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review 2016-06-09 00:00
Bourbon Blues
Bourbon Blues - Bijou Hunter Bourbon Blues - Bijou Hunter 3.5 Stars

This book was a RIOT.

I enjoyed this one for the most part. I LOVED Camden and Daisy and their interactions. Her family was also sweet. However, I LOATHED Camden's brother Dayton and doubt I will bother reading his book.

I also found it to drag a bit, and wished there was more information about the MC. It's hovering there in the background, but nothing is really fleshed out with that aspect of the story. I think had there been more time spent on that aspect, and a little less on "farts" and sometimes really juvenile dialogue. It would have garnered another star from me. Also, the epilogue confused me a bit. Obviously we are shown into the future they have three kids yet we everything seems to be the exact same MC wise??

Overall though I am glad I gave it a read.

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text 2015-08-20 08:16
Thunderstruck by Bijou Hunter available now on Amazon
Thunderstruck - Bijou Hunter,Miranda Koryluk

***Thunderstruck is available at the introductory price of .99 through Monday, August 24th.***


Escaping a madman...

My name is Darla, but he calls me Rose. I thought running would keep me safe. Instead, the monster hunts me, certain I will be his again.

Shattered and waiting for death...

Nine months in hell has left my mind ruined. My heart claims I'm no more than a burden. My soul only wants to embrace the darkness.

A retired assassin...

Troy brings the security skills of a former killer. I am his first legit job. He has no reason to make this assignment personal, but our connection can't be denied.


Troy awakens the part of me that still feels... hopes... loves.

Thunderstruck on Amazon

Source: www.amazon.com/Thunderstruck-Bijou-Hunter-ebook/dp/B014668HR6
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review 2015-04-22 17:51
Little Memphis
Little Memphis (Little Memphis MC) (Volume 1) - Bijou Hunter

Interesting pen name.


I'm kind of mixed on this. Motorcycle club stories are not my thing. At all. I don't get the fascination with men who treat women like poop, kill for their "living" and want for their children to grow up in the same way. Having said that, I think this was milder than some and I was drawn in to this story and most of the characters. The sex seemed a bit frequent (yeah, I don't say that often), but I enjoyed the interaction between the hero, his brother and the heroine and I found the side characters interesting. Assuming there is another volume, given that this is volume 1, I might be likely to pick up the second one.

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review 2015-03-30 16:46
Damaged and the Beast - Bijou Hunter

My PDF crapped out on me, so DNFishing this.   Not worth the effort to get another copy, or even redownload it. 


“I couldn’t see his eyes, but they were dark and menacing.”
Which you know without seeing them?
“Feeling special to attend New Hampton, I smiled about how my future wasn’t unobtainable anymore.”
Attending New Hampton made me feel special, and I smiled, realizing my future wasn’t unobtainable anymore.
“Skye was pretty, but not so pretty that I felt ugly in her presence.”
What the fuck?
“‘See, I might seem shallow because I’m so well put together, but I just dress nice for the guys.   I don’t do it so I can be better than you or those whores over there.  I do it to attract my prey.’”
This is the lead’s only friend so far, other than her absent sister.   I hate Skye, and I’m starting to hate Farah.   Ugh, ugh, ugh.   Slut shaming?   Major check.   
“‘Even when she got fat then slutty then went klepto, I supported her.’”
Skye’s rationale for why she’d make a good friend is she stood by her friend during these times.  My reaction would be to run as far as I could, as fast as I could.
Skye mocks said friend finding herself before going to college: “‘I sure hope that doesn’t mean she’ll become a fat slutty klepto again.’”
This is apparently the best friend ever.   I can’t even with the words to describe how gross I find this.
“‘My sister dresses like a slut, but most of the girls at school dress that way.   They act like whores, but they’re not.’”
He’s one point on a love triangle, and so far he seems to be winning Farah’s affections.   Charming, isn’t he?
Why does she like Cooper: “Because you make me feel pretty and important and no one else does that.”   Gag. 
Why does Cooper like her: “Pouting along with your bitching is even hotter than the pouting alone.”   WTF?
Gary Stu Alert: “Pressing his forehead against mine, Cooper smiled. “Yeah, I’m that fucking special.”"
And slut shaming: Tucker says, “Now, Farah is someone I wouldn’t mind getting naked for a little fun.”
And Maddy, his pregnant girlfriend, says this:  "“I’m carrying your baby and you’re trying to fuck this whore!”   How does him wanting to get her naked/fuck her - or get a blowjob at most, as he claims - make Farah a whore?
And a little later: “Then, he’s talking about you like you’re a whore.”  Again, how does him wanting to have sex with her make her a whore?   Or make it sound like she’s a whore?   Hot, I can see, but what’s with all the slut shaming for a comment some dude made?
“I needed free of my past. Free of danger and fear.”
Freedom from=/=free of.
He gets into a fight which triggers her bad memories, then he tells her this: “I don’t need to chase an uptight bitch, just so she can turn around and think I’m an ass.   Fuck you, Farah!”   
He constantly pushes her past her comfort level, but he’s somehow always in the right in his own mind.   Gross, gross, gross. 
It's mostly Cooper.   What a creep.   But between the off writing, and the horrid hero, I'm leaving this behind.   
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text 2015-03-30 16:18
He's not going to kill her!
Damaged and the Beast - Bijou Hunter

"“I’m not going to kill you,” he whispered slowly like I was dumb or nuts."


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