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review 2015-07-30 02:42
And Then Forever
And Then Forever (Fortune's Island Book 1) - Shirley Jump


Title: And Then Forever
Author: Shirley ump
Publisher: TKA Distribution
Series: Fortune's Island Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"And Then Forever" by Shirley Jump

What I liked about this novel...

It was a wonderful love story of second chance romance in a small town island setting [Fortune's Island]...

What I liked about the lead characters...

Darcy Williams-a wonderful heroine-story where she had to pick herself up and take care of herself,,, not being able to depend on her parents..however, wishing she mattered to find a place in the world and in the end making it through this adversity, secrets ..in her life [being the girl from the wrong side of the tracks] but in the end having much faith and determination to be able to achieve what she wants. Now what was that?

Kincaid Forster-hero-6 ft 2"-privileged ...enters into Darcy's life...but leaves... good lawyer and brother who later returns to the island to help with his sisters situation .... while dealing with 'severe emotional reactions, family issues and conclusions' as the story is brought out so well to the reader. I did have a few problems with this character as he seemed to totally support is sister but with Darcy...I wasn't sure Kincaid was there for Darcy in the beginning as he should have been....why does he seems to accept whatever someone tells him with out asking the right questions to the right person?.....but oh well you will have to pick up this well written story to read and see how it all comes out in the end because there will be some twist and turns in this journey.

Secondary characters: From... Whit & Grace Matheson, Jillian, Carter, Joey, Nona, Emma, Zach, Edgar Foster, Abby, Mooch [dog] to Gordon to name a few that really gives the reader a wonderful, dramatic, with some humor and even a suspenseful romantic read.

Questions asked and will be answered from the read....

What will happen as Darcy and Kincaid come together? As all of the secrets come out...will these
two main characters be able to see the errors they both have made?

What didn't I like about this read?

I discussed this early under Kincaid Forster...[see above]
It would have been great to have a epilogue added but since there will a next story that deals with Julian's and Zach's story maybe we will find out a little more of what all happens in the end with Darcy, Kincaid and Emma. I guess I would have liked to have had a wedding for those two!

What was one of my favorite scene in this novel?

"Remember how you asked me a question about your daddy? Darcy said to Emma.
Emma nodded. She hugged her knees to her chest. "It's 'cause there's a daddy daughter picnic
at my school on Friday. And Kayleigh has her daddy coming and Michelle has her daddy
coming and I wanted to have a daddy come too."
"Well, I think that can happen." Darcy glanced at Kincaid, then reached over and took his hand.
The two of them took a deep breath at the same time. "Mr. Foster is my very special friend because...." Darcy's gaze went to Kincaid. She gave him a smile, then turned back to their daughter,
"because he's your daddy."

Would I recommend this contemporary romance to other fans?

Yes! I will also be looking for Book Two in this Fortune's Island Series: Can't Get Over You featuring Jillian and Zach. Thank you to the author for a good read.

I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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url 2014-10-03 11:10
Free Today on Amazon
Soldier of Fortune: The King's Courtesan (Rakes and Rogues of the Restoration Book 2) - Judith James
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review 2014-02-03 21:47
Fortune Out West: The Series
Fortune Out West: The Series - K L Hemle... Fortune Out West: The Series - K L Hemley


Title: Fortune Out West: The Series
Author: K. L. Hemley
Published: K.L.H.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Series: Book 1-5
Rating: 5

"Fortune Out West: The Series" by K. L. Hemley was another one of this author good reads. This was simply a good western read of Lydia Collins and Silas Jones in the Californian Gold Rush of the mid 19th century. Who knew that the discovering of gold in 'Sutter's Mill, California Lydia would find herself leaving New York working for Silas. I found this read would be of great interest especially if you are into this type of historical read.

As the story starts out we find Lydia and her Aunt are running a boarding house in New York,but after several bad things happen...being swindled by a con artist(Jake)and the death of her Aunt May...she decides to follow her dream to California and this story continues through the five book series...giving the reader a awesome read of the gold rush to a beautiful romance. There will will be some twist and turns as we see' Lydia's world will be turned upside down.' Now, I don't want to tell to much...just wanting you to pick up this series because this author really delivers a beautiful read to her readers and oh such a beautiful ending!

This read is a book of five:

Book One: A Rush of Gold to the Head

Book Two: Don't Look Back

Book Three: Dry Diggins

Book Four: Suspicions and Lies

Book Five: Here to Stay

Would I recommend this awesome read? YES!
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