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review 2018-05-04 00:00
Speak: The Graphic Novel
Speak: The Graphic Novel - Emily Carroll,Laurie Halse Anderson I read the original book in high school and when I saw there was a graphic novel I wanted to check it out because nostalgia, but then I saw it was illustrated by Emily Carroll and I HAD to check it out 'cause I'm a huge fan of her original work. I related to this book in high school but I relate a lot more now. The only differences between the main character and I are our parents, grades in school, and the way IT happened. Neither of those mattering over everything else. Even if you don't relate you should read it. This and Speechless by Hannah Harrington are books I feel should be required or at least strongly recommended to all high schoolers.
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review 2018-03-05 17:55
Speak: the Graphic Novel
Speak: The Graphic Novel - Emily Carroll,Laurie Halse Anderson
I found her body language so powerful: her slouching shoulders, her droopy eyes, the baggy shirts and her shaggy hair, Em is a victim who is trying to find her voice. Em made a phone call the night of the party which has now made Em an outcast. Em hasn’t talked to anyone about what occurred the night of the party but to her peers, Em was the one who ruined their night. The ramifications of that night are weighing heavily on Em. The isolation is challenging but the act that was committed against Em is intolerable. Standing alone, Em holds onto the fact that she was raped the night of the party. Feeling deserted, Em tries to deal with this information alone and it becomes too much.
What a wonderful graphic novel with powerful illustrations that deals with a difficult subject matter. I found myself stopping and enjoying the illustrations as they told the story beautifully. It truly is worth checking out if this subject matter interests you.


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review 2017-11-29 10:15
Through the Woods by Emily Carroll
Through the Woods - Emily Carroll

I think I found a new favorite book. No, really! I meant to read this graphic novel during Halloween since I heard from many people that it's quite the spooky read. Unfortunately, Life happened and I didn't get around to reading it until now. And I am so glad I did! It's everything I love in a horror graphic novel and more! I stood up till five in the morning reading this and I was quite spooked, especially with that last story!


Through the Woods is a collection of five horror stories accompanied by grotesque art to add to the scary elements, and it works great together. Emily Carroll did a fantastic job of keeping each story straight to the point and the reader always on the edge of their seat. Each story takes some inspiration from fairy tales and the true horrors each one contains. I will not tell you anything about the stories themselves because it's supposed to be scary. If I tell you anything about them then that gives away the suspense factor. Horror is a genre best going in blind so trust me when I say that there's something spooky in here for everyone to enjoy. The last story really made my skin crawl. *BA DUM TSSS*


The art is fantastic! I've already touched on this a little bit, but if you are someone who likes their horror more visual, then read this book. Carroll's artwork is beautiful but when it comes to creeping out the reader, she is not afraid to enter into the world of the macabre. There's blood and murder and grotesqueness all over this book so if you are squeamish,  you might want to skip this one. But if the violence doesn't bother you, then I highly recommend you read this book!


It's fast, action-packed, beautiful, and horrifying. If you love reading horror, then I think you should pick up this graphic novel. It's perfect for the dark and colder nights this time of year! I hope you enjoy this story collection as much as I did!

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review 2017-09-10 17:31
Through the Woods - Emily Carroll


I was a little disappointed in this one, I already knew/heard some version of the stories before. I kept wondering if I had read the book before because I thought this was original content. 


Our Neighbor's House

I've heard this one before, so I knew it was a little out there ending. 


A Lady's Hands Are Cold

Did my grotesque horror heart well and had some creep factor to it. The ending though didn't satisfy. 


His Face All Red

Was so disappointed the scenes were cut before the gore could really get started. I had to remind my slasher movie loving self that this was supposed to be for the kiddos. Again, the ending had me side-eyeing. 


My Friend Janna

This one was the creepiest to me.


The Nesting Place

My favorite even though I've heard the story before.

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review 2017-09-01 15:26
Holy Moly The Colors
Through the Woods - Emily Carroll

I am reading this for "In The Dark, Dark Woods": Through the Woods by Emily Carroll.  


Besides the woods on the cover of the book two of the stories that I've read have the woods depicted in the panels.


This was brilliant. I loved all the stories, writing, and the panels were awesome. And I also scared myself so badly at one point I put this way and kept jumping at shadows. 


"An Introduction" sets the mood for this collection.  Why I started reading this in the dark with only the TV flickering I will never know.


"Our Neighbor's House" what a grim story. The slowly building tension to this one was great. Of course I had guesses about the neighbor.


"A Lady's Hands Are Cold" another take on the Bluebeard legend. Really enjoyed this. The song repeated throughout the panels became more and more sinister. 


"His Face All Red" I thought this was smartly done. We have a man who is wary of his brother, and we find out why. I kept waiting for something to leap out of the panel.


"My Friend Janna" a very good story. Reminded me a bit of the trouble the women had in that movie Ouija board. 


"The Nesting Place" a young woman doesn't take warnings to stay out of the woods seriously enough.


"In Conclusion" another take of Little Red Riding Hood.


The other stories in this collection besides "A Lady's Hands are Cold" and "In Conclusion" I am not sure of the original fairy tale or folk lore they came from.


I really enjoyed the writing, and the flow from story to story. I have to say the colors really popped and reading this on my Kindle was great because the way that the Kindle was set up was once you double tap the panel and enlarged it, you would get to see the full panel and then it would focus in on the different parts that you should read. So it was kind of like watching a cartoon, a silent cartoon which was giving me the willies the whole time. See below for some of the panels.




Definitely going to check out more works by this author!



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