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review 2013-12-20 00:55
Review: Wants of an Incubus by Ashley Hill
Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1) - Ashley Hill

Wants of an Incubus is pretty short at 40 pages but it was a fun way to pass the time. Annabelle misses her boyfriend who is away, so when she has a sexy dream about him that feels pretty real, she doesn't think much of it. Even as she catches glimpses of something sinister pretending to be her boyfriend she figures it's just her imagination but she soon learns that she's been with an incubus and that they're now bonded.

Overall, this wasn't an absolute favorite for me but I loved that it was an incubus story, which I haven't read a lot of but it was an interesting creature choice. The story is fast-paced and there is a talking cat, which is just the coolest in my book so I can't wait to check out the next in the series.

Source: bookbirdreviews.blogspot.com/2013/12/review-wants-of-incubus-by-ashley-hill.html
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review 2013-11-21 00:00
Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1)
Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic ... Wants of an Incubus (Annabelle's Erotic Nightmare #1) - Ashley Hill Okay... Wants of an Incubus is by far the freakiest book I have ever read. And when I say freaky I mean from things crawling over walls, witches and talking cats. And personally the talking cat was in my opinion the freakiest and most unexpected thing in this book. But I liked it. Actually this book could be a pretty good scary movie. I can see it now in my head. But anyway... this book may not be the best short story I have ever read, I did like it. It was hot but it was also creepy. Ashley Hill is really good at writing creepy story and giving me the chills. I swear I'm going to have bad dreams about it. But she's also good with the sexual scenes. And that cliffhanger was also pretty unexpected so I know that I will definitely read the second book when it comes out.
As far as characters go, I really liked Annabelle (I love her name!). She's a nice character and I can totally see how much she cares for her boyfriend Henry (another name I love!). Annabelle's mother on the other hand I disliked greatly, that doens't mean I wanted her gone from the story or anything but, man, is she a... witch. If I'd have a daughter I would never be able to do what she did to her or if my mother would do something like that to me I would never forgive her. I do hope there's more to the story there, but I don't know... The only negative things I have to say about this short story (aside from the mother) is that at times I was kind of confused about it all. Like... bam! Talking cat suddenly. Yes, I can't get over that. lol.
Overall, though, I did really like the story. It was very creepy as was expected from Ashley Hill but also had some hot scenes. I would love to find out more about Annabelle because through the book there are hints that other stuff is going on. So, naturally, I need to know! Can't wait for the second part!
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review 2013-10-01 00:00
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1)
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) - Ashley Hill E-galley received from the author for review in a book tour.

I'm not sure I understand what the final cliffhanger is about. I hope it's not what i think it is.

This is a very fast-paced story. It's 30 pages full of action. You don't get much about the characters, except that Jason has a troubled past and there's definitely more to him that meets the eye.

I wonder why the author decided to publish this as a short story. I understand the cliffhanger factor, but I think it could have been more satisfactory with a bit more "meat" on it - maybe publishing a single book instead of a series of stories?
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review 2013-10-01 00:00
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1)
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) - Ashley Hill *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Now I'm not usually a big fan of horror books, but I was intrigued by The Harvesters, so I decided to give it a try. This was a well written, exciting book. The realism of the story made me feel like I was right there as it was happening, and I could definitely see this happening in real life.

I was drawn into the story, even when it ended with a cliffhanger to be continued in the next book. This was a good start to what sounds like one interesting series. I would definitely recommend reading this book and checking out this series.
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review 2013-05-30 00:00
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1)
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) - Ashley Hill When author Ashley Hill asked me to review her book, I was originally going to say no because my review pile is off the charts but when I read her email and saw it was about a short horror story I accepted. I easily could fit in a short and it was horror, a genre that I don't usually read but I wanted to try something different for a change and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by how The Harvesters turned out.

Why should you read The Harvesters?
1. Less than 30 pages. Something everyone can easily read in one pull.
2. It's a horror short story. Horror. Yes. Even though not my usual genre, I quite liked it. Though, I must warn you not to read this at night.
3. Dual point of views. Score! I almost always love when there's more than one point of view (as long as authors don't go crazy with more than five of them or something, which was not the case in The Harvesters because it had two).
4. Male POV. One of the two narrators was Jason and I pretty much always like male point of views. So great!
5. Action! There was A LOT of action. I loved it. A feel like a good book, especially with horror, has to have a action at least.
5. Killer cliffhanger. I have a huge love/hate relationship with cliffhangers. But I liked this one. Very nicely done!

The Harvesters starts right off in the middle of the story. A girl finding her boyfriend shackled to a table. It screams scary movie right from the start, right? Well, it felt like one. While I was reading I saw this story unfold like a horror movie in my head. And luckily for me, I LOVE horror movies. Speaking of it, I know this story was supposed to be a horror short movie and I gotta say, it would be amazing like it. I just know it. It's all perfect for it. A house close to the woods, a shack in the woods with bodies in them. Creepy, evil little kids. I get chills just thinking about it! It all made for a very good, short horror read!

I have mentioned the dual points of view before. Love 'em! I especially loved Jason's part because I'm always more into the male point of views for some reason. Maybe because most books I read have the female point of view. Luckily this story had both. I actually hadn't counted on there being two point of views so that was an extra nice surprise for me. Which brings us to the characters Ashley and Jason. I liked them a lot. I loved their spirit to keep fighting against the bad guys and how they didn't give up. I love characters like that!

I only wished I knew what happened before Ashley found Jason shackled to that table. I would like to know the backstory and especially more about Jason's past because apparently he went through a buck load of shit and there's definitely more to him than meets the eye.

I have a lot of awe for authors and their ability to write books and The Harvesters being a short story doesn't mean it makes any less of a good book. Short stories are in my opion hard to write because there has to be a natural flow to it and you can't rush things too much but then again it can't all unfold too slow either. I feel like Ashley Hill did a perfect job of it and I'm once again so grateful she gave me the opportunity to read and review her story.

All in all The Harvesters was a really great and made me turn page after page because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. And after finishing this book and reading that cliffhanger I just know I need to read the next part of this series. I want to know what is going to happen after it. I need to know what's going to happen, really. It was that good and the cliffhanger nearly killed me! I would recommened this story to everyone, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! A great, scary read that'll make you think twice before turning off the lights at night. (Like me...)
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