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url 2017-08-14 18:25
Going Rogue! Free range reading ... nominate and vote any book for the Sept. thru 2018 books the booklikes TOR ebook club will be reading
Tor.com Publishing's 2017 Hugo Finalist Bundle - Carrie Vaughn,Kij Johnson,Victor LaValle,Nina Allan,Seanan McGuire,Fran Wilde,Kai Ashante Wilson,N.K. Jemisin,Alyssa Wong
Dark Run - Mike Brooks
The Adventures of Little Fuzzy: From the Original Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper - Benson Parker,H. Beam Piper,Michael Whelan,David Wenzel
The Ghost Brigades - John Scalzi
All Systems Red - Martha Wells
We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth (Dark) - David McIntee
Fool's Assassin - Robin Hobb
The Quiet War - Paul J. McAuley
The Phoenix in Flight - Sherwood Smith,Dave Trowbridge
Alien Tango - Gini Koch

With TOR putting their monthly ebook freebie program on hold, our booklikes bookclub is going rogue, off the grid, off schedule, free range ... nominate and vote for any books that might be remotely suited for TOR (speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction ...).


Above, I displayed some of the currently nominated ones; visit the link and scroll down to nominate, vote and edit your voting. (Or click the "Next Books" tab in the bookclub if you lose this post/link.)


Books with most votes will be our September book, the next most likley the October book  (will look at current voting in case that changes during September) ..


Vote for as many as you like. Nominating a book automatically votes for it. If you click "Remove" that will remove your vote, not the book.

Source: booklikes.com/book-clubs/next/88/tor-monthly-free-ebook-science-fiction-and-fantasy
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review 2014-04-09 08:15
We Will Destroy Your Planet
We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth (Dark) - David McIntee

bookshelves: net-galley, how-to, published-2013, little-green-men, amusing, spring-2014, e-book, ipad, sci-fi, war, weapon-evolution, under-20, tongue-firmly-in-cheek, palate-cleanser

Read from April 08 to 09, 2014


Osprey Publishing

Description: Enjoy this pseudo-nonfiction, 'how-to' military handbook for aliens intending to conquer the Earth. Science fiction elements are satirized and then connected to real-world science, history, and military technique to show how it should be done.

It goes without saying that any military campaign must be planned in ways depending upon some basic factors: The logistics of where your enemy is in relation to your own forces, environmental factors, and, most importantly, 'why' you're fighting this campaign. This book intends to take these basic factors, and apply them to the purpose of conquering the planet known to the natives as Earth.

There are, of course, many possible reasons for launching a military campaign against such a planet. The form of your campaign, and the formation of its strategic and tactical policies will very much depend on your reason. Obviously the campaign to destroy all sentient life on a planetary surface will be very different in character to a campaign to, say, bring the local population into the fold of your empire or federation - and, frankly, a lot simpler.

Once the reason for conquest, or destruction, has been determined, the book will take a step-by-step approach to the best way to annihilate humanities resistance and bring them to their knees.

Opening to the introduction: Thank you for choosing planet Earth as your conquest target of choice. The local sentient population has long considered it to be a worthy destination for travellers from other planets, alternate dimensions and future timelines.

Maybe it would be good to refresh on just where this target of choice lies in the Milky Way.

However, if Sitchin is right about Niburu, the solar system really works in quite a different way and that could prove quite an obstinate obstacle to wannabee overlords' invasion tactics.
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review 2014-04-06 23:33
For Children who want to be Hermoine
Wizards: From Merlin to Faust - David McIntee,Mark Stacey

Disclaimer: ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for a review.  Additionally, not all pictures were included in the ARC.   Those included were nicely chosen, but other than that I can’t say much about the illustrations.


                Long before Harry Potter ever set in Hogwarts, wizards had entrenched themselves in the imagination.  Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome all had their wizards, whether it be the son of a pharaoh or the writer accused of inscrolling his wife.

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review 2014-01-23 14:57
Review: We Will Destroy Your Planet: The Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth by David McIntee
We Will Destroy Your Planet: An Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth (Dark) - David McIntee

I must admit that I requested this book because of the title. Come on, aren't you the least bit curious? Just how would an alien army come in and attack Earth? I mean, we've seen it in movies - and somehow the people of Earth prevail. Just what are the aliens doing wrong? Would they be more successful with a little green handbook?


A word about the appeal of this book - kid3 is 14 years old and a bit of a reluctant reader. He's a little bit geeky and loves strange facts and figures. This book was right up his alley. I can see exactly why he enjoyed it. The first chapter is a repository of facts and figures about the Earth - its position in space, rotational speed, orbit, mass, etc. Great trivia stuff for geeks, a little info dumpy for me.


The book is divided into instructional chapters that go over the ways in which an alien invader might conquer the Earth, use the local inhabitants (or possibly exterminate them), what kind of Earth defenses an alien invader could expect, etc.


The book is full of cultural references to Earth's most famous science fiction movies, books, and TV series such as Star Wars and Dr. Who. He even highlights the fictional aliens' mistakes so that future invaders do not try the same thing. There's also some cute illustrations throughout the book so it should keep the attention span of most teenage boys.


The Alien's Guide to Conquering the Earth is a fun little green book full of neat and interesting facts. Check out my status updates on Goodreads for some of the more entertaining quotes.


Thanks to Angry Robot Books for a review copy of this book.


Review posted on Badass Book Reviews as part of our Sci-Fi Saturday feature. Check it out!

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/762590290
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