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Group: Dystopian & Apocalypse Lovers
I love a good dystopian, I know you do! I especially love to talk about good apocalypse fiction and dystopian tales. Tell us about your favorites, or your not so favorites.
Group info administrator: Parajunkee
members: 61 discussions: 5 posts: 18 last activity: 9 years ago
My favorite books.
created by: Cathy Northup
Last post: Hello.. Im new to this site, but would like to post, and or discuss some of my favorite books with everyone. I notice the activity is a little low..but talking about a good bo... by Cathy Northup
created by: Supernatural Ministry
Last post: not sure if any movie project could get close to this sci-fi classic. I even remember the first sentence of the book (for the most part): The Neuromancer by Supernatural Ministry
Apocalypse or Dystopian?
created by: Parajunkee
Last post: HI New Guy! I have not read Never Let Me Go yet, even though it is sitting there...saying "read me." I really have not read any of those titles lol. Wow, I feel like I'm miss... by Parajunkee
What I've been reading lately...
created by: Parajunkee
Last post: I really liked WOOL. It's all good but for some reason I liked the odd numbered books best, lol. LOVED #1, #2 was good, #3 was great, #4 was ok.... and on....Odd numbers are ... by SilverThistle
Post-Apocalypse/Dystopian books I've read
created by: Proctosophy
Last post: Ah, you're right about the context. by Proctosophy
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