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text 2017-05-11 18:13
The China Price
The Unfair Trade: How Our Broken Global Financial System Destroys the Middle Class - Michael J. Casey

I listened to the audio book and its very good.  Lloyd James is one of the best book narrators I have ever listened to.


This is a very good book that will teach the listener about the inter-connectedness of China, the US, the EU, Argentina, Greece, etc.


I like that the author provides ways to solve the problem in the final chapter though it starts with two things: 1) getting Wall Street out of Washington, e.g. getting the money out of politics and 2) voting the current political establishment out of office.  


I highly recommend this book.

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text 2017-05-10 21:42
Update: Page 183 of 445
Kingmaker: Broken Faith - Toby Clements

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photo 2017-05-09 16:49
The Broken Mirror - Mr. Ben
Tom and Cynthia's divorce saw an end a once-upon-a-time happy family and the beginning of discord in the lives of their identical twin daughters---Sophia and Cindy. Having been raised separated by the estranged parents living far apart, Cindy, who would always take sides with her mom, before and after the divorce, ended up hating Sophia, Tom's favourite. The cancer they carried affected their friends, particularly Daniel, who would live long enough to write the account---The Broken Mirror.
Source: www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=9781684111602
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review 2017-05-07 22:40
Broken Dreams (Shattered Lives, Book One... Broken Dreams (Shattered Lives, Book One) - Rissa Blakeley,Young Kim


It will be a long review.


Wow 634 pages!!! It took me a while to read it, not because it wasn't interesting but because it was long. I was trying to find a way to rate this book because at times it would hold my interest then when a temper tantrum was thrown I would roll my eyes and go oh wow here we go again. 

Before I get into all that let me say the book is pretty decent read and I wasn't sure where the book was going to really go until I got half way in.  I can say the way the author wrote Henry and what was going on with him was pretty neat. Even though what Henry had to go through wasn't good. 

F.Y.I the book does get pretty hot is the word I will go for, so at first I would have thought this book was good for the YA but it is more maybe NA or adult.


So it may be hard for me to give a review without giving away anything but I will try the best I can.

We are told the story at first from Henry's point of view. He has a bad background from being in a program which we get a taste of in the beginning. When he meets Elaina he decides he loves her with every being in his body and it is enough for him to move on with his life away from those who tortured him. Though the question will remain will they even allow him to. Roger the head dude in charge of this program that Henry was a part of seems like he wants things done his way or no way. 

We see how Henry woos Elaina and they move on to their wedding day. Though their wedding day doesn't go as planned something has been unleashed and it is something Henry knows about. Really didn't see this being thrown in the story but hey I went with it. So can he keep the secrets to himself so his relationship won't be ruined? He seems the has more hidden secrets than just what is on the surface, it goes deep like a canyon.

Now the story starts being told from this point on between the present, and the memories of Elaina and Henry and how they became a couple, to how bad of Henry's past he had to cope with.

I did like that we finally got told Henry's horrific past because I could feel for him. Though his outbursts were a bit too much for me.

I would have left the dude along time ago because the way he would flip from all lovey dovey to upset and raging mad is crazy.

Now Elaina at first I was like okay she is going to be kicking butt during this whole thing, umm I felt like I was wrong. She seem to have a lot of tantrums like Henry did and a lot of crying spells. Especially when things didn't go her way and Henry was trying to protect the group by going out and getting supplies. Girl don't you know you gotta risk your life to live in this crazy world.

I also felt there was an over usage of words describing things such as every time Henry wanted to end his life he would grab "one of the many Sigs'," or when she was talking about Sophie and her spiked heels. Sometimes it was too much for me. 


As far as characters go honestly I didn't really like any of them because I couldn't relate and they made me so mad with their attitude, drama and tantrums. 

I was concerned that the group didn't think about stopping by another clinic or a store to get a monitor for Claire. 

When we got to the end of the book I was like okay this is how it is going to end, it wasn't a major cliffhanger but when Elaina mentions that 'she didn't realize how much she should have stayed with her....until she got back.' That makes me think that something is going to happen, so when this is said it makes me want to read book two and see where this is going to go. What will happen to Claire? Will she and the baby be okay? 

To me the book seemed to deal with more drama and tempers than actually trying to survive in this cruel world that has become about so maybe in book two there will be a turn around? I do want to see how Henry will fare because he seems to become worse and worse. 

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review 2017-05-04 15:53
REVIEW BY MERISSA - Hart Broken (Cale & Mickey #1) by Annie Arcane
Hart Broken - Annie Arcane
Hart Broken is the first book in the Cale & Mickey series by Annie Arcane. It is the first book of hers I have read, but I can guarantee it won't be the last. I LOVED THIS BOOK! Mickey is getting over a break up with an unfaithful fiance, and very rarely drinks. Because of this, she is a bit of a lightweight and usually ends up doing something she regrets. However, in this instance, her drinking leads her to the man she didn't even knew she wanted. Cale is a paraplegic who has his own story to contend with. Perhaps, somewhere in the middle, these two can help to heal each other by falling in love.
I LOVED THIS BOOK! It is heartwarming, heartbreaking, full of hope, raw emotion, and sorrow. Seriously, there is a whole gamut of emotions going on and I can't even figure out which was written best! The point of views change, and you occasionally get parts where Mickey or Cale is speaking directly with the reader, but somehow, it all just fits together. This IS the first book in a series, so don't expect a HEA in this book. You do get a HFN though, which is good enough to tide me over until I can read the next book along.
Very well written, with no editing or grammatical errors to disrupt the reading flow, this book doesn't hold back, but will draw you in and leave you wanting more. Absolutely recommended by me, and in case you haven't realised yet... I LOVED THIS BOOK!
* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/hartbrokencalemickey1byanniearcane
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