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text 2022-07-01 11:01
What is Experiential Learning Theory (ELT)? Importance and Benefits of Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Theory draws on the work of prominent 20th century thinkers who may experience a central role in their theories of human learning and development. David Kolb synthesized the work of these foundational scholars to develop a holistic model of Experiential Learning theory. Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. This is ELT in a nutshell.




The theory is built on six propositions that are shared by the foundational scholars.


  1. Learning outcome is not an endpoint, but simply a resting point of an ongoing learning process.


  1. As we learn new ideas, we also modify and dispose of old ones.


  1. Effective learners are capable of balancing the opposing modes in the learning cycle.


  1. Learning never ends. It encompasses all life stages, from childhood to adolescents to middle and old age.


  1. When learners in the environment interact, both are changed.


  1. We do not simply respond to the environment, but we recreate it to meet our needs.


Every field requires unique skills and a special learning process. Learning to develop skills and empathic listening is different than learning skills and engineering. Since its emergence in the early 90’s & 70’s, there have been over 90,000 experiential learning citations, and ELT has been used to create countless educational courses in multiple fields. Since 2000, alt research in many fields around the world has more than quadrupled. Experiential Learning Theory is highly interdisciplinary, addressing learning and educational issues in at least 30 academic disciplines.


More and more institutions and educators are experimenting with experiential learning practices beyond higher education. In recent years, K-12 institutions, business organizations, and non-formal organizations have embraced ELT to respond to the learning needs of their clients and constituents through recursive cycles of experience, discussion, feedback, and practice and application. In real life context, learners report increased levels of critical thinking abilities and the capacity to apply and connect theoretical knowledge with real life application.


Like Kurt Lewin said, there is nothing so practical as a good theory, and like David Hunt said, there is nothing so theoretical as a good practice. Let continues to be renewed and enriched through the collective experience of those who apply the theory in their practices around the world.


As the workplace, marketplace and global environmental continue to evolve, experiential Learning Theory is designed to respond to the educational needs of the 21st century.



Importance of Experiential Learning:


we would have realized that plans to have life just by reading it, would we have realized that oxygen is must for combustion just by listening to our teachers? of course not, we wouldn't have realized these without experiencing.


Academic and non-academic concept would etch in child's mind, if it is taught through practical activities and experiments. The experiential learning is not only effective but also makes children to take active part in their learnings instead of teaching a child on watering plants. Let him or her water the plants in garden. Gets more emotionally involved and enjoys too.


The learning becomes part of an activity and continuous support for activity-based learning from the very first day of schooling can you believe small children performing the activity of measurement. Yes, that's true children are introduced to measurements and different units of measures.



Through different activities children use the measuring tape to measure the length and weight of different materials trying out how many 250 ml bottles of water is needed to fill one litre bottle instead of just learning them theoretically. This helps in reinforcing these concepts in children's mind this method is not limited to fewer subjects.


Clay molding is used to introduce the Chinese and Matras in Kannada and Hindi subjects. Environmental science deals with most obvious things of one's life and hands-on learning makes perfect sense to learn this life sciences instead of bringing awareness on reduced plastic usage through classroom sessions. Children are made to prepare paper bags themselves children are learning about windmills by crafting the paper pinwheel.


So, to summarize this method makes children to actively participate in learning than just listening passively and of course makes the learning more enjoyable.

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text 2022-06-15 13:27
What Should You Know About Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is the procedure of firstly learning and then executing. Learners who involve themselves in practical experiences understand the topics well. The possibilities of experiential learning include a wide range of services.


The entab’s experiential learning focuses on K-12 Institutions, undergraduate research and student-teacher interaction. Many experiential learning apps enable the students to have a vast knowledge of their theories and find reality-based solutions.



What are the advantages of Experiential Learning?

When experiential learning gets linked to the Entab’s, it works wonders in the mood of education. This strong system will make the schools run without using paper and provide the administrative tasks to get carried out on a single platform.


  • This will help the students interchange their emotions and develop their intellectual abilities.


  • The competency-based education will promote a personalised way of teaching and help the students work flexibly.


  • The students will gain the potential of getting involved in the needs of different organisations.


  • They will have a diverse view of the world which will help them brush up on their skills, potential, and interests.


Why should you use Entab for experiential learning?

Entab is recognised as the most trusted and useful analytical learning program to help students embrace their skills and emerge as leaders. This will do so by providing them with quality education and many benefits.


The open tabs are the best system software with high speed, exceptional accuracy, powerful security, and many more. It provides the best quality of competency-based assessments for the bright future of learners. Entabs have a broad range of extremely beneficial functions and modules, making it ideal software for experiential learning.


Most Recognised Features of Entab

Some of the key features of Entab’s software are:


  • It has all the explanatory content of grades K-12, which provides the easiest ERP for learning and understanding.
  • It prepares for mock tests and provides remedial learning tools.
  • It serves you with AI-based practice worksheets and Assessments.
  • The live demonstrations of experiments and activities are also presented with the help of Entabs.




Benefits of AI-based Learning Platforms in Providing Experiential Learning!

The platform, which is based on AI, utilises a particular set of algorithms to have the right data assumptions and learn about it. The machine learning LMS has the potential to assist in providing a quality learning experience to the students.


It will do so by giving them all the knowledge which is highly significant but difficult to understand. This efficient learning environment will provide all the important elements to the learners. Therefore, they can get access to all kinds of presentations, lectures, lessons, training programmes, courses, and tests.



When linked with Entabs, experiential learning will always provide you with comprehensive tools. You will provide all the digital teaching resources with HD assets and technologies. It will design all the assignments and provide Computer-based results immediately.


Entabs will always provide smart lesson plans for the year to provide quality experiential learning. Hence you should always promote the innovative learning experience for the students to mold them into future leaders.





Source: www.entab.in/demo-enquiry.html
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text 2022-06-02 13:23
What Are the Leading HR Challenges in 2022 and How to Tackle Them!

In recent years, human resources experts have faced numerous HR challenges, and this year appears to be a continuance of most of those obstacles — with a few fresh ones tossed in for good measure. People were, and still are, complicated, and managing them has always been difficult.


This makes HR a difficult task with numerous obstacles. It also implies that detecting and resolving human resource issues is time, cash, and effort wisely spent because people are a company’s most valuable asset

Recruiting high talent


It takes discretion, time, and a lot of effort to attract and keep the best talent. And that’s

why this counts among one of the biggest HR challenges.


You must first understand the job and company requirements to attract the best candidates. However, as work duties and expectations evolve along with the company culture, this task gets more complex.


As a result, we recommend starting with where and how you advertise job openings. Using their abilities, industry, and employment level, use the channels your target talent is most inclined to use. You’ll have less effort to put into the screening phase if you attract the correct prospects. Learn more: Corporate training platform

Maintaining workforce engagement


For decades, human resource professionals have been concerned about employee engagement. Engagement measures were trending upward early in the COVID outbreak due to increased clarity and communication. However, those benefits have been difficult to maintain as the focus has moved to whether or not people would go back to their workplaces.

Promoting relationship management


Workplace interactions will be more crucial than ever in 2022. One of the numerous HR challenges this year is promoting good partnerships. Businesses are settling back into long-term blended or virtual working models, significantly influencing how people interact.

Strengthening corporate training strategies


In the modern economy, rapid training and retraining plus upskilling are becoming the norm. However, the workplace is changing faster than the conventional Learning Management Systems can maintain pace.


HR practitioners will need to find new training programs and continuous professional development options by 2022. Yes, this is another among the vital HR challenges. In an appropriate training and development plan, you must address rapidly evolving technological expertise and long-term transferrable abilities.

Accepting change gracefully and easily


Change can shapeshift our surroundings, rivals, consumers, and workplace. Humans are fearful of change, whether managerial, organizational, operational, or technical. Anxiety and worry are common reactions to the unknown.


As a result, among the most frequent HR difficulties is the significant obligation to adapt personnel to change. Human Resources Department is responsible for maintaining team morale, contentment, and cooperation throughout times of transition and upskilling individuals to match the business’s evolving requirements.

Developing tomorrow’s leaders


A team leader is frequently to blame for not all units functioning at the same level. Many individuals consider quitting their employment due to a strained connection with their immediate supervisor. That is why identifying and developing skilled and inspiring leaders is vital.


But saying it is easier than doing it. Because preparing existing staff for leadership roles fails when the future leaders are continually departing, which is common in a Millennial-dominated organization. As a result, it’s among the most prevalent HR challenges today.

Retaining employees


As per a report from the Center for American Progress, turnover can cost organizations anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee’s salary. And now, employees have more job options than they otherwise would have in years, so HR professionals must work hard to keep their present employees – or potentially lose them to a highly competitive job market. e learning management system

Promoting a culture of lifelong learning


Thousands of employees are leaving their employment today due to a lack of advancement prospects. Training is, without a doubt, the most crucial factor in keeping people engaged, motivated, and loyal.


However, that’s only valid if the training is related to their professions, contains exciting content, and is offered in formats that allow for flexible learning. Because ongoing training is required to keep a corporation competitive, employees are frequently bored or overworked.




Predicting the future corporate landscape is among the ultimate HR challenges. HR challenges will make or break a business as industries and techniques advance, subsequent generations join the workforce, and globalization increases competitiveness. Organizations will leverage their main strength, their employees, to achieve sustained success by staying relevant and consistently identifying and resolving human resource concerns.

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text 2022-04-12 14:24
Demystify Your LMS Reports: 12 Vital Metrics To Look At



You’re already aware of the advantages of ongoing training for your employees. And you already know that adopting an learning management system streamlines and simplifies the process while also enhancing learner engagement. But did you know that tracking training with LMS reports is just as crucial as giving the training program itself? When it comes to staff training, the trip, as well as the destination, is essential. While the bottom line definitely should be to improve employee performance and meet your KPIs, keep in mind that training is a rewarding experience for learners and enriches the overall business culture.


What Are The Key Metrics You Should Check In LMS Reports?


Learner progress


Learner progress LMS reports summarize the progress of all of your company’s learners and divisions, including how many courses have been finished, how many are late, and how well each user performs. All report processes revolve around learner progress. For example, you can use many filters to gather statistics on a specific department, group, or job.


You’ll get an overview of your company’s training. You will immediately see if user engagement is low, and you will take action. This alert should be a red warning for you if the course started a long time ago, but users continue staying stuck at the beginning.


Learner results


When you look at the big picture, you might notice that someone requires extra encouragement to complete courses. You’ll be able to make sense of it if you use learner progress. Learner results provide you with a detailed view of a user’s performance. You may see all the courses assigned to that user, as well as their statuses, number of attempts, time spent, and other information.


eLearning module metrics


If many learners fail a course, something may be wrong with a specific area, such as one of the course’s modules. You can quickly see if any employees within a particular department have overdue modules and how far they’ve progressed through the curriculum.


You can use the modules’ LMS reports to figure out why students repeatedly fail a particular course component. It enables you to clearly observe the issue and then inquire what is wrong with the content. It’s possible that it hasn’t been covered fully enough; in that case, it’s best to go over it again. Learn more about: e learning management system


Department progress


Department progress displays information about how your company’s branches and divisions are functioning, including the number of courses assigned, started, and completed, as well as overall department progress. If a department does poorly in training, you can investigate the issues and speak with the department’s chief. You may then uncover bottlenecks and threats in your organization by understanding the situation with learning in a specific group.


Learning status


You don’t have to manually track the data for each course if you’ve merged numerous courses into a learning track. You’ll see data for the entire program in this report, including which learning tracks have been begun, completed, or are overdue, as well as the learner’s progress on each track. Please keep track of how your students are progressing with their long-term programs. Learn more about: corporate training platform




This report will indicate how all users have used the learning track throughout time and how each student advanced through it each time. You may keep track of which mistakes were made repeatedly and work with the learner to correct them.




LMS reports are an excellent tool for relating user performance to corporate data. We’ve covered the essential LMS reports in this article. If you’re short on time and need to get something done quickly, try the following:

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text 2022-03-21 06:58
Entab — Experience Innovative Learning Lab for K-12!

With a specially designed experiential learning programme mapped to David Kolb’s learning style, Entab reimagines learning all over again. It's a portal to an immersive learning experience modelled to help you advance your aptitude. 


The experiential learning lab is specially aligned with NEP 2020 and it empowers the teachers and learners with:

  • Competency Based Education (CBE)
  • Competency Based Assessments (CBA)
  • CBSE's Learning Standard Framework
  • HD Quality Digital Content with Immersive Experiences
  • Campus Care ERP Solutions
  • LMS with AI-Based Assessments
  • Learning App for Students as an Extension of School at Home


Delve into a deeper and fuller understanding of the subjects with

  • Practical demonstrations of concepts
  • Live presentations of Lab Experiments & Activities
  • Explanatory content for deeper understanding of concepts


At Entab, knowledge is more about understanding and application rather than mere accumulation. Our Hybrid Learning Solution increases efficiency in management and directs a complete focus on learning. We offer carefully crafted Smart Lesson Plans, Digital Teaching Resources, Question Banks with the latest pattern of questions to empower teaching.  


Overcome monotony and get transported to a land where books come to life—Stand under a rainbow to understand its formation! Furthermore, Quick Revisions and elaborate revisions with Master the Chapter, enhance your understanding of the subject. 


Map out your learning journey and your progress with our AI-based Practice Worksheets and Assessments. Our learning programme helps you develop and sharpen your Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills, and Judgmental Skills.

Our Experiential Learning Programme enlivens learning altogether and instils greater enthusiasm and commitment. With an independent learning experience and a clear and acute analysis of progress, Entab helps you embark on an outcome-based journey. 




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