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review 2019-02-17 00:53
4.5 Out Of 5 STARS for The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre
The Girl in 6E - A. R. Torre


๏ ๏ ๏  Highlights ๏ ๏ ๏ 

Psychological Suspense Thriller
Darkish Mystery
Homicidal Tendencies
Splash of Romance
Erotic Cyber Sex
Will Give You Insight Into the Life of A Cam-Girl 


With Audio Performed by Jorjeana Marie


๏ ๏ ๏  My Thoughts ๏ ๏ ๏ 

A very different kind of thriller about a twenty-something girl who believes she has homicidal tendencies just like her Mother had.  She also makes a living as a cam-girl on the internet.   Deanna Madden is unlike anyone I've ever read about, she is seriously disturbed, yet absolutely compelling.  The Author has not only researched her topics thoroughly she has also put in meticulous details, that make this story feel genuine.  From her tower of boxes that she has in her apartment from ordering everything she needs online, and having it delivered via UPS to the scandalous, yet oddly educational life of a cam-girl. 

There are two separate stories going on and eventually, they converge into one.  That convergence is when the story really gets interesting.  Jorjeana Marie is perfect for the voice of Deanna but they should have had a male narrator for the male voices, having Jorjeana voice the male parts also, just made this a bit hard to separate them from one another.  Overall, I actually really connected with this, and I wasn't sure that I would.  It is one of these most sexual books I ever read/listen without any actual sex.

๏ ๏ ๏  MY RATING ๏ ๏ ๏ 




๏ Breakdown of Ratings ๏


Plot⇝ 4.7/5
Narration Performance⇝ 4/5
Characters⇝ 4.3/5
The Feels⇝ 5/5
Pacing⇝ 5/5
Addictiveness⇝ 5/5
Theme or Tone⇝4.7/5
Flow (Writing Style)⇝ 5/5
Backdrop (World Building)⇝ 5/5
Originality⇝ 5/5
Ending⇝ 5/5 Cliffhanger⇝ "to be continued" 
๏ ๏ ๏
Book Cover⇝ Very fitting...
Setting⇝ Mostly Tulsa, OK
Source⇝ Audiobook (Library)
Series Continuation⇝ Yes, No, Maybe or Probably (already started on the 2nd book)
๏ ๏ ๏

๏ ๏ ๏ Links ๏ ๏ ๏


Kindle eBook | Audio

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Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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text 2019-02-16 23:47
Reading progress update: I've read 196 out of 308 pages.
The Mystery of the Blue Train: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Agatha Christie

‘You think—you think it was Derek?’ he queried, ‘but—everything points the other way. Why, the Count has actually been caught red-handed with the jewels on him.’


‘But you told me—’

‘What did I tell you?’

‘That story about the jewels. You showed them to me.’


Van Aldin stared at him.

‘You mean to say you didn’t show them to me?’


‘Yesterday—at the tennis?’


‘Are you crazy, M. Poirot, or am I?’



And with this, I am calling it a night for tonight. I will finish this book in the morning.

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review 2019-02-16 23:18
Confidential - Ellie Monago

Title: Confidential
Author: Ellie Monago
Genre:Adult ( Women fiction)
Lake Union Publishing
Pub date: Mar 5,2019
Book synopsis 
From the bestselling author of Neighborly comes a twisty novel of psychological suspense about the lies three women tell to survive, and the ones they'd kill to keep hidden.

Everyone loves therapist Michael Baylor. He's handsome. He's respected. And he's provided a safe place for his female patients. Now he's dead, and a detective is casting a tight net for the murderer--because the good doctor may have done some very bad things with the women who trusted him. That's if their stories check out.

There's Lucinda, who struggled to process her childhood trauma even as she was falling in love with Dr. Baylor. Greer, an accomplished career woman who was torn by her sudden desire to have children, so she went to Dr. Baylor for help but may have gotten more than she bargained for. And then there's Flora, a beautiful former patient who'd been on intimate terms with the man she called Dr. Michael for two years. Some might even say she was obsessed with him.

Three women caught in a tangled web of lies and secrets. And each with a motive for murder. With so much at stake, can any of them be trusted to tell the truth?

My thoughts
Would I recommend it?yes a big fat yes
Would I read anything else by this author:yes
How did I find out about this book : Frishawn ( WTF Are You Reading?) and Robin ( Robin Loves Reading)  
WOW what a read, its a non stop ride through the craziness that is and are the women that are the main characters in the book, couldn't stand them and instead of feeling sorry for them , I hated them for been easy and for felling for his lies and tricks , because Michael was a douchebag and a creep as well as a big fat liar who used women and then throw them away . And don't get me started on the women like i said there was nothing I liked about them and I couldn't feel sorry for them in any way . With that said I want to thank Netgalley for letting read and review it exchange for my honest opinion .

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text 2019-02-16 21:13
Reading progress update: I've read 104 out of 308 pages.
The Mystery of the Blue Train: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Agatha Christie

‘Why did you come?’ she said at last. ‘To us, I mean. We’re not your sort.’

‘Oh, I am anxious to get into Society.’

‘Don’t be an ass,’ said Lenox promptly, detecting the flicker of a smile. ‘You know what I mean well enough. You are not a bit what I thought you would be. I say, you have got some decent clothes.’ She sighed. ‘Clothes are no good to me. I was born awkward. It’s a pity, because I love them.’

‘I love them too,’ said Katherine, ‘but it has not been much use my loving them up to now. Do you think this is nice?’

She and Lenox discussed several models with artistic fervour.

‘I like you,’ said Lenox suddenly. ‘I came up to warn you not to be taken in by Mother, but I think now that there is no need to do that. You are frightfully sincere and upright and all those queer things, but you are not a fool. Oh hell! what is it now?’

I really like Lennox.

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text 2019-02-16 20:42
Reading progress update: I've read 78 out of 308 pages.
The Mystery of the Blue Train: A Hercule Poirot Mystery - Agatha Christie

‘Oh, dear,’ Katherine thought to herself, ‘how extraordinarily alike the world seems to be everywhere! People were always telling me things in St Mary Mead, and it is just the same thing here, and I don’t really want to hear anybody’s troubles!’

OMG - for a moment I thought that Katherine of St Mary Mead is none other than the "Anti-Marple"!


And then she went to spoil it with:

She replied politely: ‘Do tell me.’



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