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text 2022-12-19 08:53
5 Simple Ways to Go Solar in Your Home


Are you eco-conscious? Is the electricity bill eating deep into your income? Do you know it is easy to go solar in your home? Read on for details.

With the increment in energy bills, people are now looking for alternative sources to power their homes. There are a lot of solar panels that can effectively substitute fossil-fuel-generated electricity for several purposes around the home. 


Besides the benefit of reduced energy bills, solar panels can also increase your property value. Additionally, they are generally sustainable for the ecosystem. 


Stay glued! In this article, we will show you 5 ways you can go solar in your home. And like we always do, we will leave you with a bonus tip at the end. 


Light bulbs
Do you know that you can substitute traditional light bulbs for more natural and sustainable ones? Solar light bulbs are pretty affordable and durable. They shine bright, which is why they are often used for outdoor lighting. 


Using a clothesline
One of the easiest ways to go solar in your home is to ditch the dryers for natural sunlight. Especially during summer when the weather is pretty hot.

Rather than dumping those clothes in the dryer, why not create a clothesline in your backyard and have them get sundry? And, of course, creating a clothesline costs you almost nothing. It is a DIY project that you can carry out without much stress. This simple hack can save you a lot of money at the end of each month. 


Solar heating panels for pools
The pool gets cold sometimes and deprives people of jumping in, especially during the cold and freezing weather. 

People often use artificial electricity to heat the pool. But this screams a lot of money. Solar heating panels are an economical and sustainable alternative to staying on top of the fun in your pool. It may cost a little bit more for a purchase value, but with time, you will realise it saves a lot more money than it costs. 

Solar water heaters
Solar water heaters are an excellent investment if you have a high need for heated water in your home. It is very effective for heating water. All you have to do is install a solar heater, and be rest assured you are not breaking the bank to satisfy your need for the heated water. 


Solar oven

Yes, you read correctly. Due to its importance in cooking and baking, every home owns an oven. Your oven can be solar-powered. And depending on how large your family is and how often you cook, the oven may be used for longer. This means your electricity bill is running on the high side.

Another perfect way to go solar in your home, especially for large homes and eco-conscious individuals, is to use ovens with direct sunlight. They are easy and cost very little to operate. 

Solar chargers and power banks
Artificial energy sources for charging devices can only be helpful when you are at home. Even power banks will run down after some time of being away. 


Enough of the worries about how to charge your devices when on a long trip; solar chargers and power banks are very portable and easy to move around. They get their energy directly from sunlight, so you do not have to worry about them running down. 

The price for solar panels had drastically reduced over the last few years, unlike before when it was very difficult to purchase one. This makes it welcoming and affordable for all and sundry—just the right time to get onboard. Before them, remember you start making the change to go solar in your home by drying your clothes out in the sun.

For more assistance, do not hesitate to contact Ecobravo. We are here to help. 

© Eco Bravo



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text 2021-10-01 13:30
Sustainable and Eco-friendly Tips for Saving Costs


Most consumers are not so interested in getting the best deals. It is the quickest and cheapest disposable living that has put us in such a dangerous state. Studies have confirmed that the impact of a business on the environment and the world today plays a big role in their decision to buy goods. Do you know that there are eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical tips that can save costs for individuals and help them cut back on how much they spend? It would even help reduce the carbon footprint of the interested individuals. 


Good day readers, we are Ecobravo, and as we have decided to make it a norm to present to you some friendly tips to help you do the needful in a bit to help the environment and help ourselves at large. Whenever you are in search of information involving the health of the environment and eco-friendly products to use, we might just be your go-to guy, so you can always visit our page and subscribe to our channel for more of this. In this episode, we will be discussing some tips for eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical living.


What are these tips?

In no particular order we will be discussing them below;


Eat only when you have to

Whenever you want to eat, it is always better to try and eat foods made from local sources, as it is much better for the economy and the environment. When you can ensure that money stays in the economy and revolves around it, you can always stimulate growth which will somehow benefit everyone over time. Also, you are not paying for foods to be manufactured, stored, and maybe even shipped over a very long distance. Eating seasonal produce helps you save a lot of money that would have been spent on processed foods, improve the varieties of your diet, and even boost the local economy. Also, it would help impact the environment and economy positively and help boost the immune system, and indirectly, your health.


Endeavour to be water savvy:

Yes, you might want to argue that about seventy per cent of the surface of the earth is covered by water, right? Yes, but even though we think water is in abundance, it is better to always find ways to conserve it by minimizing the level of water consumption. It helps in different ways, like keeping one's budget low and helping the environment thrive. It is not so difficult because all you have to do is start monitoring the amount of water you consume and start making the necessary changes to maintain them. Simple things like shutting the tap off while brushing or never forgetting to turn off the tap when it is not in use could be a good way to start. You can always try to conserve water, even while bathing or washing. 


You can even go the extra mile of swapping your showerheads and faucets with low-flow alternatives and aerators. You can start gathering rainwater for other activities like gardening and washing cars. There are even tankless alternatives to hot water. You can always monitor your meter usage and try to meet up your goals.


Re-evaluate all your providers of utility:

Almost everyone has a lot of utility providers who provide them with a lot of services. You need to see what they do to be able to make a positive impact on the environment and the world around them. If you are into bill tracking, you need to realize that there are a lot of energy service providers who have specialized in offering special rebates and rates for the lower consumption of energy. There are a lot of utility providers, so it is possible to compare and contrast the various ones you have in your area. In those areas where there are limited providers of these services, one can still look at some of the effective environmental programs and initiatives that can go a long way to save one more money while making that positive impact that the environment craves. Your utility providers should be quite able to provide the most eco-friendly and affordable option for you. Choose the ones that can conduct effective energy audits and provide rebates for swapping faucets and appliances for more eco-friendly versions.


Try to use the thrift shop:

Whatever you may think, online shopping has its disadvantages. Yes, it is a lot easier to do what you do; you can even get things from the comfort of your home and even get them at somewhat affordable rates. However, there is a very high chance that someone like you may have used and discarded the items. You can use that to your advantage by visiting the thrift shops for good items that can save you a lot of costs and also help preserve the environment. This is a very important part of Eco-friendliness. There are hidden charges associated with the costs of these items, like storing and shipping costs. Even when these items are produced, carbon emissions are produced, which are detrimental to the health of the environment.


Utilize the three Rs:

Recycling is a great initiative that can make a great difference in our lives and the environment, but only when it is done correctly. Recycling is one of those Rs to remember. Reduce and reuse sometimes go hand-in-hand. However, reducing packaging consumption by purchasing food in bulk can help, and one can use reusable bags for grocery shopping. Before something is recycled, you should take a minute to think of different ways to make it alive again. There are a lot of eco-friendly items one can use to help them keep reusing whatever it is they are using.


There are a lot of ways one can lower spending while caring for the environment at the same time. By making some of these simple changes to some different lifestyles, one can limit the way they spend. With Ecobravo, you are sure to get the best advice and guidance when it comes to eco-friendliness.


© Eco Bravo

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text 2020-08-12 03:29
6 Eco-friendly Habits you Should Adopt Right Away


If you have noticed that one of the latest trends is going for eco-friendly habits, you should know that this happens for a reason. Our planet gets polluted every day, that’s why altering some of our routines is of such huge importance. With a few small sacrifices in your manners, you can help nature more than you can imagine. Green trends are true money-savers and it is so simple to get used to following them. Do you want to find out more? Take a look at these reasonable practices you should benefit from every day:


  • Choose eco-friendly transport – if driving is like second nature to you, you should know that your vehicle’s toxic emissions are among air’s most persistent pollutants. Surely you feel comfortable in your four-wheeled transport, but other options shouldn’t be underestimated. Consider using more  means of transportation like public transport or even better- invest in a decent bicycle. You would not only help with the air pollution problem, but you would also get in excellent physical shape in no time.


  • Abandon plastic water bottles – plastic that doesn’t get recycled poses a great danger to polluting water sources to a terrifying extent. Drinking bottled water is a habit that wouldn’t cost you a lot to reject. Just purchase a reusable water bottle produced by eco-friendly, harmless materials. As for the water at home, there is no need for you to use huge bottles of water when you can simply rely on the faucet. If water quality bothers you, benefit from a water refiner or filters. In case you are away from your place and you forget to take your reusable water with, insist on purchasing water in a glass bottle.


  • Recycle – it may take you a while to get used to that habit, but once you learn how to recycle, you would feel very good about yourself. Nothing beats the feeling of being responsible by doing the right thing, so start recycling right away. Some cities have a recycling system of their own, but in case yours doesn’t take care of recycling by yourself. Separate your trash appropriately and make sure you are fully aware of the basics that green process requires. Let anyone at home know that from now on they should stick to recycling as well.


  • Consider tree planting – even young kids are familiar with the benefits of having more trees around. Simple biology tells you that trees cleanse the air by absorbing carbons and producing oxygen. The purer the air, the better, so why don’t you think about multiplying the number of trees in your backyard? If you live in an apartment, you don’t have that option, but you can always take part in an eco-friendly initiative related to improving nature’s condition.


  • Shop second-hand – many of you would probably reject the idea of using someone else’s objects, but don’t be so quick with the decision. Being a consumer means that you constantly purchase brand-new items while you can reuse old ones, which is such a great loss of resources. A TV or a smartphone, even your drapes can be bought second-hand, thus saving not only cash but precious resources too. In the same time, you can sell or donate stuff you no longer need, so that another person can continue the idea of saving our energy and water supplies.


  • Consume less energy – decreasing the amount of energy you use every day is a great eco-friendly habit you should make a must. Invest in efficient LED bulbs that need much less energy to work and make sure you turn off the lights, the TV or any energy-powered device at home for as long as you don’t use it.


Surely you see that being eco-friendly is not difficult at all. With only six simple green habits you would participate in preserving nature safe and sound for a long time.


© Eco Bravo


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