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review 2018-12-09 15:29
How to Troubleshoot a Discount Coupon That Is Not Working

Sometimes because of several reasons a discount coupon may not work and among them, some of the common reasons are exemptions and restrictions. Let's have a brief discussion on it:


  • Exclusions: Even if a discount coupon will have a code that appears general and will show that it can be applied to anything present on the site but still there will be few exclusions. Until and unless anything is specified coupons will not offer a discount on store gift cards or some brands that are excluded because of the restriction imposed by the manufacturer. Certain coupons will exclude many items like sale and clearance item, the item having some special price and deal of the day items. In some stores, the exclusions will be so substantial that it will be very difficult to even find a single item.


  • Restrictions: If in your shopping store has a marketplace or with other sellers list in their site, coupons may not be applied to these items. Mostly, coupons are applied to items that are sold directly by the seller. A discount coupon will also not work if it has expired. Store hold the right to end the discount codes before the actual expiration date.


  • Try to extract more details: If you find a coupon that is listed on the store website, double check the details link with fine printing that gives information about what items are eligible for discount and what is not. The links you can find in several places like homepage, product pages, cart after applying the code. This will help you in knowing whether your purchase is ok for a discount before going for the checkout process.


  • Always be double sure that you are entering the codes correctly: Most of the codes are in caps and some are even case sensitive and, in that case, codes will not work if you will enter it in lowercase. If you are copy-pasting then ensure that there are no blank codes before or after that will prompt an error message. And if the code is specific to email, you are required to access through your email account.


  • Be sure to make the minimum purchase: Most of the coupons gives discounts when you make a minimum amount of purchase. This minimum amount is applicable for the actual cost of the items in the order after instant discounts and excludes all extra costs like shipping and tax. Sometimes you will get a clue from the code itself.


Once you will gain mastery on this troubleshooting skills, you are ready to move on forward. On the internet there is a vast number of websites offering deals and discount coupon offered by various retailers' information. In one single place, you will get information about a vast number of discount coupons or deals. Couponlooto is one such genuine site that offers several deals and discounts as offered by varied retailers.


Thus, without making the much late grab on some best deals today!


Couponlooto is one such website providing people with lots of saving deals and discounts on some of top online shopping sites like Banggood, jabong, Yoins, Accent Clothing, EricDress, Flipkart, SammyDress, Milanoo, Rosegal, shopclues etc.

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review 2018-12-09 03:37
How Promo Codes Help in Boosting E-Commerce Store SEO

Promo codes are an important tool for marketing for any size of an e-commerce store. They assist in creating buzz about various products of the business, attract traffic and persuade people in buying more and more. Other than this promo code has also the power to improve SEO also. According to research, there are more than 20 million monthly searches for coupon-based queries. This is a big opportunity for attracting people who are willing to make a purchase. Promo codes or promotional discount codes are also effective on a business online presence that has a huge impact on the domain authority and the overall rank. Let's have a brief discussion on how to use the promo codes for SEO. The extra buzz enhances the site traffic, click through rate, conversions and several other factors that indicate the search engine that the e-commerce store is highly valuable for search results.


Let's have a look at the varied promotional discount code that can help in creating buzz and increase the site traffic.


  • Free shipping- Shipping charges usually stop people from online shopping. Offering free shipping helps in attracting people to the site and also includes some minimum amount of purchase for enhancing the margins.
  • Price off – Providing some amount of discount on every individual product or category of product or the entire store.
  • Some percentage off - Offering a certain percentage off on cost either on an individual product or product category or the whole store.
  • Free gift- By offering some free giveaway with some purchase or offers like buy one get one. This is one of the best promo codes for cleaning out register.
  • Promo codes with limited expiry time or recurring or seasonal discount.
  • Sign up discount- Providing a free gift or certain percentage off on the cost of buying by signing up for the newsletter. This is one of the big strategies for generating leads and conversions.


Conversion optimization with an expiry date


Click through rate is one of the important factors for search engines. By making use of promo related keywords e-commerce stores can get search traffic of various ways that will enhance the conversion rate and SEO. Businesses can mostly target that traffic who are looking for deals and promotion. Provide them with some irresistible offer and they will get bound to click through. This strategy can be made even more effective by including an urgency sense. Some coupon websites on request of businesses offer the promoting coupons for a certain period of time and then highlight it on the landing page which compels the visitor to act. In this case, a clear expiry date is created and a conversion driving language is used.


Thus, coupon and deals websites like Coupon Looto, are highly beneficial for enhancing an online business SEO other than helping people in getting all sorts of the coupon in one single place. Coupon websites are thus helpful for both sides that are businesses and the customers. Customers get a good offer and businesses get good customers.


Couponlooto offers latest promo codes on some of top online shopping sites like Yoins, Banggood, Zaful, Tinydeal, EricDress, Accent Clothing, SammyDress, ChicMe, jabong, Milanoo, shopclues, etc.

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review 2018-12-07 14:12
Secrets to Save Money Using Online Discount Coupon Code

Are you thinking of how to save maximum savings by using the discount coupon code, then you must follow certain tips?


Start clicking by stopping printing: In addition to printable coupons, online coupons also give maximum benefits. One of the most important reason is if by chance you come across an expired coupon, then getting a replacement for this will be much easier online than doing it at a store that too in a long checkout line.


Keep a reminder: Give a mark on your calendar or arrange for reoccurring reminders because most of the best online discount coupon codes are provided three times in a month like the beginning of the month, middle and towards the end. So, it's better to set a reminder and grab these deals.


Keep an eye on competition: It is not required always to wait until checkout for searching a coupon. Initiate by looking for a coupon and deal site like Coupon Looto, to find an item you need. This will help in cutting a number of visits to several sites because in a single site you will get information about which store is offering some best price.


Try to find out the truth of expiry date: Expiry date of a discount coupon code keeps on changing. Every store has the right to end the coupon code earlier than mentioned and without notice also. Maybe because of more demand and less supply. No matter whatever the reason is you have to grab the offer as quickly as possible because maybe the next day it will end.


Do not just google, go beyond it: BY simply googling you may get several popular discount coupon code, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee the best deal. Rather, look for a direct reliable coupon and discount site like Coupon Lotto, as they have much access with the retailers


Before trusting the site check it genuine: To check a reliability of the site you should check few available red flags. At first certain sites allows users to post coupons, then there is more likely that they might be faulty. Rather, go for sites that only post coupons that are allowed by the merchant. Then the second red flag is a site having a list of expired coupons on the site. This site actually tricks the customers and makes them think that they have coupons for specific retailers and you will finally end only losing time.


Hit the promo box: Ensure that you have applied the discount before you make the final purchase because once you will make the purchase the discount will never appear.


Try to avoid share coupons: Try to avoid sites that allow users to share their discount coupons because there are high chances that the coupons available might have expired.


Utilize coupons for holiday: Coupon dealing sites mostly have holiday categories that will streamline your shopping experience thereby directing to whole year retailer and holiday special retailers with best price and selection.


Couponlooto is one such website providing people with lots of saving deals and discounts on some of top online shopping sites like Banggood, jabong, Yoins, Accent Clothing, EricDress, Flipkart, SammyDress, Milanoo, Rosegal, shopclues etc.

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review 2018-12-06 13:35
How to Use Coupons Correctly?

While shopping online we all have seen a little coupon code box that shows off in the cart or at the time of checkout. It may be labelled as the promo code, discount code, gift code, source code and any other thing. But no matter whatever the name is this small window is an opportunity for doing some extra savings on the whole order. By using it properly, you can easily enhance your amount of savings but for that, it will take a little knowledge of navigating the altering and huge amount of information that is available on the net. If you are less familiar about how to search and use the best coupon deals online, then do not worry much by gaining basic knowledge you can easily know how to use the coupon for getting maximum benefits.


·         At first, you should know what is a coupon code and how to use it. Coupon codes help in giving you a certain percentage off in your total order or some offer like free or discounted shipping. They can be used against certain items that s store sells or some specific items or even categories. Some need at least a minimum buying amount. Various stores offer this coupon deals through a various source like newsletters, their own website, mobile message, email etc. In some cases, the discounts are applied automatically during checkout by clicking in the certain link.


·         If you are confused about how to read the coupon codes, then it is not that complicated or difficult. It is a combination of 5-10 characters mostly in caps. Sometimes it appears randomly and sometimes you can spell out the actual words or some part of the word. In certain cases, the code itself will give clue about the kind of discount it offers.


·         Coming to the question how to apply the coupon code, usually, after getting the tickets you can apply it to your order either by typing or by copy and paste into a box that indicates coupon code box. This box you can find it at several stages of checking out and all it depends on the which store you are ordering from. In some stores, you will get the option to apply in the shopping cart and in some during checkout final process. Be careful not to place the order before applying the code.


·         It depends on stores about how they will handle during the checkout process. Some of the best stores are very upfront and transparent about the codes. They will apply the codes instantly in the shopping cart, will display your discounts and offer you the exact details. If a particular purchase is not eligible for the discount, they will help you in finding the right things. But for stores who are not that transparent in providing information will make you jump through many steps before you could know whether the coupon will work for you or not.


Forgetting the best coupon deals, you can search at Couponlooto, which offers you free discount coupons and deals for making the maximum saving while you are doing online shopping.


Couponlooto offers latest promo codes on some of top online shopping sites like Yoins, Banggood, Zaful, Tinydeal, EricDress, Accent Clothing, SammyDress, ChicMe, jabong, Milanoo, shopclues, etc.

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review 2018-12-05 13:35
How Do Coupon Websites Work?

Coupon websites are the online advertising sites that utilized direct marketing methods for facilitating the group buying deal. They create a very large customer database by collecting name, location and the contact details of the particular person who buy from them. Now let us see how a coupon website works?


An offer is publicized


The process of coupon starts when the websites introduce a new offer from a business. Most offers are presented for large discounted good, event or service. The offer is posted on the website and also directly emailed to those persons who have subscribed to the newsletter. Some of the coupon websites also make promotion through various other channels like social media and television. If the subscriber likes the offer then they will click on a button that will directly take them to the ad that is posted on the website. The advertisement will provide information like the cost of the coupon, size of the discount, customers purchase coupons, the time duration in which the customers have to buy the coupon before the expiry of the offer.


Customer spreads the word


If a deal is liked by the customer, they can promote it in their network and can also post them on other websites featuring best deals on the coupon. In each coupon ad, customers can find buttons that will facilitate users for sharing the ad in various media like email, Facebook, Twitter. Some of the sites like Couponlooto, also offer incentives to customers when they refer their friend for signing up on the website.


Customers can redeem their coupons


Customers get their coupons through email and can redeem them at the participating business. Then the business utilizes the coupon number to keep a track of redeemed coupon by making use of the online tracking tools offered by the website. In a coupon, you will usually find an expiry date and some other conditions like times or days of use, and a maximum number of coupons each customer can use.


The business gets its share


When a coupon is purchased by a customer then some percentage of the value is kept by the website and that part is forwarded to the business. While some website pays some portion of each coupon purchased and some other pay only for the coupons that are redeemed. The time of payment also varies from time to time. While some coupon sites will pay businesses within 5 days of the activated deal and others pay as soon as the deal is finished.


Thus, by now you must have understood about coupon and discount promo code websites and how they work and help customers in couponing and making great money savings. Couponlooto is one such website offering great deals and saving coupons from various businesses. Users can easily find several discount coupons, promo codes, and many other types of deals in one single place. You don't have to find each and every business website for finding your necessary deal. So, be quick and grab on some good deals.


Couponlooto is one such website providing people with lots of saving deals and discounts on some of top online shopping sites like Banggood, jabong, Yoins, Accent Clothing, EricDress, Flipkart, SammyDress, Milanoo, Rosegal, shopclues etc.

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