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text 2022-09-12 06:39
School Readiness: Discover If Your Child Is Really Ready For School

Are you getting your child ready for school? One of the most important aspects of school readiness is making sure your child can be successful in a classroom setting. 

There are many different skills that are essential for success in school, such as socialization, literacy, and numeracy. 


So how do you know if your child has what it takes to be successful in school? In this blog post, we will discuss some key indicators of School Readiness Taylors Hill and provide tips on how to help your child prepare for a successful academic journey. Read on to learn more!


  • Your child has difficulty following simple instructions. 

If you've ever tried to get your child to do something as simple as pick up their toys and they just can't seem to do it, that may be a sign that they're not quite ready for school. 

Starting school can be a big step for some children, this is where School Readiness Taylors Hill program comes in picture.

In kindergarten, teachers will give children a lot of instructions throughout the day and expect them to be able to follow them. If your child can't seem to follow simple instructions at home, they may have difficulty following instructions at school.


  • Your child has trouble paying attention.

If your child is constantly Distracted by things around them, it may be difficult for them to pay attention in class. 

In order to be successful in school, children need to be able to sit still and focus on their work. If your child is having trouble doing that at home, they may have difficulty in school as well.


  • Your child isn't interested in learning new things.

If your child seems disinterested in learning new things or isn't excited about going to school, that may be a sign that they're not ready for school yet. 

child learning new things

Children who are excited about learning and who are eager to go to school are more likely to be successful when they start kindergarten. If your child isn't showing those signs, they may not be quite ready yet.


If you're still not sure if your little one is ready, don't hesitate to engage with the School Readiness Taylors Hill specialist for more advice specific to your child's development.


  • Your child has difficulty with basic concepts like numbers and letters. 

If your child is having trouble recognizing basic numbers and letters, that's a sign that they're not quite ready for school yet. 

In kindergarten, children will begin learning how to read and write and it's important that they have a basic understanding of numbers and letters before they start. If your child is having difficulty with those concepts, they may not be quite ready yet.


  • You're not sure if your child is really ready for school yet.

This one is pretty self-explanatory! If you're not sure if your child is really ready for kindergarten, chances are they're not quite there yet. It's important to trust your gut on this one; if you have any doubts about whether or not your child is really ready for school, it's probably best to wait another year before sending them off. 

So is your child really ready for school? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, don’t fret! There are plenty of things you can do to help your child prepare for the transition to school. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will discuss some tips and tricks for getting your child ready for the big day!

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text 2022-07-01 11:01
What is Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)? Importance and Benefits of Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Theory draws on the work of prominent 20th century thinkers who may experience a central role in their theories of human learning and development. David Kolb synthesized the work of these foundational scholars to develop a holistic model of Experiential Learning theory. Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. This is ELT in a nutshell.




The theory is built on six propositions that are shared by the foundational scholars.


  1. Learning outcome is not an endpoint, but simply a resting point of an ongoing learning process.


  1. As we learn new ideas, we also modify and dispose of old ones.


  1. Effective learners are capable of balancing the opposing modes in the learning cycle.


  1. Learning never ends. It encompasses all life stages, from childhood to adolescents to middle and old age.


  1. When learners in the environment interact, both are changed.


  1. We do not simply respond to the environment, but we recreate it to meet our needs.


Every field requires unique skills and a special learning process. Learning to develop skills and empathic listening is different than learning skills and engineering. Since its emergence in the early 90’s & 70’s, there have been over 90,000 experiential learning citations, and ELT has been used to create countless educational courses in multiple fields. Since 2000, alt research in many fields around the world has more than quadrupled. Experiential Learning Theory is highly interdisciplinary, addressing learning and educational issues in at least 30 academic disciplines.


More and more institutions and educators are experimenting with experiential learning practices beyond higher education. In recent years, K-12 institutions, business organizations, and non-formal organizations have embraced ELT to respond to the learning needs of their clients and constituents through recursive cycles of experience, discussion, feedback, and practice and application. In real life context, learners report increased levels of critical thinking abilities and the capacity to apply and connect theoretical knowledge with real life application.


Like Kurt Lewin said, there is nothing so practical as a good theory, and like David Hunt said, there is nothing so theoretical as a good practice. Let continues to be renewed and enriched through the collective experience of those who apply the theory in their practices around the world.


As the workplace, marketplace and global environmental continue to evolve, experiential Learning Theory is designed to respond to the educational needs of the 21st century.



Importance of Experiential Learning:


we would have realized that plans to have life just by reading it, would we have realized that oxygen is must for combustion just by listening to our teachers? of course not, we wouldn't have realized these without experiencing.


Academic and non-academic concept would etch in child's mind, if it is taught through practical activities and experiments. The experiential learning is not only effective but also makes children to take active part in their learnings instead of teaching a child on watering plants. Let him or her water the plants in garden. Gets more emotionally involved and enjoys too.


The learning becomes part of an activity and continuous support for activity-based learning from the very first day of schooling can you believe small children performing the activity of measurement. Yes, that's true children are introduced to measurements and different units of measures.



Through different activities children use the measuring tape to measure the length and weight of different materials trying out how many 250 ml bottles of water is needed to fill one litre bottle instead of just learning them theoretically. This helps in reinforcing these concepts in children's mind this method is not limited to fewer subjects.


Clay molding is used to introduce the Chinese and Matras in Kannada and Hindi subjects. Environmental science deals with most obvious things of one's life and hands-on learning makes perfect sense to learn this life sciences instead of bringing awareness on reduced plastic usage through classroom sessions. Children are made to prepare paper bags themselves children are learning about windmills by crafting the paper pinwheel.


So, to summarize this method makes children to actively participate in learning than just listening passively and of course makes the learning more enjoyable.

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text 2022-03-21 06:58
Entab — Experience Innovative Learning Lab for K-12!

With a specially designed experiential learning programme mapped to David Kolb’s learning style, Entab reimagines learning all over again. It's a portal to an immersive learning experience modelled to help you advance your aptitude. 


The experiential learning lab is specially aligned with NEP 2020 and it empowers the teachers and learners with:

  • Competency Based Education (CBE)
  • Competency Based Assessments (CBA)
  • CBSE's Learning Standard Framework
  • HD Quality Digital Content with Immersive Experiences
  • Campus Care ERP Solutions
  • LMS with AI-Based Assessments
  • Learning App for Students as an Extension of School at Home


Delve into a deeper and fuller understanding of the subjects with

  • Practical demonstrations of concepts
  • Live presentations of Lab Experiments & Activities
  • Explanatory content for deeper understanding of concepts


At Entab, knowledge is more about understanding and application rather than mere accumulation. Our Hybrid Learning Solution increases efficiency in management and directs a complete focus on learning. We offer carefully crafted Smart Lesson Plans, Digital Teaching Resources, Question Banks with the latest pattern of questions to empower teaching.  


Overcome monotony and get transported to a land where books come to life—Stand under a rainbow to understand its formation! Furthermore, Quick Revisions and elaborate revisions with Master the Chapter, enhance your understanding of the subject. 


Map out your learning journey and your progress with our AI-based Practice Worksheets and Assessments. Our learning programme helps you develop and sharpen your Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills, and Judgmental Skills.

Our Experiential Learning Programme enlivens learning altogether and instils greater enthusiasm and commitment. With an independent learning experience and a clear and acute analysis of progress, Entab helps you embark on an outcome-based journey. 




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review 2022-03-07 01:33
The School for Good Mothers
The School for Good Mothers - Jessamine Chan

What if your “very bad day” suddenly became your worst nightmare? Frida’s drive to get a coffee and a few papers at the office ended up being a 2-hour excursion, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but she left her toddler at home, alone.  Luckily, her daughter was okay but Frida was turned into authorities.   For her irresponsible behavior, she must now face the consequences.  


Welcome to The School for Good Mothers, a new rehabilitation program for mothers, who need help to become better mothers.  There are many reasons why the mothers that attend this school have been listed on the roster.  When Frida joins the ranks, she finds herself amongst a variety of different women which makes this story very interesting and intense at times.  During their time at the facilities, the mothers are given rules which they must abide by or they will pay the consequences.  The mothers are also given a variety of different tests which will be graded.   They need to pass them or they will have to pay the consequences.  These mothers will be pushed physically and mentally and the tension will run high as these mothers strive to succeed and prove to themselves and others just who they are.  Frida’s 2-hour excursion cost her a year in this facility but the physical and mental cost will go beyond that time period.


I loved this book, I seriously did.  I can’t stop thinking about it and I talk to everyone about it.  I loved how all the genes of the book came together and I enjoyed how this book made me think.  As I read, I kept thinking about how wrong the idea of this school was, yet I thought perhaps we should have schools like this for other criminal offenses.   I also thought who were the people who ran these schools and put these individuals there? Do they make the rules based on personal decisions or is there a standard that everyone must abide by? There is so much going on in this book, from the father’s program, the phone privileges, the relationships, the evaluations, every part of this story and its characters, I enjoyed so much.  Getting close to the end, the tears were falling down my face; I didn’t want this story to end but I wanted to know how it was going to end.  This book was exactly what I needed and I really enjoyed it.


“You can’t just have the cow jump over the moon, Frida.  You need to have the cow consider his place in society.  If you’re telling the Red Riding Hood story, you need to talk about the kinds of woods, the kind of food in her basket.” ………” How was Little Red feeling as she made her journey in the woods? Ask those open-ended questions. Get the children thinking. You’re teaching her about being a girl.”

“Everyday, she’ll learn about girlhood from you.”  

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text 2022-01-20 07:41
How Can High School Tutoring Aid Your Child's Academic Success?

I recently had an intriguing talk with a couple of middle school homeschool parents who are creating high school plans and are receiving premium tailored sessions from the High School Tutoring Taylors Lakes foundation. They have trained and talented Tutors St Albans who will detect gaps in their learning, fill them, and enhance their knowledge effectively and efficiently.

Among the advantages of tutoring are...


Improving subject comprehension

Increasing self-esteem; and

Developing critical thinking abilities.

A professional tutor takes a "whole kid" approach to education, ensuring that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Let's take a look at the top 5 benefits of tutoring. 


# 1: Tutoring for a personalized learning experience.

All students are different. When you engage with qualified and experienced Tutors St Albans can help students use one or more learning styles. One of the great benefits of tutoring is that you can customize your tutoring experience so that each student can effectively learn in the way that suits them best. 


# 2: Individual attention needy for individualized instruction. 

Classroom teachers and parents always have the time and ability to provide the quality and attention needed to collaborate with hard-working learners. So, another advantage of the Tutor is that it can offer the personal involvement that students need to be academically superior. The students are unique individuals, and that is why they strive to include them in the right way at that particular moment, wherever they are. 


# 3: Tutoring improves academic performance. 

Students were attending tutoring experienced an overall improvement in academic performance. 

High School Tutoring Taylors Lakes

... Attempts to motivate and catch up bring only frustration and zero progress. That is why getting engaged with High School Tutoring Taylors Lakes programs, and you know personalized support makes sense and study habits, attitude towards school and learning are also improving. 


# 4: Tutoring encourages self-study.

All voluntary and lifelong learning students are one of the best gifts a person can give. One of the great benefits of a tutor is that students can often learn more effectively to achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom. To enhance the skills you need, tutors can understand how students learn and teach them how to build a learning environment that best suits their academic needs. They will encourage and motivate students, improving their ability to teach classes. 


# 5: Tutors help build confidence. 

As mentioned earlier, tutors can provide academic support. One of the benefits of tutoring, especially one-on-one tutoring, is that it represents support that goes far beyond scholarship recipients. The better your grade, the higher your self-esteem. You may feel "stupid" and may not understand why no one understands what is happening. But skilled tutors create a secure learning space that builds self-confidence grows with self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishing something. 




These advantages make tutoring a valuable tool for your child, and you may have extensive experience in private High School Tutoring Taylors Lakes. So, you can be confident that your child will benefit from the expertise of experienced Tutors St Albans to develop their academic potential and lead them to a more successful life.

Source: Is Tutoring Beneficial to Your Child's Confidence?

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