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text 2017-04-29 11:55

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text 2017-04-29 11:13
Reading progress update: I've read 1%.
Olive Juice - T.J. Klune

BR with Cinna MMon & Elsbeth.


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text 2017-04-29 02:15
Reading progress update: I've read 82 out of 220 pages.
We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Wow, this mom. She sounds suspiciously like my own mom. "Act normal." "Don't make a scene." In other words, don't you dare cry, sob or show any form of upset.

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review 2017-04-28 18:43
I really enjoyed this!
Tributaries - Illise Montoya

I'm a big fan of fantasy works but especially ones that come from the author's own mind. I felt the author did a really good job with her world building, but I would love to know more as well! As far as the story goes I found it to be very interesting, and the characters were thoroughly entertaining. It was very enthralling and from start, to finish I kept wanting to know more and more. All the while anxiously waiting to see, what would unfold. I was also very pleased with the fact, that this story was a fantasy adventure which included queer characters. While I did wish there were more romantic interactions between the two, I totally get why there isn't either. There are more things going on presently within the story, that romance isn't the largest factor. The author makes this known, with the way she spins her tale. At the same time, she has these characters, that are obviously attracted and growing closer to one another.


But the story isn't consumed by it, it makes it normal rather than making a huge deal out of the two women experiencing feelings for one another. I want to read more stories like that, in the near future because it makes reading about queer women so much more refreshing. Lastly, I just have to say I hope a paperback comes out of this in future because I would really like to read this in book form. While it was wonderful to read on my tablet, something tells me it'll have even more charm in printed form.

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review 2017-04-28 16:51
A Court Of Thorns And Roses
A Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

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So I have had this book for a while and i never read it simply because of all the hype that was behind the book series and I didn't want to read it and not enjoy it because I felt I had to like it because everyone else did.


I am so glad i did decide to read this book because it honestly deserves all the hype that it is getting. The chapters where so good that you always wanted to read more even the more detailed violent chapters where amazing. 


Now I don't normally like the main characters in books or movies or anything for that matter but oh my goodness Feyre was a total bad ass and i loved her she was so strong and inspiring because she had to learn really quick how to be an adult by looking after and providing for her family, also while learning about her you learn that she can't read and it was nice to see her overcome the hurdles that it brought up.


Sarah J Maas built the characters perfectly the romance was strong and i would even say new adult which was amazing I love beaty and the beast and I think this was an amazing adaptation of the story with fantasy.


I recommend this to anyone that has been on edge to read it, read the book you won't be disappointed if you love fantasy and beauty and the beast.


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