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review 2017-03-27 22:43
Nice Girls Don't Live Forever / Molly Harper
Nice Girls Don't Live Forever - Molly Harper

Another fun Friday night spent with Jane Jameson. I’m glad I left a few months between #2 and this installment—Jane is best enjoyed in small doses. Especially as this book tips the scales much further towards paranormal romance than to regular urban fantasy.

I do love the sass and the snark that Molly Harper channels for Jane. And Jane needs them desperately in book 3 as she deals with relationship issues, both her vampire sire/boyfriend, Gabriel and her sister. Not to mention that her best friend Zeb & his werewolf bride are expecting twins and expecting Jane to keep all the crazy relatives out of the delivery room.

I appreciated that instead of one constant melt-down about the Gabriel situation, Jane decides to get on with her life. She concentrates on her business and its promotion—with the hilarious side effect of becoming embroiled in the local Chamber of Commerce (which seems to be populated with only women named Courtney). I also loved that her friendship with Dick Cheney progresses—Dick takes her out for an evening of drinking, not-talking, and fighting, just the cure for a heartache. The Dick & Jane schtick works well.

Also loving the fact that Jane has Jolene and Andrea as BFFs and that each of them have personalities & motivations of their own within the novel. Yes, the boys still loom large, but Jane definitely has some women friends to lean on. Yay!

4 sassy stars!

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review 2017-03-26 13:46
i did finish it!
Dinner at the Blue Moon Cafe - Rick R. Reed
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jumping straight in, because I'm not really sure I liked this book. I DID finish it, although it was touch and go. What I DID like about it, is that we heard from the whodunnit type person, which is kinda vague, I know, but if you read the book you'll understand what I mean. You know I love hearing from the bad guy, or guys, plural, in this case. And while its . . . . .messy . . . reading, its good reading. For almost ALL the book, its Thad having a say. His friend Jared gets a couple of paragraphs, as well, as the aforementioned bad guys. BUT! Sam ONLY gets a few lines! Had Sam had more of a say, I think I would have enjoyed it more. I wanted to know what he thought about Thad, about his son, and his sister. About who might be doing the murders, and about how Sam felt, when he learned (learnt?? I still cannot get that one right!) the horrible truth. I did like that I didn't get who was doing the murders, not til it all became clear. Did enjoy being kept on my toes. But when the other bad guy steps up, that was immediately clear who that was. I'm just not sure the story itself worked for me, or maybe it was Thad himself, since he gets the biggest say. I dunno. But like I said, I did finish it, and I promised myself if I finish a book, it should get at least . . . . . 3 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2017-03-19 14:43
I Need Chocolate Chip Cookies
Silence Fallen - Patricia Briggs

Non spoiler, all feels review
I need to make some chocolate chip cookies.

Separated but never separate. Mercy and Adam, win the Best Couple award. He listens to her, he trusts her, unwaveringly, she is the same way back at him. It is a beautiful thing.

What a painful ride for Mercy. She is shattered, beaten, stolen, scared, and alone. It hurt my heart to travel with her through some of her difficulties. I was seriously worried about her mental health, she was completely immersed in Hades. Never underestimate the trickster with a brain is the lesson to be learned here. I'm seriously tempted to go get a Coyote tattoo. Mercy is the woman I'd love to be.

Adam, what they put him through was horrendous. Vampire's politics are spinning nut-bags with spikes. How cruel is it that Ms. Briggs created the perfect man on these pages ? Every woman deserves and Adam in her life. I know I want one. He is Alpha, it's what he is, but Mercy is more than all that is for him. He makes that very clear in this book, when his trust in his mate allows him to stay in that role. He cuts into his own heart to do as she would want done. - Yeh it had me swooning deep inside. I can almost forget about his nasty crusty ex.

In final conclusion, I loved it, LOVED IT 

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review 2017-03-11 16:56
Aliens, Werwolves, Vampires, War and Love
One Fell Sweep - Ilona Andrews

4.5 Stars
Fun, adventure, blood, heads on stakes, stinky aliens, amazing woman power, hot vampire and one sexy werewolf what more could you want ? Well, no worries if you do there is so much more.
Dina, the innkeeper has some difficult guests. They have needs that may cost her everything. She can not turn away and steps into a dirty war zone. She has so much against her, but she has several strong allies backing her. Her collection of friends, frenemies and family make a strong force. Sean the werewolf who left and came back changed, really impressed this reader once again. Sean is a dream man who can turn into your four legged pal at a twitch. (Bonus) Her quest to save her guest, save her Inn and save her family all crash and smash at the same time. It's a stressful ride, I think I gained a new gray hair.
Thanks Andrews, for a massive cliffhanger. I'll be mashing the events in my head over and over waiting for the next book.
There is something about this author pair that make me want to draw, paint or just doodle while I'm reading or listening to their books. They are so visual, even this unartistic soul reaches out to it.
I really want to hear this series on audio.

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review 2017-03-03 16:25
Come and Get Me
Come and Get Me - Nicholas Bella

Oh it feels good to be back…this was tasty.



First off, if you have not read The New Haven series then you are crazy to even consider reading this.  Do yourself a favor and indulge in that yummy goodness first.  While a new series, this is directly related.  Many of the same characters and storylines are continued here with the introduction of several new faces and threats.  I am in love with Dominic already and have plans in my head for him that I hope to see played out. 


Vic as well peaked my interest and his time with Ty was so memorable. Seeing our dear Ty become smitten with his pup was something I hope we get more of. I truly need his POV soon!


Not quite sure what to make of Kindrick just yet.  He seems so full of himself that honestly I need him taken to a dungeon somewhere and educated.  HEHEHE.


And that end…my gawd.  That might be the most badass entry I have seen in this series. So…



Once again, Bravo to Master Bella!


Now that said, I felt we were stretched a little thin here with 5…yes 5 POV’s.  Phew. It was a lot.  And while I loved the chapters from Noel’s POV, these really were not all that necessary.  I would have rather the last scene been our first sighting of our dear Vamps.  But hey…I can’t complain for long because…cum showers and the night with the King was pretty fucking great. 


I am eager to see many upcoming moments, the mating of Dante and Josef being high on the list.  Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long. 


Once again, thanks to my fellow Belloholic, Elsbeth, for the BR.  

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