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Sword And Sorceress XVIII - Rosemary Edghill, India Edghill, Elisabeth Waters, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Diana L. Paxson, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Dorothy J. Heydt, Susan Urbanek Linville, Dave Smeds, Lisa Silverthorne, Mary Soon Lee, Pete D. Manison, Denise Lopes Heald, Gerald Perkins, Richard Corwin, L
Sword And Sorceress XVIII
by Marion Zimmer Bradley (editor), Pete D. Manison (contributor), Pauline J. Alama (contributor), Howard Holman (contributor), Jan Combs (contributor), Kati Dougherty-Carthum (contributor), Michael Chesley Johnson (contributor), Lucy Cohen Schmeidler (contributor), Richard Corwin (contributor), Gerald Perkins (contributor), Denise Lopes Heald (contributor), India Edghill (contributor), Mary Soon Lee (contributor), Lisa Silverthorne (contributor), Dave Smeds (contributor), Susan Urbanek Linville (contributor), Dorothy J. Heydt (contributor), Lawrence Watt-Evans (contributor), Diana L. Paxson (contributor), Rosemary Edghill (contributor), Elisabeth Waters (contributor)
publisher: DAW Books publish date: 2001-05-01
format: paperback pages: 308
language: English
ISBN: 0886779960 (9780886779962)
The Stars as Seen from This Particular Angle of Night: An Anthology of Speculative Verse - Sandra Kasturi, John Rose, Phyllis Gotlieb, David Clink, Kathy Shaidle, R.G. Evans, Donna Farley, Patrick O'Leary, Kiel Stuart, Gemma Files, John Tranter, Charlee Jacob, Mark McLaughlin, Peter Crowther, Bruce Boston, Yves Meynard, Carolyn Clink, Tom Piccirilli, Heather Spe
The Stars as Seen from This Particular Angle of Night: An Anthology of Speculative Verse
by Peter Crowther (author), John Park (author), Peter Bloch-Hansen (author), Jana Phipps (author), Barry Hammond (author), Susan A. Manchester (author), Lucy Cohen Schmeidler (author), Marge Simon (author), Carolyn Clink (author), Donna Farley (author), R.G. Evans (author), Kathy Shaidle (author), David Clink (author), John Tranter (author), John Rose (author), Mark McLaughlin (author), Kiel Stuart (author), Charlee Jacob (author), Eileen Kernaghan (author), Heather Spears (author), Phyllis Gotlieb (author), Sandra Kasturi (author), Yves Meynard (author), Ian Duhig (author), Gemma Files (author), Patrick O'Leary (author), Bruce Boston (author), James K. Morrow (author), Tom Piccirilli (author), Colleen Anderson (author)
publisher: Red Deer Press publish date: April 23rd 2003
format: paperback pages: 112
language: English
ISBN: 0889952809 (9780889952805)
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