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review 2016-11-11 23:00
Count down to Birthdays
Only Six More Days - Marisabina Russo

In the book, Molly gets jealous of her little brother, Ben. He is planning his birthday and Molly is not enjoying all the attention being on him. She has a very negative attitude towards her brother throughout the entire book. At the end Ben gets two baseball cards, Molly's old roller skates, a gum rapper chain, and a letter. The letter is sweet from Molly and Ben feels special. In the classroom we would read this book and then talk about if my students have ever felt jealous of someone else. I would have the students talk about why they felt this way and something they could have done to change the outcome.

I would then have a birthday chart and we would fill this out together. I would write students birthdays on my chart and begin a countdown for everyone's birthday. The students would then get a sheet of paper where I could tell them how many more days until their birthday. We would start a countdown with helps students to learn to count backwards.

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review 2016-04-23 03:27
Life in Reverse
Backwards - Rob Grant


So, at the end of Better Than Life we leave Lister trapped in a universe in which time goes in reverse, namely because he had become so old (due to being caught up in a temporal distortion caused by a black hole) that when they encountered the polymorph he had literally been scared to death (or something like that – I'm not quite sure even though it was about a month ago that I actually read the book). Anyway, in an effort to save his life they take his body to an alternate universe, in which time runs backwards (as I have mentioned), with the intention of picking him up again when he is much younger. I must admit that that is a pretty interesting way of saving one's life, especially when onehas aged a lot quicker to those around them, thanks to the local black hole (though this is all speculation since nobody has actually tested it out – it's based on some guy's, possibly Einstein's, mathematical modeling).


In the previous book it was suggested that life makes no sense to us because our timeline travels in the wrong direction, which means that we find ourselves travelling into the future, namely from birth to death. While hindsight is 20/20, our vision of the future is basically non-existent (though we do have a habit of making speculative assumptions, and once again resorting to mathematical models). Mind you, the fact that the future is unknown gives way for some very profitable industries, form your average circus fortune teller, to the gambling industry, to investment banks like Goldmen Sachs (and isn't all they are doing is making bets based upon statistical probabilities?). However, if we travel backwards it sort of works a little different, we know where we are going, it is just that we progressively forget where we have been.


Okay, I know, this is a Red Dwarf book, so it isn't meant to be taken seriously, but in reality we really don't know if these people in this backwards universe actually realise that their universe is travelling in the opposite direction to our own, and the funny thing is that Lister, who is living through this backwards universe with a forward looking mindset, sort of knows the future, but is mystified by the past (though of course he could always pick up a history book). It's sort of like having an accent – you notice everybody's but your own.


I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with this addition to the Red Dwarf series – for some reason it didn't seem to work as well as the previous two books. I guess it had something to do with the episodes not being some of my favourite. Also it is a lot less episodic than the previous two books, so while Grant is making the story flow better, it sort of doesn't work as well. For instance Grant spent way too much time on developing Ace's character (the alternate Rimmer for those who don't know, who is much more daring, sophisticate, and loved), to the point that it started to get somewhat dry. So to were the four horsemen of the apocalypse part. While I understand that he wanted to create a but of a mystery in the lead up to the story, it didn't seem to really work all that well.


As for Rimmer, I don't know whether to feel sorry for the guy or not. I guess that is what the character is trying to do though. By blaming everybody else for his shortcomings, and also regularly fails, I sort of feel that maybe the guy should get a bit of a break. Mind you, the fact is that he does blame everybody, and refuses to admit that he is wrong. Still, there are a lot of people out there that are pretty smart that seem to be forever condemned to mediocrity, and they actually aren't like Rimmer because they don't complain about it. Okay, they might not be content, but the sad thing is that where one is born to a wealthy family, is sent to a good school, and inherits the family business (and is a thick as a brick), there is another that is basically lands up, though no fault o their own, on the wrong side of the tracks. The difference is how they learned to roll with it. It is clear that Rimmer's mother isn't a very nice person, and even when Ace succeeds she doesn't show a huge amount of emotion. It is just that Rimmer is trying too hard to impress her, and failing miserably, particularly since he is never going to get an “I'm proud of you” from her.


The funny thing that we find out in this book though is that the reason Ace succeeds, and Rimmer fails is because Ace was held back at school. However in the show it was always suggested that it was Rimmer that didn't want to be held back whereas in the book it was his mother. In the end I guess Rimmer was right all along – it was somebody else's fault.

(spoiler show)




Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1614191441
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review 2016-01-31 02:41
Backwards Christmas
Backwards Christmas - Brooke Williams

Title: Backwards Christmas
Author: Brooke Williams
Publisher: Prism Book Group [Diamond]
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Backwards Christmas" by Brooke Williams

My Thoughts...

A 'Backwards Christmas' what did that mean? Well in the South Pole, Alaska that is what they do every single year. Yes, celebrate a 'Backwards Christmas.' This author gives the reader quite a interesting short short read that will have upside down trees and I loved how the mistletoe will come into play as you read the story. The story being of two people ...Chris Furst who had lost his parent in a tragic way and he seemed to have lost his way being a non believer of the holiday spirit. Then their is Noelle Richards who had one time been in Chris's life but due to certain reasons things had changed with Christ after his parents had died. Now, I don't want to tell too much of the story but we find Noelle is a tour guide and there will be a lots going on in this small town around this Christmas time. Will there be a turnaround for Chris during this time as he seems to be coming around? Will he seek the love that he once had with Noelle? What about his faith? Will there be a second chance for him and Noelle? Well, to find out the answers to these questions and more you will have to pick up "Backwards Christmas" to see how well this author will bring it all out to the readers.

This was a beautiful written short Christmas read of how some things are done so very different in South Pole, Alaska. If you love the cold weather and something a little different in reading for the Christmas holiday then I would definitely recommend this read especially to you.

I received a copy through NOR in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2016-01-29 00:42
Possibly my favorite romance of all time.
Backwards to Oregon - Jae

The characters of Luke and Nora are just damn near perfect to me. I can't help but cheer for them - individually and as a couple. Jae's ability to create not only these fantastic women but to set the scene and put the reader right there next to them is just incredible. I think this is her best work and I know I'll continue to read this book again and again. And love it just as much each time.

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review 2015-08-02 00:00
Girl Walking Backwards
Girl Walking Backwards - Bett Williams I went into this book with an open mind but it was very dark and painful to read at times. The MC is supposed to be smart, she's analyzing Virginia Wolf, but keeps making poor decisions probably because she has no adult in her life worth having. She has either a painfully disturbed mother (not just into "new Age" ideas - she's a red-hot mess) and a narcissistic, Peter Pan kind of father. I wonder if there is a sequel planned with this girl escaping the madness around and in her.
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