...
Quote: Furry Logic [Chapter 3]
Elentarri's Book Blog
" Pond skaters should rejoice that water has such a high surface tension. It stops them sinking and lets them propel themselves across ponds and lakes. But pond skaters are a ...


Ch6 and Conclusion
WhiskeyintheJar Romance
If the cuckoo egg hatches first, the early-bird chick pushes its rival eggs out of the nest. Now it can catch the worm – it’s won the undivided attention of its new foster-par...

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