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review 2017-07-10 21:28
Kink: A Tale of Extreme Horror - The Barns Brothers,Crowley Barns

Cassie and Rich have been texting for a few days, and now it’s time to meet.
No commitments, no strings. Just one afternoon of rough, and kinky fun.
She has a very detailed fantasy, and she knew Rich was the guy to fulfill her every dark, twisted, and violent desire.


Her text told him to arrive at 4:15.
Not 4:14. Not 4:16. Exactly 4:15.
All of her instructions were very… precise, (read: anal). But, you gotta love a girl who knows what she wants! Playing the aggressor in a violent fantasy with a smokin’ hot, older woman sounds freakin’ HOT – Rich just hopes he can immerse himself into her fantasy completely.

How can one compulsively planned & timed afternoon go to $hit so fast? How did things get so terribly, darkly, and disturbingly fv<ked up?

Never give one person your complete trust. Ever.


Check out my full review and join the 'KINK' discussionHERE.

shortlink: http://wp.me/p37DRX-1MO


Reading 'KINK' reminded me of this, and makes me laugh. Heartily.  - https://youtu.be/p5hFSdSOdhc

Source: wp.me/p37DRX-1MO
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review 2017-07-10 16:27
Chaturbate's Castrations: A Tale of Sex and Horror - Matt Shaw





1: A blend of the words "chat" and "masturbate".   2: The act of masturbating while chatting online.  3: A website for both of the above. 4:  The new extreme horror from Matt Shaw that pushes the boundaries of taste & decency.






Who Needs A 5 Star Rating?
Chaturbate's Castrations - 5/5 Deadly Dildos  




They logged in for the show. They didn't expect to be the star.

Bunni's webcam site needs a boost in numbers. More viewers, and more tips. But, she already offers it all, doesn't she?  Exhibitionism, role-play, daddy-play... Then it hits her - people are always looking for harder, and darker.  She needs to show her viewers just how hard, and dark she can get!  (Once she figures it out, that is!) With the help of one regular viewer, Bunni is preparing to put on a show like she's never done before. She loses any, and all inhibitions once she finds the right head-space - she might even enjoy this! One thing is for sure... this is going to be a show that her viewers will never forget.  





Chaturbate on Broadway!

The upbeat musical that offers a fun, positive outlook on the cam industry.

Coming Soon? 'Matt Shaw Presents: Chaturbate's Castrations - The Musical'

* I'll start the Kickstarter page!!



#FF: (I love bizarre sex laws!) I JUST learned that it is a felony to own six or more dildos in the state of Texas!

Source: beckisbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/chaturbates-castrations-a-tale-of-sex-and-horror-by-matt-shaw
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review 2017-07-04 06:15
Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare
Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare

A whistleblower has contacted investigative reporter Kara McMillan about his employer’s dubious disposal of hazardous material, and as she slowly investigates the case, it soon becomes apparent she has a scoop of epic and devastating proportions on her hands. Because someone is obviously willing to do anything in their power to stop her from snooping, from writing her story and exposing the scandal that looks to reach to the state Senate as well.

But the whistleblower, the investigation and death threats against her and her young son aren’t the only problems Kara is facing. She’s also caught  the eye of Reece Sheridan, a state senator who, even though he doesn’t appear to be involved in the cover-up she’s investigating, is still a major threat to Kara and her heart.

This. This is what I call awesome romantic suspense. This perfect mix and blend of romance and suspense without either intruding on the other.

A well-written and well-developed plot (Ms Clare’s background as an investigative reporter was obvious and a major asset to the story) with great, realistic characters, wonderful (and scorching hot) romance, intriguing mystery, and gripping, edge-of-the-seat suspense.

At first read six years ago, the book left me speechless, and I must admit, I’m no more eloquent after this re-read. It’s not seldom you get to read a romantic suspense without either or both main protagonists being part of law enforcement. This particular book is a great example of how to write a good, solid suspense with great, responsible and knowing-their-limits characters and not having them being cops or (former) military.
The heroine is an investigative reporter and the hero a senator, yet they became embroiled in a dangerous investigation, bullets starts flying, people are gunning for them, and they end up falling in love in the process. Because, what’s a better incentive for forming strong and lasting bonds than fighting for your life?

And although the investigation proved to be quite deadly, neither Kara nor Reece went off-script. They remained a reporter and a senator, never going all PI or getting into trouble because they overestimated their abilities or capabilities. They knew their limits, and although they stretched them sometimes, both characters remained in the boundaries of those limitations (both physical and juridical).
That’s one of the things I loved about this story, and what worked to its advantage, what kept me turning the pages after pulling me in and grabbing me into its clutches from page one. I wanted to read about their struggles, I wanted to read more about what the investigation would uncover next, I wanted to know who the bad guy was, and how Kara and Reece would bring him to justice and her story to light.

I was invested in these two characters from the get-go, I got to know them throughout the story and watched them grow and change, persevering despite all the difficulties, stubbornly refusing to let go of each other no matter what.
I understood Kara’s reservations, I loved Reece’s patience, and their romance was a real gem to read. It might’ve come across as rushed, come to think of it, the entire story happens in the span of a few weeks, but thanks to the character development Ms Clare started with, and their evolution through the story, there was no feel of haste in any of it. The budding relationship and their romance felt realistic and organic, the character growth and evolution, making it feel like much more time has passed.
It was intense, engaging, and yes, hot, hot, hot. Boy, was it hot.

And then there was the suspense, seamlessly blending into everything that was happening, hyping up the intensity and thrills. It was a gripping tale all in itself, but combined with the above-mentioned fact, of me being invested in the characters and their story, it was that much more intense reading how it all unfolded, hoping for the best…

Every single element of this story worked, by itself or combined with the rest; the characters, the relationships and interactions, the romance (oh, the romance), the suspense, the drama, the writing, plot, pacing...Everything had its purpose, everything had its place, it all clicked perfectly together, creating one hell of a story.

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review 2017-07-01 16:55
Extreme Honor by Piper J. Drake
Extreme Honor - Piper J. Drake

David Cruz has once more temporary custody of Atlas, the Belgian Malinois he'd helped train in the past. His handler is dead and Atlas isn't taking it well. While the dog pines away after his lost partner, David knows there's more to his friend's death than accidental friendly fire.

While Atlas's bleak mood seems to be easily fixed, thanks to the "dog whisperer" in the form of the sexy blonde sent by the military to rehabilitate Atlas, David's gut feeling about a conspiracy brewing might take a lot longer...

I don't really know how I feel about this book. Undecided come to mind. Because it had its strengths; the hero and his two friends running the dog kennel, everything about Atlas, his training and abilities, the suspense, and the rather awesome final action scene. But it also had its weaknesses; the heroine most of the time (rather whiny, easily scared, and rather incompetent when it came to self-defense or any military talk for someone who grew up with an enlisted stepfather), the heroine's inner monologues (about anything from the dog, her self-worth and self-esteem, the hero and her feelings toward him, and her running hot and cold about his former profession mostly colored by her experience growing up), the spotty pacing, and the rushed romance.

This is the first book by this author, but it won't be the last, despite my reservations about this particular story. I liked the writing, narrative style and voice. It was engaging and lively, it wasn't bogged down by too many fillers, although the pacing tended to slow down in some more "contemplative" scenes.
And yes, I'm curious to read the rest of this trilogy (that looks to become a series in 2018). I liked both co-owners of the kennel David, the hero, was working at and I'm looking forward to their stories.
Also, I want to read more about dogs and their special training, which looks to be a trend in novels lately. Although I don't own a dog, and have no idea of all the work and effort it goes into training dogs for special operations, my mind didn't go blank, I didn't zone off, and I didn't get bored with all the "shop talk". Which it all comes down to the writing and the author's ability to keep things interesting without getting boring. Kudos for that.

This is categorized as a romantic suspense, but since, as I mentioned, the romance left me rather cold (it was a combination of my dislike of the heroine and the overall feeling of haste with which it all happened), I more than enjoyed the suspense part of the story.
It was nicely structured, and well-paced. Progressing slowly and organically, increasing in intensity and tempo with each new puzzle peace uncovered by the protagonists. I thought I knew who the villain was from the beginning, and I wasn't wrong, but I wasn't entirely right either. The reveal came off as a surprise, but very believable with an explanation that actually made sense. And since the big suspense arc wasn't fully resolved, it will hopefully extend into the next two books. And I can't wait to read how everything is resolved.

A solid start to the series, albeit with much room for improvement (especially in the characterization and romance department).

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review 2017-06-25 06:57
Rayne some Havok on your bookshelves!
XXX - Rayne Havok

Xavier: "I escaped from prison, hauling ass in a stolen car, putting space between me and that barbed wire fence- when the damn thing runs out of gas. Luckily, I come across an old farmhouse that looks empty, even luckier, it is not. The threats about daddy coming home don't scare me... maybe they should have."
 Yeah, Xavier... maybe they should have!!
'XXX' is my first book by Rayne Havok, (what a kick-ass name!). I hate to say this, but I don't think I'd heard of her until I read Shaun Hupp's Maniacs with Knives last week. Her blurb for Shaun was so awesome that I had to meme* it for the book's review! Last night, as I was frantically trying to find out what happened to Tim Miller's newest release (Snuff Film - it was missing from Amazon last night - boo!!)  (UPDATE: I JUST read that Snuff Film is banned from Amazon - is there any better advertising than that?! I compare it to the recommendation, ahem - I mean warning labels on Rx bottles.) , and  I saw on Goodreads that Tim is currently reading her books. (Our circles definitely overlap. I don't know why I haven't read this until now.) I recognized a few other names in the reviews, too, but I was already sold. At that point I was just trying to figure out which book I wanted to read first.
Back to the story!
Like most of her books, XXX is a short story, (appx 67 pgs), so when I first started reading I thought I was in for a story that I've read dozens of times already... 'escaped prisoner on the run terrorizes family in secluded house in BFE...' . That is NOT a bad thing! I like those stories and was looking forward to seeing how this author spun it. But I was WRONG! Holy shit, what a ride. It was hard to read at a couple points - 
"TORTURE: NEW AND IMPROVED!! Now, with sprinkles!" 
When I was about 3/4 into the story, Rayne snuck** up behind me and whacked me in the back of the head with it! It's a great, twisty ending - and... one that I didn't see coming. I'm looking forward to reading her other books. I trying to decide which one to read next - I think it's going to be either The Embalmer, or Degenerate. Keep your eyes peeled... there'll be more reviews to come!
P, L & N
Rayne Havok ~ a little psychotic, and a little sweet. She's all about the bloody and gruesome, but also loves to sprinkle it with gratuitous sex.
Rayne Havok on Facebook, TwitterGoodreads, and Amazon
XXX on Goodreads, and Amazon    
Check out my review of MANIACS WITH KNIVES, with author & book links. You can visit the Official website of TIM MILLER to have a look at SNUFF FILM, and view your buying options. Be sure to check out all of his titles while you're there - if you haven't done so already.  


Just for fun...

I Googled 'RAYNE HAVOK' to look for an author site, and this came up - Torrential rain causes havoc on the roads , so if you're in the UK - watch out for floods! 
* From Rayne's review of Maniacs with Knives...
** snuck:  Yes, it is a word! Sorta... ;)  


Source: beckisbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/19/xxx-by-rayne-havok
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