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review 2016-03-31 03:33
The Only One Who Cares (The Only One #3)
The Only One Who Cares: M/M, Military, Navy SEALs, Gay Romance, series - Cat Grant

Read as part of Unconditional Surrender M/M Military Bundle.


I can finally read this story from the anthology that came out last year or the year before last. It was nice to see more of Josh and David. Josh is finishing up two years of non-combat duty and getting ready to go back out on the field. He's come a long way but he's still got some things to work through. David's doing clinic hours as an intern for his psychology degree and helping vets with PTSD. They're thinking about adopting and just going about their lives. It was on the super predictable side though and, once again, the ending resolution was rather convenient.


I also couldn't get into the whole storyline with Cassie once her parents showed up. She's from a conservative Catholic Hispanic family. So am I, on my mother's side. I can tell you, what happened to Cassie here would NEVER happen to anyone in my family, and I say this with plenty of experience. Not saying it doesn't happen, I just couldn't relate to it at all. Especially because that side of my family is ginormous so

child care really wouldn't be an issue, and if it were there'd be plenty of family to take in the baby for a few years while she goes to school and gets on her feet. Adoption wouldn't ever be on the table as an option or a necessity because she had no other choice.

(spoiler show)


But whatever. HFN ending so yay.


There were a couple of grammar things that the author does that annoyed me here too. It's one thing when she described the dog's tail as "thump-thumping" on the floor. It's kind of cute and emphasizes Major's eagerness, and was only used once or twice in the previous book. But now people are clomp-clomping everywhere too and it's annoying. Pulled me out of the story every time that happened.

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review 2016-03-29 02:35
The Only One Who Matters (The Only One #2)
The Only One Who Matters - L.A. Witt,Cat Grant

Vast improvement over the first book. Being in a relationship with an active duty SEAL is hard for most people. When you used to be a SEAL and know exactly what goes on out there, it's even harder. David's having to adjust to civilian life and is going through his physical therapy for the injury that ended his career, and having to do most of it alone. Josh is caught between his love of the SEALs and his love of David, as well as being overwhelmed by both. It's a balancing act that they both are struggling to figure out.


I though this book was much more intimate than the previous book, which was basically just lots of sex and then rumble in the jungle. In this one, we actually get to see the day to day stuff that was glossed over in the first book, and got to see the relationship between these two. There's also some great side characters, and Major the German Shepard was adorable.


There were some glaring typos though - additional words or duplicate words that didn't belong and in one spot "Josh" is used when "David" should've been. There was also the repetition that seems to be Witt's forte and something I keep wishing she'll stop doing.

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review 2016-03-26 19:09
The Only One Who Knows (The Only One #1)
The Only One Who Knows - L.A. Witt,Cat Grant

This started off way too insta-lust for my tastes. Other than that pep talk David gives Josh during his SEALs training, it seemed the entire basis of their relationship was sex - or fighting about sex - and I just couldn't connect with either guy. They were making stupid mistakes and stupid decisions because they couldn't keep their libidos in check and I ending up skipping nearly all the sex scenes that made up the bulk of the first half of the book.


Then that nonsense with Benton happened. While Benton was wrong to use the information the way he did, he still had a point about Josh and David, and I just can't quite Evil Villain him the way the authors seem to want me to. Those no fraternization rules exist for a reason. Its resolution was a little too neat and tidy, not to mention convenient.

The last time we saw any of the crew, they all had the same misgivings about Josh's leadership abilities, but then we hear they just changed their minds. Why? Just so Josh could keep his job, I guess.

(spoiler show)


The second half was much better, since there was an actual plot in it, and the action was fairly well described and intense, but it's not quite enough to make up for the first half. Since all that insta-lust stuff is out of the way though, I have better hopes for the sequel.

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review 2015-11-10 00:00
Guarded - Cat Grant,L.A. Witt This book was heavy. But I felt the weight of the characters' struggles. This was one dark, sad, and very emotional rollercoaster. But one I truly enjoyed reading. I wasn't expecting the heavy BDSM that was involved and was delighted because I'd been wanting to read a book like that.

I just finished and feel like I've been through the ringer and need some time to decompress from this story. But wow! Very good.
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review 2015-04-09 00:00
Power Play: Awakening
Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz,Cat Grant This book was better than the first one in the series, at least for me.
But still a lot of things didn't sit quite right we me.

I realize that Jonathin is not just a Dominant. He is a sadist. Which takes the topic of pain further than what I am used to reading. That I can accept. But I truly hated how Brandon really was afraid of him. Really afraid!:

"I've every confidence you can do me proud tonight.
However...if you embarrass me in front of our guests, I will make you sorry. Clear?"
Raw fear flashed in Brandon's eyes. "Yes, Jonathan. Perfectly."

Raw fear has no business in any kind of relationship as far as I am concerned. D/s is about giving and taking on both sides, but real fear completely tips the balance of things. I hated that.

Towards the end something happened that really upset Brandon. Now, their arrangement had an expiration date. And the shit that went down had the power to potentially ruin Brandon's future career. It went way beyond their temporary contract. Brandon had every right to get upset and show his anger. He reacted like anyone might in that situation, yet it earned him one of the hardest punishments yet. That felt so wrong to me.

On a positive note, this book also had one of the most powerful scenes I have ever read;
Comfortable to read? - Not exactly.
Accurate/Realistic? - I have no idea not being in the lifestyle myself.
But definitely strong. The way it was described from Brandon's POV, his struggle with the pain, how he fought to use the pleasure to beat the pain, the was he was strong enough to ask Jonathan for help to get through the toughest part. Amazing scene that just left me drained.

All in all a mixed bag, unfortunately the things that made me uncomfortable outweighed the good parts.
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