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In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex - Community Reviews back

by Nathaniel Philbrick
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BrokenTune rated it 11 years ago
By coincidence I read The Lottery at the same time as In the Heart of the Sea. I have not bought a lottery ticket since!
Books, Dogs, and Other Blogs
Books, Dogs, and Other Blogs rated it 12 years ago
I really enjoy Philbrick's writing style. He has a way of conveying facts in a fluid and intriguing manner, so the story unfolds like a novel. One thing I appreciate is all of the research he's done. He tells the account of a shipwrecked whaleship crew and what they endure for survival. But he also ...
The Farceur Trilogy
The Farceur Trilogy rated it 12 years ago
Really want to read this but $13 for kindle price is wayyyyyyyyy too much. Waiting for the price to go down to closer to the $8 range (and if it never does I guess I'll never read it).
AmySea rated it 13 years ago
This book was extremely well written! It was interesting, engaging, and vivid. It was well researched, and well told. I couldn't put this one down!
To Shoot or Not to Shoot
To Shoot or Not to Shoot rated it 13 years ago
There are experiments going on such as the Mars500 project where a number of people have been sealed into a mock-up of a spaceship for 520 days - to finish November 2011. From reading this book it sounds as if all the experiments necessary have already been done by the whaling ships in the 1800s. I ...
EricCWelch rated it 16 years ago
Everyone knows the story of Moby Dick, the great white whale chased by Captain Ahab, tha succeeds in sinking Ahab’s ship. Apparently, Herman Melville based the story on a real event, although the sperm whale was not white, merely an enraged, but also seemingly cunning, bull sperm whale. It’s this st...
altheaann rated it 16 years ago
An excellent book - well-researched non-fiction, but written in an entertaining, grab-your-attention manner.In it, my ancestral cousins from Nantucket get their boat stove in by a whale, make some very ill-informed and unwise decisions, and spend a lot of time sailing around the ocean, resorting to ...
Mandrake's Cabinet of Readables & Curiosities
I finished this book in a day (a personal record). I never thought an historical biography could be more riveting than action-fiction, but this book proved me very wrong.The vivid, true life account of whale attacks, shipwrecks, shark attacks, killer whale attacks, starvation, cannabilism, death, fa...
JasonKoivu rated it 17 years ago
WAY more exciting than I expected! Philbrick knows how to resurrect history into a living, breathing present, a present filled with tension and full-immersion. If you have any interest in whaling, the age of sail, and shipwrecks, you'll not do better than In the Heart of the Sea. It's very much like...
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