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text 2018-03-02 17:14
It runs in the family

A few days ago, my daughter Rachel sent me a photo of her son Elliot's championship New Jersey Devils Youth Hockey team.  They placed in the top three NJ teams and will be playing the top three from Pennsylvania for the regional title.



Elliot is the blond in the back row center, #29, holding one side of the trophy/plaque.


E's athletic ability does not come from this grandmother's side of the family, but . . . .



Somewhere around the spring of 1960, when I was a sixth grader at South Junior High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, I participated in the Cook County Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Chicago Daily News.  I think I came in 14th or something like that.  Whatever it was, I didn't qualify for the state bee.  But I got an award certificate -- it's around here somewhere.  And as you all know, I am still a spelling (and grammar) dragon to this day.


Fast forward to 1988.  My daughter Rachel was in sixth grade when she won the Buckeye Elementary School bee and then the regional, to advance to the Arizona state competition.  She came in seventh, winning a trophy and a few other prizes. 




This morning I received a forwarded email from Rachel:




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review 2017-06-13 23:34
The Rules of Love & Grammar - Mary Simses

Grace has just lost her job, her boyfriend broke up with her and now the apartment upstairs has had a leak that just happened to flow right into her apartment. Now, she's back home living with her parents for who knows how long.

Things aren't always going right for Grace and they continue that way after she returns back to her hometown. Lots of things and people from her past keep coming up, sometimes good and sometime bad.

This was a cute story, I did have trouble with the protagonist though. She irked me quite a bit, however, she did have some reasons and past issues which helped to make her into the person she had become. And, while she irked me, she wasn't even close to being the worst character I've come upon. She had her faults and once you discovered some things in her past, you could see how she would be that way.

All in all, I enjoyed the story with a lot of sympathy for Grace.

Thanks to Little, Brown and Company and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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review 2017-04-08 02:45
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun? - Brian P. Cleary,Jenya Prosmitsky

A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What is a Noun? is another fun story by Brian Cleary. It is to be read with a lot of enthusiasm, because this story gives students an exciting route to learning parts of speech.


This book's reading level ranges from K-2; I would read this story aloud in a 1st grade classroom and as I am reading, I would have my students either hold their thumbs up each time they hear a person, place or thing, or write down a few nouns they heard throughout the story and repeat them after reading. Then I would give them a list of nouns and have them decide if each is a person, place or thing. An extension would be to have them to a creative writing activity, giving them a number of nouns to have in a story they create.

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review 2017-03-29 01:59
Irregular Plurals
Feet and Puppies, Thieves and Guppies: What Are Irregular Plurals? - Brian P. Cleary,Brian Gable

I really enjoyed this story. Brian Cleary's series provides an awesome way for students to engage in learning parts of speech while reading fun, entertaining stories.


With this story, I would first define irregular plurals and give examples. Then we would read the story, and I would have students go back through together and find plural words, deciding if they are regular or irregular and dividing them on a graphic organizer.


Grade level: 2-4th

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review 2017-03-15 23:55
Today's daily deal...
English Grammar Boot Camp - Professor Anne Curzan

How sweet! An item on my wish list showed up as a Daily Deal. It is so infrequently that they feature a title that I am interested in. Lots of suspense and romance but not much that is esoteric or otherwise off the beaten track.


But, that aside, I'm already well into it and it will be a good balm for the spate of spring cleaning that has begun around here. The lecturer has a pleasant voice, knows her topic and has an engaging style.


UPDATE: Finished. So sorry to have to move on. Curzan is so easy to listen to and her subject is fascinating. As a grammarian, she is practical and realistic not pendantic and inflexible. She understands that there is a difference between spoken language and formal written language, that language and usage are constantly changing.


If you just want to learn the rules, buy a style book such as Strunk & White or Brian Gardner or the Chicago Style Manual and just follow their rules. If you want to understand what makes our language tick and where these rules have come from, listen to Anne Curzan.


Rating: 4 and half stars

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