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December 2018


05 December 2018

Finding My Girl / Loving Talia - Melissa Foster
Finding My Girl / Loving Talia (Love Like Ours Companion Booklet) (Sugar Lake Book 4)
Finding My Girl / Loving Talia - Melissa Foster
Beck Valley Books Beck Valley Books
FINDING MY GIRL / LOVING TALIA is a companion booklet to the contemporary romance novel, LOVE LIKE OURS (Sugar Lake series).

If this is your first Melissa Foster book, please note that Finding My Girl / Loving Talia is not a novel, a novella, or even a typical short story. It is a companion booklet to the full-length contemporary romance novel, Love Like Ours, featuring Talia Dalton and Derek Grant. In Love Like Ours, one of the many ways Derek shows his love for Talia is through cute and loving sketches depicting their lives as they came together. Finding My Girl / Loving Talia is a collection of those images, along with a couple of images that Jonah, Derek's father, had drawn for his wife, Eva. Within these pages you will also find heartfelt messages from Derek to Talia that are not found in the original novel. As a bonus, I have included the first chapter of Love Like Ours in the back of the booklet.

I hope you enjoy this quick, visual adaptation of Derek and Talia's journey into coupledom. To read their full-length love story, please buy Love Like Ours, a Sugar Lake novel (available in digital, paperback, and audio formats).

~ Melissa

The Real Thing (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
Only For You (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
Love Like Ours (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
--bonus companion booklet, Finding My Girl / Loving Talia

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19 December 2018

A Very Braden Christmas - Melissa Foster
A Very Braden Christmas
A Very Braden Christmas - Melissa Foster
Beck Valley Books Beck Valley Books
Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens.

A Braden Christmas celebration!

Family and babies abound during this fun-filled evening of love, laughter, and happily ever afters! Spend the evening catching up with our loving and loyal Bradens in this holiday celebration and fall in love all over again with each of the Bradens at Weston, and their children.

A VERY BRADEN CHRISTMAS is a novelette and part of the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom stories are filled with family, fun, and the truest, deepest love of all. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books so you never have to leave your favorite characters behind. Readers are kept up to date with engagements, weddings, and births. Visit Melissa's website for LOVE IN BLOOM family trees, series checklists, and more.

Love in Bloom Big-Family Romance Collection:

Snow Sisters
The Bradens (at Weston)
The Bradens (at Trusty)
The Bradens (at Peaceful Harbor)
The Bradens & Montgomerys (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls)
The Remingtons
The Ryders
Seaside Summers
Bayside Summers
Wild Billionaires After Dark
Bad Billionaires After Dark
Tru Blue and The Whiskeys
Harborside Nights

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