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text 2017-10-31 23:43
Halloween Bingo - Romantic Suspense
Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris

My pick for the Romantic Suspense square was Definitely Dead, the next book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries.




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text 2017-10-31 23:36
Halloween Bingo - Werewolves
Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris

I continued the Southern Vampire Mysteries with Dead as a Doornail. This book had a number of supernatural beings in it, including vampires, werepanthers, fairies, shifters, and weretigers. And werewolves, of course. The werewolves featured prominently with Sookie getting pulled into a dispute over who will be the new packmaster. I used this for the Werewolves square.



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text 2017-09-21 17:48
Love at first sight?
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse - Charlaine Harris

Or at least lust. This book does involve a murder, two actually. But Roe doesn't do nearly as much investigating as before, even though she's got the time since she's "a lady of leisure". Much of the book centers on Roe's relationships with men, or lack thereof. And on the sudden lustful interest in the buyer of the house where the first corpse is discovered. The book is ok if you're not really looking for a juicy murder mystery. It is definitely not one of Harris' better works. 


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text 2017-09-19 02:31
Halloween Bingo - Gothic
Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris

The Gothic square was the other one where I knew which book I'd be reading. I continued The Southern Vampire Mysteries with Dead to the World. The whole series is in the gothic genre (specifically Southern gothic).



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review 2017-09-14 19:43
Day Shift
Day Shift: A Novel of Midnight, Texas - Charlaine Harris

This opens up with the renovation of the old hotel. One of Manfred's client dies, in front of him, and he is accused of jewelry theft. Olivia, also in Dallas at the same time, gets enlisted by the Rev to fix it. 
Told in alternating points of view, this one mainly has Olivia and Manfred, with a little bit of Joe and Fiji. Some new characters, although I don't know how long they will stay around. What the Rev, Joe and Chuy are, are confirmed. I learned more about Olivia (she still has many secrets), mainly her past. This is a better book than book 1. Less dry, faster paced. I did think the resolution of the stolen jewelry and murder was too quick and just eh. I was disappointed in that. I still wonder about the hotel and the owner of it; does it mean anything? (Mainly because of the elderly residents they picked up that didn't have family/money. Then, later, paying for them to live in an assisted living facility. At least I'm assuming the owner is doing that. There wasn't an explanation.)
From the Sookie books: Quinn and Barry make appearances.

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