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text 2017-10-17 15:02
Reading progress update: I've read 144 out of 288 pages.
Batman by Ed Brubaker Vol. 1 - Scott McDaniel,Ed Brubaker

Bonus, who knew there was a Deadshot story in here! it's mostly been the Penguin, and this new threat, Zeiss, with the upgrades and the goggles. I actually remember the 2-part Deadshot tale, but I remember the pictures, not the words. I think I had flipped through these comics when I saw Deadshot on the covers, but he didn't appear to be in the story much, so I passed. Suicide Squad had had quite a successful run, but been canceled, and that's where the character had become much more popular, and got a lot of "air-time". a Batman tale, with Floyd back on the streets taking contracts and coming into conflict with the Dark Knight, was not, at that time, enough for people like me, who had been spoiled.


now that I've read the 2-parter, it was actually quite good. most of the Deadshot appearances that came up in that period between successful Suicide Squad series treated the character as if he mattered, and yet they didn't turn him into a "good guy", just because he had sort of become someone to cheer for on the Squad. here, he pretty much outsmarts Batman and fulfills his contract, while even Batman acknowledges to himself that he is facing a better opponent, who seems to have learned a lot. anyway, I would have liked more panels with Deadshot actually in them--but, overall, that wouldn't have helped this particular story, and it was an unexpected surprise to suddenly turn a page and find a Deadshot story that was fun, and which I had ignored years ago.

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text 2017-10-16 23:33
Reading progress update: I've read 88 out of 288 pages.
Batman by Ed Brubaker Vol. 1 - Scott McDaniel,Ed Brubaker

gosh, I'll tell ya--when I took my bag o' reading options out to the coffee shop just a little while ago, A Watery Grave looked nothin' but mighty tempting, especially after I polished off a short story. I mean, think about it--do you see the allure, even in the title...A Watery Grave. says it all. huh...yah? A Watery Graaaaaaaaaave. A. Watery (not Earthy, not Airy, not Fiery). very Watery (I'm just assuming; I could be way off). Grave (ya can't have a grave without a body, and that means someone has to get something sorted).


but, I went to Batman. and now I don't regret it, because the first few comics in this graphic novel were fun, and I'm looking forward to more. maybe I won't take any kind of break from superhero shenanigans in print, after this. maybe some Aquaman. Aquaman! Sea Devils! Sub-Mariner! Triton of the Inhumans! watery super-heroes--and, A Watery Graaaaaaaaave (very soon)....

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text 2017-10-15 16:32
Reading progress update: I've read 6 out of 288 pages.
Batman by Ed Brubaker Vol. 1 - Scott McDaniel,Ed Brubaker

hope it's entertaining, because (gasp!) I may be taking a break from superhero comics for a while, after this. meanwhile, this should keep me busy until everyone has a certain novel for a Buddy Read.

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review 2017-10-06 12:40
Review: Saga, Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan,Fiona Staples


So I had problems with two previous books to fill this square, but luckily I remembered I had a stack of Saga volumes waiting to be read. From the get-go I had so much fun reading this first volume. I'm not one for kid narrators, but this story really works from the POV of Marko's and Alana's daughter. The artwork is fantastic and varied, the storyline involves some pretty deep commentary and topics while keeping the action going and giving us snarky bits that actually made me giggle. But it was the romance between Marko and Alana that kept me reading. I think I am going to knock out the other three volumes on my bookshelf for the Dewey.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-10-04 09:26
September 2017 — A Month with an Abysmal Reading Record



The previous month was all about graphic novels, comics, and anthologies. Here is what I read in September and what I thought about it:


Preacher, Vols. 4-9

It was irreverent as heck:



He means the Heavenly Host btw


It was full of sexist characters who say things like:




But oh, it was so good!




I read this one as part of Work Book Bingo for the Bestsellers’ Shelf. Glad I did because I loved it! Find a detailed review here.



Started this one Because. Neil Gaiman. Turns out, the book had an itty bitty poem by him. Anyway, I plodded on and found a collection of really weird stories. Check out my review here!



A thought-provoking collection of stories. Read my review here!


September seemed endless; maybe because I couldn’t cram much reading time into it. How was your September?


Originally published at midureads.wordpress.com on October 4, 2017.

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