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review 2017-02-21 17:24
Brings the past to life ,
Lost at sea, found at Fukushima - Andy Millar

What is about:
On a calm, tropical afternoon in the South Atlantic Ocean in April 1942, a British tramp steamer, the SS Willesden, was shelled, torpedoed and sunk by a German raider, the KMS Thor. The Willesden was carrying 47 officers and crew, and a cargo of vital war supplies destined for Britain’s 8th Army in North Africa. Five of Willesden’s crew were killed in the attack. Among the survivors was Second Mate David Millar, who – along with his crewmen – was rescued by the Germans and interned on a succession of prison ships, before being handed over to the Japanese. Badly wounded, David spent the rest of the war as a POW in a camp at Fukushima, north of Tokyo. The Thor was also responsible for sinking two other steamers, the SS Kirkpool and SS Nankin. Their survivors, who included 38 women and children, were dispatched to the same POW camp. What is remarkable about this story, apart from its inherent drama, is that these civilian POWs – numbering more than 130 in all – were officially listed as ‘Missing at Sea’: their presence in the camp remained a closely guarded secret. This meant that it was many months – in some cases, years – before the fog of mystery surrounding their disappearance lifted, and family and friends knew whether their loved ones were dead or alive. Lost at Sea tells the little-known story of these survivors. It is a tale of honour between enemy naval commanders; of suffering, courage and endurance, as months of imprisonment turned to years; and of the powerful relationships that form when people are forced together in life-threatening circumstances. Greatly enhancing the poignancy of this story is the fact that David Millar was the author’s father.

My rating: five stars
My thoughts:
This book is an emotional read , because it shows you what the families of the ones that was in the POW camp went through not know if their love ones was a live or dead, and what the POWs themselves went through not know if they would ever see their love ones again, it brings to life the stories and history that we never learn about when we read about what happened in WW2, so if you love to read books about War WW2 then you must pick this up, becouse it's a must read, it shows you how strong this people and their families was doing this time. With this said I would love to say thinks to Netgalley for giving me a chance at reading and reviewing this story in a change for my honest opinion,which this is, this story brings the past and history to life .


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review 2017-02-16 15:16
Weird Dinosaurs: The Strange New Fossils Challenging Everything We Thought We Knew - Philip J. Currie,John A. Pickrell

We’re in a golden age of discovery – and the fossils coming to light show dinosaurs were stranger, bigger, scarier and more diverse than we ever imagined.

From outback Australia to the Gobi Desert and the savanna of Madagascar, award-winning science writer John Pickrell sets out on a world tour of new discoveries and meets the fossil hunters leading the charge. Discover the dwarf dinosaurs unearthed by an eccentric Transylvanian baron, an aquatic, crocodile-snouted carnivore bigger than T. rex, the Chinese dinosaur with wings like a bat, and a Patagonian sauropod so enormous it was heavier than two commercial jet airliners.

Why did dinosaurs grow so huge? Did they all have feathers? And what do sauropods have in common with 1950s vacuum cleaners? Weird Dinosaurs examines the latest breakthroughs and new technologies radically transforming our understanding of the distant past.

My rating:4.5
What did I think
First off I want to say that this would have been a five star read for me if it had 2 things and they are:
1: how to say the dinosaur's name
2: the mean of said name.
Other than that I loved it ,but then again I love reading anything that talks about dinosaurs ,so if you love to read about them and learn about them then you need to pick this one up and add it to your collection, I know I will be , there was so much information about some.of the old ones and about new findings that made this book amazing to read. With that said I would love to say thinks to Netgalley for giving me a chance at reading this and for finding another amazing dinosaur book to add to my collection, in a change for my honest opinion which this is.can't wait for it to come.out to buy.

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review 2017-02-04 15:06
Loved it ,
Ghosts of Country Music: Tales of Haunted Honky Tonks & Legendary Spectres - Matthew L. Swayne

Just finished it and I loved it, love reading about the lives of the singers as well as the places they hunt,the one thing I did was that I read this at night before going to bed,oh well.its still a perfect read.With that said I would love to say thinks to Netgalley for giving me a chance at reading this book in a change for my honest opinion.

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review 2017-01-13 00:55
Must read,just don't read it at night
EIGHT: Terror Has A New Species - WW Mortensen


Deep in the Amazon, the solution to the global energy crisis has been found; a mysterious source of power set to end our dependency on oil.

When she receives stunning photographs related to the discovery – courtesy of expedition leader and former partner, Ed Reardon – entomologist Rebecca Riley finds herself on the next flight to Brazil, heading down to join the team of scientists assembling there. She hasn’t seen Ed for more than a year, and their relationship hadn’t ended well.

But his revelation is impossible to ignore.

What she and Ed uncover is beyond imagination: strange statues in the jungle… a ruined city built by the refugees of a lost Pacific continent… and a terrifying new species of animal.

Forced to confront a crippling childhood phobia she’d thought long dead and buried, Rebecca realises this new species is no ordinary enemy.

It is an ancient enemy, one whose very existence has implications for all of humankind… and the planet itself.

What did I think:
My rating: 5
OMG this book was and is a great read, it had me hooked from the very start to the very end, as well as sitting on the edge of my bed, so glad that I picked it up, and as soon. I can I'm picking up a copy to add to my library. Once again thinks NetGalley for helping me find a new book as well as a new author to check out, all so I would like to say I was giving a chance at reading it in a change for my honest opinion and this is 100 % my honest opinion,also on a side note don't pick this up if you want to sleep a night.

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review 2017-01-07 21:25
Loved it, a must read
Ararat: A Novel - Christopher Golden

Fans of Dan Simmons’ THE TERROR will love ARARAT, the thrilling tale of an adventure that goes awry. When a newly engaged couple climbs Mount Ararat in Turkey, an avalanche forces them to seek shelter inside a massive cave uncovered by the snow fall. The cave is actually an ancient, buried ship that many quickly come to believe is really Noah’s Ark. But when a team of scholars, archaeologists, and filmmakers make it inside the ark for the first time, they discover an elaborate coffin in its recesses…and when they break it open, they find that the cadaver within is an ugly, misshapen thing…and it has horns. A massive blizzard blows in, trapping them in that cave thousands of meters up the side of a remote mountain…but they are not alone.

What challenge did I use it for: 2017 Around The Year In
Week 40: A book published in 2017: Done
Five stars.

What did I think:
OMG I just finished it and I loved it, if you've ever read anything by James Rollins then you need to pick this book up, because the story is kind of like something he would and could of wrote, once I started to read it, I just couldn't seem to put it down, it pulled me into the story and I was hooked, the more I read of it the more I had to know what was going on and what was going to happen next, so this is a must read if you love thrillers that is non stop, from beginning to the very end, once again I have to say thinks to Netgalley for giving me a chance at reading what turned out to be a really great book for me to read and for helping me find a new author to check out, as well as a chance to review it in change for my honest opinion.

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