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url 2020-03-13 08:14
Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sabha Election- BJP - कांग्रेस के बीच कांटे का मुक़ाबला कौन ले जाएगा कितनी सीटें।

Latest News update - मध्यप्रदेश में विधानसभा में उथल पुथल के बाद अब राज्यसभा में भी दिलचस्प मुक़ाबला देखने को मिल सकता है। राज्य में राज्यसभा की तीन सीटें हैं। इन तीन सीटों के लिए कांग्रेस और बीजेपी ने 2-2 प्रत्याशी उतारें हैं। 

मध्यप्रदेश विधान सभा का पहला सत्र खुलते ही बीजेपी अब सदन में फ्लोर टेस्ट की मांग कर सकती है क्योंकि 22 विधायकों के जाने के बाद सरकार माइनॉरिटी में आ गयी है । गुरूवार को बीजेपी के शिवराज सिंह चौहान, भूपेंद्र सिंह और नरोत्तम सिंह ने कहा कि सदन कि सरकार अल्पमत में आ गयी है और इस सरकार को सदन में अपना मत साबित करना पड़ेगा, एक अल्पमत वाली सरकार को बजट पेश करने का कोई अधिकार नहीं है 

आपको बता दें मध्य प्रदेश कि विधान सभा 228 सदस्यों कि है और इसमें कांग्रेस के विधायकों की संख्या 114 है साथ ही कांग्रेस को कुछ सदस्य बाहर से भी समर्थन दे रहे हैं पर अगर 22 विधायकों का इस्तीफ़ा मंजूर हो जाता है तो सदन में सदस्यों की संख्या 206 ही रह जायेगी और कांग्रेस के सदस्यों की संख्या 92 ही रह जाएगी और भाजपा के पास 107 विधायक हो जाएंगे। 

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Source: www.flypped.com/madhya-pradesh-rajya-sabha-election-bjp/hindi
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photo 2020-03-12 11:07
Latest News Updates of Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: Donald Trump Suspends Travel to US for 30 Days


Latest News Updates of Coronavirus Outbreak  -  Coronavirus, the third world war we can say is on rise, where coronavirus is on one side and rest of the countries are fighting with this virus.


Now even WHO has declared this coronavirus a deadly drive. Looking to this, even President Donald Trump has declared the suspension of all travel from Europe, excluding the UK, to the US for the next 30 days as a precautionary measure to the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has already claimed 37 lives and infected 1,300 people in the country. 

US President gave a broadcast address to the nation from his Oval Office in the White House, and said the new rule will be into effect from Friday (13.03.2020) midnight. 

President Trump with full confidence said that, except US, none of the nation is more prepared or more hard-wearing. He also revealed that they have the best economy, the most advanced healthcare, and the most talented doctors, scientists, and researchers anywhere in the world. 

Trump said the suspension of the flights; decision has been taken after consulting with top government health professionals, to protect all US citizens against the coronavirus. 

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Source: www.flypped.com/coronavirus-outbreak-donald-trump-suspends-travel-to-us-for-30-days/news
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url 2020-02-18 11:36
Umer Sharif's daughter passes away

Breaking News



Pakistan's most popular comedian of the stage and TV actor and host, Umer Sharif's daughter, Hina Sharif has passed away in Lahore. 

In this regard, promoter Rehan Siddiqui said that Umer Sharif has not been informed about his daughter's death, he was only informed that his daughter's condition is bad. 

Source: onlineindus.com/english/Umer-Sharif\'s-daughter-passes-away/36955
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text 2020-02-01 11:02
Health Ministry Bans Cigarette Ads, Sponsorship, Notification Issued

The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) on Saturday has banned cigarette advertisement, sponsorship.


In this regard, a notification of ban on cigarette advertisement, sponsorship and prize schemes has been issued.


According to a notification, the advertisement of tobacco products through posters, screens and cinemas has been declared illegal and manufacturing companies have been barred to paste pamphlets outside or inside any shop.


Other than that, endorsement of tobacco products through print and electronic media has also been banned.


According to the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza, it will not be allowed to send tobacco placards via personal email or post.


He urged that children will not fall victim to tobacco advertisement from now onwards.


Zafar Mirza told that 1,66,000 people annually die after suffering from different diseases due to tobacco consumption Effective legislation to curb smoking is one of the government’s priorities and all possible strategies are being adopted to enforce the law, he added.


Read more: http://www.pakalumni.com/profiles/blogs/health-ministry-bans-cigarette-ads-sponsorship-notification


Pakistan English News


Source: onlineindus.com/english/Health-ministry-bans-cigarette-ads,-sponsorship,-notification-issued/36629
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text 2020-01-30 11:44
How Facebook Thinks its Independent Oversight Board Should Work

Facebook Inc recommended rules for how its independent oversight board will work and said a former human rights group director will lead the board’s administrative staff.


The content appeals board, which will grow to about 40 members and will be able to overrule Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the company’s high-profile responses to criticism over how it handles problematic content on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook will name board members later in 2020, but it announced that Thomas Hughes, former executive director for freedom of expression rights group Article 19, will oversee the board’s administrative staff, whose first offices will be in the United States and United Kingdom.


Brent Harris, Facebook’s head of governance and global affairs, said the company had narrowed choices for board members down to “a few dozen people” but no formal offers had been made.


He said Facebook hoped the board, which will also be able to recommend policy changes, will start hearing cases this summer. Facebook is under scrutiny ahead of the U.S. presidential elections in November, after U.S. intelligence agencies said that social media platforms were used in a Russian cyber-influence campaign aimed at interfering in the 2016 U.S. election — a claim Moscow has denied.


In December, Facebook pledged $130 million to fund the board for about six years.

The board’s cases can be referred either by Facebook or by a user who has exhausted the appeals process.

The proposed bylaws give a 90-day period for the board to make a decision and Facebook to act on it. For cases with “urgent real-world consequences,” there will a 30-day expedited review.


Initially, Facebook said users will only be able to appeal to the board when their content has been removed, though in future it wants the board to also handle cases where content was left up.


Evelyn Douek, a doctoral student at Harvard Law School who studies online speech legislation, told Reuters she was disappointed with this limitation.


“A lot of the really controversial cases in the past few years have been not take-downs but leave-up decisions, things like the Nancy Pelosi video, hate speech in Myanmar,” said Douek.


“And at the moment those aren’t in scope for the board to review them unless Facebook itself refers them to the board.”


Facebook, which has recently come under fire over its decision not to fact-check politicians’ ads, also said that the types of content that the board can review will later increase to include ads, Groups and Pages.


Pakistan Breaking News

Pakistan Latest News



Source: onlineindus.com/english/How-Facebook-thinks-its-independent-oversight-board-should-work/36568
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