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review 2016-08-03 15:27
Review: "Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)" by Marissa Meyer
Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

“The Lunar Chronicles” series continues with another fairy tale retelling, this time *drum rolls* “Little Red Riding Hood”.

The story of the second installment of this wonderful series begins in Rieux, France where we are introduced to a new heroine, Scarlet Benoit. She is looking for her grandmother who was kidnap and she is helped by no one other than…no not by the Hunter but by the “Big Bad” Wolf.
The chapters bounce between Scarlet and Cinder’s POV, so for the ones who are afraid that the book would be just about Scarlet fear no more, Cinder’s story still continues: in this volume she manages to escape from the prison, but she become the most wanted fugitive all around the world. She tries to find a way to stop Levana’s evil plans while striving to pick up all the pieces of her past. I liked her character development a lot in this sequel; she is more badass and kickass, especially with her new body parts! Even though the different paths Scarlet and Cinder were on were separated at the beginning, they converged to become the same one as the story progressed.

I was relieved to see that the great characters from the first volume I've already grown very attached to are still present in this book, like Iko who is one of my favorites characters or the gorgeous princeemperor Kai, who is a good guy who is trying his best to keep the planet safe even if that means to make some difficult choices like accepting to marry Queen Levana and pushing away the feelings he still has for Cinder - I was a little sad that even though he did have his few spotlight moments, there wasn't that many of them so I hope there will be more of Kai in “Cress”- or even, the mischievous Queen Levana, whom I hate even more…that bi… One thing I really missed in this volume is the interactions between Cinder and Kai. T.T

Besides the usual characters that we know so well, Meyer introduces some amazing new characters like Scarlet, whom I like so much- now it’s even harder for me to choose whom I like most between she and Cinder because both of them are strong heroines. Scarlet is determined, never gives up even when the search for her missing grandmother was declared pointless, she refused to just sit and accept it and she is ready to do anything for her grandma, she’s loyal, courageous, hardworking and a little bit stubborn, so overall another complex heroine who I can’t wait to read more about.
And because behind every great heroine there is a great male character there is Wolf, the very definition of the strong, protective and silent type. I can’t say that I love him and he is sure not my favorite male character from this book (Kai still occupies the first place in my top) and that’s a little weird because I usually like his type: mysterious, serious, protective, badass looking, hmm maybe I will grow to like him more in the next volumes, who knows… I also can say that I’m not so fond of Scarlet and Wolf relationship, it’s a little “meh” for me, so they still can’t beat Cinder and Kai couple, which is surely my favorite pair until now.
Now I will present you my favorite character from this volume *drum rolls again* Captain Sexy ops, I mean Captain Thorne. Ashjgag. *fangirling* His humour is the best and he is so hawt!! Damn. x.x He reminded me of Flynn Rider from Tangled. ^_-

Overall, “Scarlet” is a great book, an amazing sequel for an amazing series and I think that it’s even better than the first volume. “Scarlet” is an action-packed book, full of complex and wonderful characters and great fights, so if you haven’t read it yet then you shouldn’t wait anymore just go, go and read it!!

PS: “The Queen’s Army” by Marissa Meyer (bonus story). The edition I have also includes a bonus story, called “The Queen’s Army”, which is not too long (it has around 20 pages) and it’s very useful to read it if you are interested to find out more about Wolf, whose real name is Ze'ev Kesley, and his background: his childhood, his brother and how did he became what he is.

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review 2015-11-21 00:00
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf - Christine Warren Some spoilers might be here in this rant. Sorry. If you haven't read the book don't read this review/rant.

yeah... So your friends talk you into wearing a skimpy dress instead of your usual body hiding clothes. Okay. You freak out because you don't want your "fix" And thats when you run into the sexy wolf man who doesn't even recognize you.. even though you walked down the isle with him at your best friends wedding.. But since you are wearing tight clothes the jackass notices you. So naturally you let him take you to his house and shred your clothes and screw you into oblivion on his door.. oh and he doesn't even know you name. that is what any sane woman would let happen. Sure.

Why was this never addressed?? All he says about never noticing her is that he was an idiot. Supposedly werewolves can smell their mates right? okay well he has been around her multiple times so why didn't he know. Or do they only smell the mate bond or whatever during sex? All I know is that Graham is a grade A jackass. And Missy is a fekking idiot for letting what happened happen.

Oh and then there is the whole he got her preggers on purpose with out telling her or asking her. After TWELVE hours of "knowing" the woman. TWELVE HOURS!!! And when she found out was she mad? noooooooo of course not. Why would she be? I mean she was upset that he told his cousin that she was pregnant iin front of other people before he told her. Not that he got her pregnant without her knowledge.

I was really looking forward to this book. I like the whole caveman/alpha male thing and I thought Graham would kinda be fantastic. But when you pair up an alpha male with a weak female it just doesn't work for me. It just pisses me off.
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review 2015-08-27 03:56
A dream within a dream
The Dream Stealer - Gregory Maguire,Diana Bryan

This short novel reads like a fable, ripe with Russian culture and built on the foundation of well-known and more obscure Russian folklore. Two children in a small village in Russia called Miersk face the knowledge that the Blood Prince, a huge, demonic wolf, is coming their way and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Underneath all the fable elements, there is a strong theme of the alienation of childhood from adulthood. Children are rarely heeded, listened to, or taken seriously. Through a benign sort of emotional neglect, adults leave children to build their own worlds and societies among themselves to fill an emotional void. I'm speaking in generalities. There are plenty of wonderful parents who are intimately involved in their children's lives. There are also parents who mean well, but are weighted under by the cares of life. You can see that dynamic in this book. Pasha's father is in the shadow of his own father, a dominant and opinionated man who dismisses Pasha's concerns as being ridiculous. Other than when he is needed for chores, it appears as though Pasha is left to his own devices. Whereas Lisette's father has been soured by the loss of his beloved wife and therefore neglects his daughter and his infant son when he's not raging and yelling at Lisette. Pasha and Lisette form a friendship of necessity that becomes true as they muster their courage to save their village from the Blood Prince.

I admit I rushed through reading this because I had to return it back to the library that day. I feel that if I had taken my time, I would have been better able to bask in the richness of Russian culture on display. Russian culture is my thing. I have an absurd attraction to it and the language. Some might argue that mistakes were made, but I felt it was well done. There are some very lovely and magical moments that would make for a striking animated film that I hope will be made some day. Baba Yaga plays a prominent role and while she's generally regarded as a villain, she's a huge help to the people of the village, perhaps for her own reasons.

I think I would have given this a higher rating if it had been a little deeper and richer. I am probably asking too much, since this is a children's book. For what there was, it was a lovely little fable.

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review 2015-01-15 17:00
Review: The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf by E.M. Tippetts
The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf (Someone Else's Fairytale Book 3) - E.M. Tippetts

Note: This review is of an eARC given for the blog tour. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this review.


The Someone Else’s Fairytale series is near and dear to me. Chloe is probably one of the characters that is most like me. She’s pursuing a career in forensics and thinks more on the logical side of things. She also grew up in a single parent home. I’m glad I didn’t go through the trauma she did as a child though. She’s quite the miracle! Anyways, basically I really love Chloe. & I wish life works in a way that I can get my own Jason Vanderholt. Swoon! So of course when the opportunity arose to read The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf, I jumped on it.


In this installment of the series, Chloe is on the case to apprehend Carl Eisner. While on the case though, similarities pop up between Blood Ritual, the show her husband Jason is a part of, and things get dicy. The police department isn’t happy, the show writers aren’t happy, and to make matters worse Jason has been growing more and more withdrawn.


Although, a lot of the focus is on Chloe trying to catch a killer, I thought the heart of the story was in the relationships Chloe had with people. Chloe deals with her best friend that’s getting cold feet and with her mother that doesn’t know if married, routine life is for her, in addition to her withdrawn husband. Sometimes Chloe can be such a logical person, I think it was great seeing her tap into her emotions, getting into heated arguments in defense for her friends and intervening in her mother’s life. Her character continues to bloom even in book 3.


I did sort of guess the end early on. It was one of those “oh wouldn’t it be funny if such and such happened” thoughts I sometimes have when I start reading a book. So really I didn’t think the end would turn out that way. However it did, and I still ended up pleasantly surprised. I truly enjoyed reading it from start to finish.


One thing that didn’t work for me much was the insertion of large narration of the TV episodes playing out. I understand that the show is important to the story, but I don’t think I needed to read the TV episode only to have Chloe sum it up. It just distracted me. I just wanted to move on to the juicy stuff.


Who should give The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf  a go? Anyone that enjoys reading NA contemporary read with some romance and mystery thrown in. Really give it a shot. I adore this series because of its characters. The mystery aspect and forensic aspect is okay. Definitely not what you see in real life but works for the story. & Also as a side note, although I’d categorize it as new adult/adult, I always thought this series read a bit more like YA.

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text 2014-09-25 16:16
Paranormal Romance with Strong Female Friendships
Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh
Pleasure of a Dark Prince - Kresley Cole
Heart of a Peacekeeper - Angela Verdenius
Big Bad Wolf - Christine Warren
The Mane Squeeze - Shelly Laurenston
Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill
Gunmetal Magic - Ilona Andrews
Heart Fortune - Robin D. Owens
Logan & Jenna (The Wolf's Mate, #6) - R.E. Butler
A Love Worth Biting For - Roxy Mews

Like your romance with strong friendships between women? Me too!


Here are some great ones in Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Romance.


1. A Love Worth Biting For by Roxy Mews 

2. The Wolf's Mate Book 6: Logan & Jenna by R.E. Butler 

3. Heart Fortune by Robin D. Owens

4. Gunmetal Magi by Ilona Andrews 

5. Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill 

6. The Mane Squeeze  by Shelly Laurenston 

7. Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren 

8. Heart of a Peacekeeper by Angela Verdenius

9. Pleasure of a Dark Prince  by Kresley Cole 

10. Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter) by Nalini Singh 



Let me know your favorite strong female friendship in Paranormal, Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance!


To get more recs and vote for the best of the best go to the Goodreads list: Paranormal Romance with Strong Female Friendships

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