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review 2019-02-10 16:20
Atlantis Awakening - Alyssa Day

Book two brings us a witch, Erin, and the King's Vengeance, Ven, (who by the way hates witches- surprise, surprise). The moment Ven meets her, and then rescues her from some evil witches, the action and passion are a go and the story is fast paced and fun. The two main characters work well together and Ven is intense when it comes to her and his reaction to her.  The plot has some surprises and Quinn and Alaric have a moment (YAY). Daniel plays a pivotal role again in book two (can’t wait to reread his book), and Riley is pregnant and there are complications, so the story is full of twists, turns, passion, and true love comes to life.  I loved rereading this book as part of the ARC team. Alyssa Day’s rereleasing of this favorite series is great and returning to the world of Atlantis is a joy.

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review 2019-02-03 19:31
Atlantis Rising - Alyssa Day

I first read this in 2012, and when I found out Alyssa Day was rereleasing the series and asked for readers, I jumped on board and dived right back into a series I loved the first go around.  I am looking forward to rereading all of them. Book one starts with Conlan, the future king of Atlantis, who returns after seven years of being a prisoner to the goddess of death.  Everyone thinks he is "damaged goods", even himself, but he puts on a brave face and heads out to get back the trident that was stolen from his homeland by his own warriors.  The moment he sets foot onto the beach he is bombarded with the emotions of one woman, Riley, and it is a strong attraction at first sight.  Their adventure against the vampires, the coup being orchestrated by a group of Atlantan warriors, and the fact that he has a promised fiancé he is required to marry back home, doesn’t stop him and Riley from falling for each other and falling hard. I enjoyed the story, again, loved the characters and the conflict, and am ready to dive into book 2 right now. 

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review 2019-01-02 22:19
Is It True? Is Atlantis Rising? Let’s Ask Alyssa Day @Alyssa_Day
Atlantis Rising - Alyssa Day

I love anything to do with water, so when I was given the opportunity to dive into Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day, I was all in. Do you believe in the lost city? How about Poisedon?


Publisher:  Berkley Publishing


Cover by Authors On A Dime


Atlantis Rising (Warriors of Poseidon, #1)

Amazon  /  Audiobook  /    Goodreads




Woo Hoo! Alyssa Day has certainly caught my attention with an empathic Riley Dawson and a hot group of Poseidon’s warriors that are on a treasure hunt, of sorts. I know I’m all  tingly and ready to go. lol


Her grief called to him. It would not be denied. He must got to her.


The mental telepathic dialogue had me cracking up, so I put a smile on my face and prepared myself for a fun, sexy read. I mean, she’s an empath and he’s a high prince, the first of Poseidon’s warriors, so what could possibly go wrong.


“You’re not going to drink my blood or rip my arms off, are you? Because my day has really sucked, and I’m so not up for that,” she said…


Barrabas, a powerful vampire, felt the disturbance caused by their meeting. Oh man, so cool. Water warriors and blood sucking Vampires. What more could I want? I am hooked and happy.


Everything Conlan does is for Atlantis, so denying his overwhelming desire for Riley, who is not only a forbidden human, but also an empath, literally brought him to his knees. Conlan and his warriors were tasked with protecting the humans from shapeshifters and vampires, and were clearly from the Land of Hunk.


I am feeling upbeat, having fun, sharing Conlan and Riley’s internal dialogue and lovin ‘ every minute of it. And now we find out why they are above ground…Poseidon’s Trident has been stolen. Conlan could lose his kingdom if they don’t recover it.


“You’re not a vampire, because you’ve got a heartbeat,” she said. “Are you a shapeshifter? What kind of furry are you going to get?” He laughed. “I’m not going to turn furry, brave one. I am nothing you know.”


Conlan knows that empaths don’t exist, yet here’s Riley. He also knows that the soul meld doesn’t exist, yet how to explain the sparks between them.


Well, Alyssa, you drew me in, kept me riveted to the pages, worrying and fretting, laughing and smiling, never letting me go. The action kept the story flowing as I devoured the words. The world created was full of wonder and I am so happy to have been able to visit Atlantis and meet all  these fabulous characters that escaped from the mind of Alyssa Day.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 Stars


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Source: www.fundinmental.com/is-it-true-is-atlantis-rising-lets-ask-alyssa-day-alyssa_day
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review 2019-01-02 16:56
January in Atlantis - Alyssa Satin Capucilli

It was great to return to the world of Atlantis and it's warriors.  This the first book in the spin off series that started with the Warriors of Poseidon and we have a prodigal son return after years away from his homeland. He has his scars and he doesn't take crap from anyone, so when he is unceremoniously recruited for the new set of elite warriors to fight for Atlantis, he isn't exactly thrilled.  But when he, and the other 2 new recruits, find out what their first mission is, the misfits jump on board to stop some demons from sacrificing a bunch of innocent girls. This takes them to Early, Nevada and into Eva's bar and when Flynn sees Eva he knows there is something down right special about her.  The chemistry between the two is off the charts, which doesn't hurt the situation, so when he finds out she is in danger and that she knows about the gang they are hunting, he sets out to both protect her and use her.  Eva has been running for years from her ex and she is tired of being afraid, so when Flynn tells her he needs her help she sees it as a way to reclaim who she used to be and save a bunch of innocents.  It was a very entertaining story, action-packed, and passionate.  They were sweet together and the moments in the desert were the highlights of their budding romance.  I am glad that Flynn is reunited with his brothers and that Eva is free from her evil ex.  Great and fun story.

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url 2018-12-19 13:28
Neolithic Wisdom from Ancient Temples
Art of 4 Elements - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Tree of Life - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Chanting Mantras with Best Chords - Nataša Pantović Nuit
A-Ma Alchemy of Love - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Conscious Creativity: Mindfulness Meditations - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Spiritual Symbols: With their Meanings (Alchemy of love mindfulness training) (Volume 8) - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Neolithic Wisdom

from Ancient Temples Solomon Temple to Greek ParthenonWho we areSpiritualityPower of MindArticlesconsciousnessSymbols and Signsmeditation


Mystical Learnings from Ancient Temples

by Nataša Pantović

Walking the path of a spiral ascending, giving our deep respect to ancestors  and scientists  researches, with the knowledge that even within our history we follow a circle, spinning around the same centers until our souls understand the divine message, observing the ascend and descend of some great Civilizations, we know that our predecessors built Temples worrying greatly if there are to be destroyed.

According to the Bible, the Humanity’s first ever Temple, was the Temple of Solomon, the plans still to be found within the  religious manuscripts of Israel, that hid within its deapth a closed door which is to open only to Messiah.

mystical teachings of Solomon Temple sacred circular triangle



Solomon Temple 970 BC

in ancient Jerusalem from the 970 BC to 600 BC built by the King Solomon. The temple was dedicated to Yahweh, and it was the place of the Ark of the Covenant containing the original tablets of the Ten Commandments. No archaeological excavations were ever allowed on the Temple Mount.

Source: artof4elements.com/entry/235/neolithic-wisdom
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