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Power Play: Resistance - Community Reviews back

by Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant
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Tessi4M rated it 3 years ago
How the Hell did they do that? They being the authors of this book I have wanted to read for so long.I just finished it this morning and picked up the sequel right away. Something I did not expect until the very end of this one. And I still don't understand how they made me suddenly want to read mor...
The Bookoholic
The Bookoholic rated it 5 years ago
3.5 stars . After reading the flesh cartel and loving every minute of it, I have to admit that my expectations were very high for this book , that might be part of the reasons I find the book average .Something was missing in the initial connection between bran and Jonathan , not enough emotion and ...
FVJen rated it 5 years ago
Brandon and JonathanErrr.....uhhhh.... That's all I got. O.O
See Jane Read
See Jane Read rated it 5 years ago
Such an interesting read in many ways. I've read quite a few TPE books, but what makes this one unique for me is that Bran really had no concept of what he was getting into ahead of time AND really had NO DESIRE to be in a TPE relationship. The only draw (besides an initial attraction to Jonathan)...
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 5 years ago
Rachel Haimowitz either makes me squeal with delight or run screaming into the night. Thank goodness this was a squeal. I thought the two MCs were oddballs but it worked.
Sara rated it 5 years ago
I thought what I needed was time to process this book but no amount of time will do that. I am shaking my head just thinking about what I read and debating on how to rate this utter mind fuck. This is half review/half rant complete with a few colorful words and I will warn you, here there be spoiler...
No Glitter Blown
No Glitter Blown rated it 5 years ago
Want to smack them both upside the head.Seriously?! You take a person who's never seen a pool and grapple them into the deep end--they can't swim and they almost drowned as a kid and you're surprised that they freak out and will claw you/them/anything to get out? Are you that monumentally stupid? Th...
helleroskjar rated it 5 years ago
Power Play is a harsh, violent and frightening book about bdsm world. In this world, there are good enough safe word, but what does this when the person who has control of you has a different limit as you and ignore your calls to stop.You follow Brandon/Bran working to make buildings he has experien...
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR
Debra E's Never-Ending TBR rated it 5 years ago
4.5 stars
Mindfucklover rated it 5 years ago
REVIEW TO COME!!! But I loooooooved it so much I could scream
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