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text 2017-06-27 00:37
BeyondBuzz Works Crowdfund Marketing Process

BeyondBuzz.com can help you fund your ideas on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Planning to launch your next big idea using crowdfunding? Beyond Buzz can help you turn that idea into a winning crowdfunding campaign, and help you launch a profitable business. Beyond Buzz is a full service crowdfunding marketing agency located in Hollywood, California.


Beyond Buzz works with entrepreneurs and innovators like you who want to tap into the power of crowdfunding. They’re a performance crowdfunding agency that does everything you need from start to finish to get you the result you’re looking for. Beyond Buzz helps you launch, promote, and fund your next crowdfunding venture with their expert team and their proven crowdfund marketing process. Check out Beyond Buzz reviews to learn more.


Crowdfunding may look easy, but it’s not. Without the proper planning and promotion behind your project you can find yourself in deep trouble, and your big idea can even fall short of its goal. That’s why Beyond Buzz is here to help your business during the entire crowdfunding process.


A recent report published on Crowdfund Insider found that entrepreneurs who used a professional service like Beyond Buzz to guide them on their crowdfunding journey and help promote their project were 3 times more likely to get successfully funded, versus the people who try to go down the crowdfunding path all alone.


By now you’ve probably noticed that crowdfunding continues to get more and more popular. That makes it harder and harder to get your new ideas to stand out without the right strategy and marketing behind them. Branding and marketing is everything in the startup world today.


By using Facebook ads, PR and the latest social media techniques, Beyond Buzz is able to get your project in front of the right audience. They take your new idea beyond just your friends, family, or other limited networks so that it gets the funding and worldwide recognition it deserves.


Since 2008, BeyondBuzz.com has been at the forefront of digital marketing and the crowdfunding revolution. If you’re a would-be entrepreneur or innovator launching your FIRST crowdfunding campaign, then you don’t want to make all the wrong mistakes. You need to partner with someone who has the knowledge and experience to properly launch, promote, and fund your next project.


Why choose Beyond Buzz? Their marketing team has been behind the success of many 5 figure, 6 figure, and even 7 figure crowdfunding campaigns over the past several years. No matter what your funding goal is, their crowdfunding team can put together a custom plan that fits your budget, and can get you to the finish line. Every month BeyondBuzz.com is helping people just like you launch winning projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Whether you need to raise money for startup costs, manufacturing, or other big expenses Beyond Buzz has you covered. Or perhaps you’re just trying to enter new markets and drive sales? Beyond Buzz knows how to maximize your funding and take your business to new levels.


Imagine having a team of experts working closely with you, helping you overcome any crowdfunding challenges you may face, and helping you navigate the entire crowdfunding process from beginning to end. Beyond Buzz has a team of are performance based crowdfunders ready to help. Are you ready to turn your idea into the next big thing on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?


BeyondBuzz.com is looking to partner with entrepreneurs like you who have amazing ideas that we can crowdfund together. Go to Beyondbuzz.com to book your FREE crowdfunding consultation with a member of their team, and learn how we can partner together to launch your next project!





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review 2017-01-20 00:00
Buzz Books 2016: Young Adult Fall/Winter
Buzz Books 2016: Young Adult Fall/Winter - Publishers Lunch I've read several of the Buzz Book Publications and have greatly appreciated the reference they provided in helping decide what to read, and specifically, what to read next! The YA 2016 fall/winter edition was certainly no exception. I've been on a bit of a YA kick as of late, fueled in part by all the attention the genre gets on book tube and blogs that I follow but there are always so many new books coming out all the time in this genre, that it's hard to narrow it down to the one book I'm capable of reading at one time. I've found that often I either love ya or hate it and can usually tell with in the first chapter or two what category a book will fall into, not always, but most of the time. With that being said this handy dandy little reference is must have for me and readers like me and I've found it to be an excellent tool for helping me find excellent reads, beefing up my tbr shelf significantly, and also in steering me away from books that have gotten good reviews but either aren't what I was expecting or don't appear to be something I would enjoy. This particular edition is of 20 different fall/winter 2016 YA reads and it includes, for each novel sample featured, a brief summary, a lengthy excerpt from the books, and a small bio about the author, in that order. I believe that any and all readers who enjoy reading from the YA genre need this little gem on their bookshelf. I easily rated it 5 out of 5 stars - now that's not to say that all 20 of the featured books with samples within deserve, or will receive, 5 stars individually, but this publication as a whole, which readers the opportunity to gain insight and reference on their next read, is certainly deserving of 5 stars, in my opinion.

I received a copy of this publication from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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review 2016-12-12 13:20
I Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are
I, Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are - Bridget Heos,Jennifer Plecas

I think flies are disgusting insects and after reading about in this book, I know they are but I did learn some interesting facts about them. I won’t tell you everything I learned inside this children’s book but this book did give me some positive and some negative aspects about flies. There was quite a bit of information inside and I enjoyed how the illustrator presented the information to me. It wasn’t all listed off in a list formation or loaded down with heavy words but rather it was told in narration form as a fly tried to show me what his life is like. I liked his quirky way of looking at his maggot- filled days waiting to be born, and then listening to him do the calculations as he figured out how many family members he had. Think about this: he had 500 babies at one time which then grew up in 10 days. His daughters then each had 500 babies, wow……he had a lot of grandmaggots! I know a hummingbird flaps their wings a lot but a fly flaps their wings 200 times per second, I think that’s a lot. He talks about some gross but interesting subjects, things you might have wondered about or thought you knew the answer to but he answers a few of the questions so now you know the facts. I enjoyed this book, I think kids will too if they are into the this subject or just want to know.

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review 2016-09-25 19:33
Cascadia - H.W. "Buzz" Bernard

Everytime I read one of Mr. Bernards books, I am amazed at how knowledgeable he is and how he can write a story that could very well and most likely will happen. "The Cascadia subduction zone, a 680-mile fault that runs 50 miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest -- from Cape Mendocino in California to Vancouver Island in southern British Columbia -- has experienced a cluster of four massive earthquakes during the past 1,600 years." Cascadia starts out in the Clatsop Indian Village, January 1700, which is along the Oregon Coase near present day Seaside. Legend has it that Thunderbird and Whale is a story about a massive earthquake, Thunderbird and the huge tsunami, Whale that follows. This is a story that has been handed down amongst the tribe for over 300 years and it is predicted that another quake and tsunami is due again. Dr. Rob Elwood, a respected geologist has studied Cascadia extensively and is having nightmares about a huge earthquake. It is not a nightmare that happens once but happens frequently so it is actually a premonition. He wants to go public with his premonition but who will believe him? He struggles with this information but eventually does go public with it. People, of course, do not believe this will happen. Rob has predicted that this phenomenon will happen on the July 4th holiday. The holiday comes and goes and nothing happens until the next day. Rob and his son are caught in the hugest earthquake to take place but narrowly escape in an airplane. The devastation is horrible, the worst that anyone can imagine in the US. Rob ends up in a rescue mission that could not only kill him but the woman that he has rescued. With a cast of characters that you will like, a retired fighter pilot and the woman he jilted twenty-five years ago, to a black man who is looking for buried pirate treasure, you will get swept up, literally, into another nail-biting, edge of your seat story about nature's fury. Not only will you get involved in the story but you may even learn a bit of the force of nature that are earthquakes and tsunamis. Like I said before, once I get into one of Buzz Bernard's books, they are hard to put down. Well researched and edge of your seat unputdownable! If you like a story that is exciting, you absolutely have to read Cascadia. I loved it!

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review 2016-08-04 02:35
Our Chemical Hearts
Our Chemical Hearts - Krystal Sutherland

I received a review copy of this from Goodreads and since there are lots of long and detailed reviews already I'm just going to do a thumbnail review.

Overall I'd have to say I enjoyed myself as I was reading this but it's definitely a novel that requires a little suspension of disbelief the further you get into it. Looking back I think I'd knock it down 1/2 a star for some of the later reveals. I don't think some of the things that happened in the novel would have happened in real life but maybe. It just doesn't feel completely believable for adults to behave in the ways they did.

If it feels as though I'm being deliberately vague I am but I don't want to give away any spoilers.

It wasn't a bad read by any means and you can see from the reviews how many others loved it. I would recommend it, just with some minor reservations.

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