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review 2018-02-05 21:48
Review: After Atlas
After Atlas (Planetfall Novel, A) - Emma Newman

Set in the same universe as Planetfall, but not a sequel, this police procedural follows the son of the previous book's narrator as he navigates a capitalist dystopian Earth as an indentured servant trained in investigation. While some of the aspects of the prophet known as the Pathefinder may be vague without having read Planetfall, the details included are sufficient and After Atlas can be read as a standalone novel.


This is a very different kind of story in a very different setting. The shape of the last act has something in common with Planetfall, which is interesting if you read both, but not necessary to enjoy either. 


As a murder mystery set in a high surveillance society, it's excellent. The start felt a little slow as the reader is introduced to life as a corporate asset (read: slave) and the protagonist's quirks, but once he'd assigned a case, everything was interesting. He knew the victim, the leader of a cult he left as a teen, but finds little recognizable in the man and the organization he remembers.


And the last act went totally off the rails in completely the right direction.


I did this as an audiobook and my house is much cleaner as a result of wanting to spend time listening.

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review 2017-12-26 23:23
A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman
A Little Knowledge: The Split Worlds - Book Four - Emma Newman

Series: Split Worlds #4


More hijinks and suspense with the Fae and others and well-meaning characters acting at cross purposes. I was almost tempted to dive into the last one right away but I think I'll read a couple other things first. 


I'm counting this for the Advent book for 16 Festive Tasks "read the 4th book from a favorite series".


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text 2017-12-21 04:21
Reading progress update: I've read 28%.
A Little Knowledge: The Split Worlds - Book Four - Emma Newman

She'd left the shop with a bag full of books for her new library, including a hardback with crossed flintlocks on the cover that a random woman in the shop had gushed about. 


I see Newman is plugging Adrian Tchaikovsky's Guns of the Dawn. I still need to read that. She's also the audio version's narrator.

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text 2017-12-18 17:50
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
A Little Knowledge: The Split Worlds - Book Four - Emma Newman

It was too much of a leap to suddenly acquire all the social delicacy and insight now required of her. Cathy had the delicacy and insight of a cat with its head stuck in a box moving backwards to try to escape it, and she knew it.


Tee hee.

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review 2017-12-10 17:30
All is Fair by Emma Newman
All is Fair: The Split Worlds - Book Three - Emma Newman

Series: Split Worlds #3


This book took me quite a while to get through, so this is actually the first book I've finished in December, but that shouldn't be viewed as a negative reflection on the book. The book (and the series) is great. Here we have the aftermath of the last book playing out and Cathy learns more about the Agency and tries to find new ways to help people in the Nether now that she's duchess. William even redeems himself a bit and the side plot with Lord Iron really didn't go the way I expected. I didn't expect the sorcerer of Mercia stuff to go the way it did either. Unexpectedness all around! 


The green cover lets me count this for square 10 for Festive tasks, Pancha Ganapati: read a book whose cover has one of the 5 colors of the holiday: red, blue, green, orange, or yellow.


I've decided to count this book for square 7's International Human Rights Day book instead, read any story revolving around the rights of others either being defended or abused. Cathy learns that even though she's paying the Agency for her servants as if they're earning wages, the servants don't actually receive wages and so she sets out to change this in her household. She also tries to seek out like-minded people who could help her fight for women's rights in the Nether.


And you know what's next in the series? The fourth book! (I'm pretty that's one of the other squares). [edit: square 5, actually: Advent]


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