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text 2018-12-12 11:28
How a SIM Card for Asia Travel is beneficial?

Nowadays, staying connected with the world through the Internet is very important. Especially, if you are traveling, you need a data connection to update your social media accounts, to do quick Google research and perform much more activities. However, it is a fact that the stories of traveler end with shocking phone bills charged by the host network operator. That's why it is vital to search for the ideal way to stay connected with your loved ones without additional charges. If you are traveling to Asia for a long crazy vacation, it is better to buy an Asia SIM card. This will help you to use your smartphones with full mobility and flexibility in any country you are visiting at a reasonable cost.



Asia SIM card, an international SIM card which you can opt for buying prior to your vacation and use it conveniently during your entire trip. These SIM cards are generally prepaid that means you know exactly what you are spending and there will not be any exorbitant roaming charges. Asia travel SIM card has better coverage than local SIMs and offers the best call and data quality to the users. Travelers having an international SIM card don't have to worry about buying a new SIM card from every destination they're checked-in.


International SIM card is ideal for businessmen, who frequently move in and out of the countries for job purpose. Also, it is a good option for frequent travelers, who move in and out of the countries on short vacations various times in a year. Thus, buy a travel SIM card and enhance your trip experience significantly. However, one needs to do several arrangements to make a memorable journey. Therefore, it is better to purchase this SIM card from an online store efficiently and use your time to prepare for your trip. There are various stores available in the market, so it is important for you to get it from a reliable source after conducting a proper research.


Being a traveler, if you want to purchase a SIM card for Asia travel, consider contacting Trip Sim card. It is a Hong Kong based firm provide SIM card for international travel at affordable prices. They offer unlimited and fast data services and best class customer support to their client. So, explore their plans and pick-up the one that best suits your preferences.


For more details, visit Tripsimcard.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2EsKrO6

Source: www.tripsimcard.com/en/sim-cards/asia-sim-card
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text 2018-12-12 06:36
Travel to South Africa with an affordable package from Air Organisers



If you always believed that International holidays could burn a hole in your pocket, you are absolutely wrong. You can now travel to South Africa with an affordable and luxurious package offered by Air Organisers. The travel experts will customize a package for you keeping your preferences in mind. They have worked with a number of clients in the past and achieved higher customer satisfaction. South Africa travel is safe and comfortable for all types of travelers. Whether you are headed on a family holiday or on a honeymoon, your journey will be comfortable and pleasant.


South Africa has a lot to offer to every traveler personality. Whether you are looking for thrilling adventures or spending your time in the lap of luxury, there is everything you can think of. South Africa is home to some of the most exotic wild animals and this draws thousands of tourists to the land. South Africa honeymoon is an ideal choice for those couples who like adventure, wildlife, and luxury. It is an offbeat honeymoon destination that will offer you the best that the country has. Air Organisers can create special packages for you or you can choose from the honeymoon packages for South Africa offered by them. The packages are affordable and include everything from the visa fees to the accommodation and flights. The travel experts will handle all your passport and visa requirements while keeping all your travel preferences in mind.

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review 2018-12-11 01:46
The Almost Nearly Perfect People by Michael Booth
The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia - Michael Booth

This is basically the world’s longest magazine article. I kept reading because the author had a great idea for a book: we in the English-speaking world are always idealizing the Nordic countries, but we don’t actually know much about what it’s like to live there, nor do we visit them very often or learn their languages. So the author, a Brit married to a Dane and living in Copenhagen, proposed to travel around these countries and report on, as the bookjacket claims, “how they may not be as happy or as perfect as we assume.”

Which could have been great, if it weren’t so light and frivolous. Aside from giving a brief overview of the history of each of the five countries included (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland), chapters cover topics such as a visit to a sauna; a visit to Santa’s Village; traditionally-dressed revelers celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day; and a visit to a supposedly dangerous housing project occupied by Muslim immigrants in Malmö, which turns out to be pretty quiet and unremarkable when the author visits in the middle of the day and doesn’t actually talk to any immigrants other than the elderly Macedonian who heads the local mosque.

The book does briefly explore various issues – immigration, the rise of right-wing politics, high levels of taxation and government involvement in society, the causes of Iceland’s economic woes – mostly through talking to a small group of writers and professors who give rather fuzzy impressionistic answers. But he never does really get “behind the myth” in the way I expected. After his stroll through the housing project, he observes that its Swedish neighbors, said to resent the immigrants, “probably faced precisely the same problems as their immigrant neighbors in Herregården – poor education, few opportunities, little hope, and no money – yet each was fearful and resentful of the other.”

Wait. Stop the presses. This is it – this is “behind the myth.” Sweden isn’t supposed to have people, especially native-born ethnic Swedes, with “poor education, few opportunities, little hope, and no money.” Isn’t that the entire point of the welfare state? Isn’t that the heart of the “myth”? And yet Booth just keeps tripping blithely along, talking about views on immigration and even including a chapter entitled “Class” that turns out to be all about the weirdness of the Scandinavian monarchies. In another baffling omission, he observes that a Norwegian museum “featur[es] the usual Nordic tiptoeing around the subject of their oppressed indigenous minority,” then proceeds to describe the exhibit, note the Sami’s territory and numbers, and never mention them again. I checked the index just to make sure and yep, this is the only mention in the entire book. How you can think you’re writing a book about a region’s negative aspects and not include its generational poverty or oppressed indigenous minority, I have no idea. But on to Legoland!

The book is very focused on the author’s own experiences and observations, while some of his theories are just wacky. For instance, he theorizes that Finnish men drink too much because their country has a long history of foreign rule and military defeat, never mind that this does not appear to affect modern-day Finns in any way. He even writes about floating this theory to others, who all shoot it down, which doesn’t stop him from devoting a full two pages to defending it in the book.

Now sure, if you are looking for a lighthearted travelogue that will introduce you to a few cultural concepts, and fill you in on a bit of history and politics, this may be the book for you. I didn’t find it as funny as others did, perhaps because it relies heavily on pop culture references that don’t mean anything to me (“Swedish unemployment figures are about as reliable as Joan Collins’s age”). The book is just so long, without achieving any real depth, that at times I considered not even finishing it. I did learn some things from it, but I would have appreciated it more if it had been pared down and marketed as the lighthearted travelogue that it is.

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review 2018-12-11 00:07
I bet the Borg Queen never got invited over for slumber parties
Gods of Night (Star Trek: Destiny #1) - David W. Mack

Star Trek Destiny #1: Gods of Night by David Mack is the first part in a trilogy which was a journey from beginning to end. Firstly, let me start by saying that when I initially ordered these I did so not realizing that they were written quite a few years ago which did cause me some confusion early on. (I bought them at a discount rate as an ebook set so I really should have put 2+2 together.) Secondly, let me give you the heads up that I didn't have (because I really went in blind, ya'll) that you need prior knowledge about The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, AND Nemesis (which is the one I had not seen (and still haven't seen)) if you want to have any hope of following along. If you haven't seen these you are going to be 1. lost and 2. very much spoiled for future events. 


Now that that's all out of the way let's delve into the meat and potatoes of the plot of this book. Like most books that begin a series Gods of Night really lays down a lot of foundation for future action. And there is a lot of information to get through because there is a mess load of time travel back and forth with many, many different characters. (Hint: I didn't love this.) The reader follows 4 different Starfleet crews through multiple time periods which are denoted at the start of each new chapter. You have to be paying a lot of attention and since I read these as ebooks I found it a bit more challenging. Basically, the Caeliar are chanced upon by the Columbia and her crew and found to be so much more technically advanced that there is no chance of overpowering, negotiating, or escaping. The Borg are back and instead of assimilating they have changed their mission to one of annihilation. The Federation is trying to muster up the forces to stop the Borg without any success and the crew of the Columbia are just trying to get back home. SO many characters and so little time (ha time travel pun). I didn't love this book but I did continue the series because by the time I'd gotten to the end of this segment I was too invested to stop...and I'm glad I kept going because by the third book the action was intense, guys. (Wait til you get to the end!) For Gods of Night a 6/10 but check for the reviews of Mere Mortals and Lost Souls in the coming weeks to see what I thought of those and my overall series rating. ;-)


Quick rundown of details:

The Columbia captained by Erika Hernandez, the Aventine captained by Ezri Dax, the Titan captained by Will Riker, and of course the Enterprise captained by Jean-Luc Picard. The aliens encountered: the Borg and the Caeliar. The times explored: too many to recount.


What's Up Next: Robot Dreams by Sara Varon


What I'm Currently Reading: Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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text 2018-12-10 07:49
13 Lifehacks you can use to make your travling experience Great!

Tipp 1 | The “Early Bird” gets the worm


Check in 24 hours beforehand

So it is possible too to change the seat and get an upgrade!

Extra: Ask if there are Seats free so you

can switch if you have a bad spot (it's most of the time free and not reserved)

there are always some free, so go ahead and try it out next time you have a bad spot on the plane!


Tipp 2 | Essentials


Always bring an extra bag with you on board with the essentials you need

in case your luggage gets lost, and you have to live with it for 1-2 days

(Toothbrush & shower stuff, phone charger etc.)


Extra: Try to avoid too many layovers, and if you happen to have some, try to use the ones that have a longer layover time (min of 30 minutes) otherwise it's easy that some troubles

occur and your luggage gets lost in the stress.

More Layovers increase the chance of it losing


your essential travel gadgets!



Tipp 3 | Most important to a lot of people


One thing, that for some people could be the most important thing is listening to music or watching a movie on a long flight.

Even when the flight takes only 2 hours, it is quite a blessing to have the possibility to entertain yourself while on the plane.

Make offline playlists for music & movies, because Spotify, Soundcloud & Youtube don´t work because of the lack of internet. So it is really important for you to do that if you´re traveling long distances.


Tipp 4 | Bank & Banned credit card


Let your bank know that you are about to travel to some country.

So they don't cancel your card,

(because they might think that you're credit card was stolen.)

The last thing you want to have is no money on your vacation or business trip!


Tipp 5 | 100$ not more

It is obvious, however, not for everyone...


Take only 100$ max. with you when you go outside your hotel or on

the streets in general, because you always could get robbed, and better 100$ than 1200$!

Especially when it´is easy to tell that you´re a tourist because they target them the most

Always try to have bags with you that aren't easy to rip off of you, like a zip bag for the shoulder or ​THIS multifunction Backpack!

no one should steal your useful travel accessories!

Extra: Don´t change or get your money

from the airport, because they usually

charge more for exchange!


Tipp 6 | The extra juice you need for a good vacation


If you are on a long Trip through the city, you definitely want a multifunctional Backpack with a power bank support, especially when you go on a sightseeing tour, and you love to take pictures with your phone or if you want to have some entertainment while on a bus heading downtown!


Extra: you can get an extra discount of ​20% on THIS multifunctional backpack​with this

code: BLOG




Always try to have bags with you that aren't easy to rip off of you, like a zip bag for the shoulder or THIS multifunctional travel bag!


Tipp 7 | Wednesday, best travel day

Try to travel on Wednesday, if the day

you want to travel doesn't conflict with this idea of course!

The reason for this is simple,

the travel “traffic” is at its lowest on this day in the week, and you have more possibilities and opportunities to use them

tips from above like swapping your seat to a better spot on the plane for free or that lesser people traveling also means

that there are not so many pieces of luggage to mess something up!

So the best thing would to arrive on Wednesday and stay a week and fly back on Wednesday.

Extra: The flights are also way cheaper than usual so keep that in mind


Tipp 8 | Space Saver



Get yourself some vacuum bags where you can


let all the air out and are able to put your clothing in

because this really saves you a lot of space, I save at least 30% space for more stuff, I can take with me on my next trip.

Extra: You can get yourself one for​ FREE​on your next Order

with this code: VACUUM


Tipp 9 | Converter(important)


wherever you are going to travel, If you need any electronic devices

you really should consider getting a converter, especially for hair products.

They can literally explode from overpowering because in a lot of countries they use different voltages!


Tipp 10 | Plane Food


We all know how it is when you are hungry on the plane and all it is left is to buy food on the plane.

There are quite a few reasons for you to prevent buying this food!




  1. It is way too expensive for what you get!


small portions that don't help a lot anyway! (even the drinks)

it takes ages until someone brings you any food!

It doesn't even taste good!

So if you at least want to save some money and have a decent meal, you should consider bringing some packets of oatmeal with you on the plane.

The cost is really low!

if you need more taste to it use some sugar and other ingredients!

you only need hot water, which you can easily ask for on the flight!


Tipp 11 | Wrong Plug


When you are traveling to a Country where they have

other plugs for electronic devices you will be pretty frustrated

about the fact that you cannot charge any device of yours.

So we highly recommend you to grab one

of these adapters which works on a global scale!


Extra:​Get an extra 10% on the multifunctional adapter with the code​: GLOBAL

Tipp 12 | Map Screenshot


Just to make sure you don't get lost in when traveling to a


place you have never been before, you really should download and screenshot every map that is near the location where you are going to be.

So if you have a weak connection or no connection

to the internet, you at least know where you are and can orientate yourself way better!


Tipp 13 | Mini Vacation


If you have a really long overlay time, the best thing you could and really should do is, simply making a “mini” vacation at the location you have to overlay.

This way you get way more to see

from this world then you have expected!

Because at the end of the day,

we are made to explore this world and the best way to do this is to travel!



relaxed & prepared for everything that could happen!


I´m Alexander Mock

and I am signing out

you will hear from me soon!

Save the Environment and keep it clean!

with this pocket ashtray

it is the best pocket ashtray out there!


For more details visit Chill Screen

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