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text 2017-09-21 17:33
Mr. Green, you are definitely not Lovecraft.
Ghost of a Chance - Simon R. Green

I have read and enjoyed other works by Green. This book I have read. What was the most difficult for me was the speech styles. "The chain of events opened a door, and now Something from the Past is forcing its way through, into the Present!", "An ancient Presence, powerful and pitiless, demanding worship and sacrifice, blood and horror. Out of the Past, out of Time, come to drag Humanity down to its own level again", "I'm getting definite indications of Time shifts. Intrusions from the Past. Some recent, some not. And underneath all that... I'm reading Deep Time, JC. From long before this station even existed. This is bad, JC, seriously bad. I've never seen so many extreme readings in one place before."


That's just in the first three chapters of the book. Later on their speech does creep up to match the modern timeframe of the story, but the overemphasis on "OMG!!!" sits there all along. Each new thing they encounter in the London Underground is always more than anything they've ever seen before. And these are supposed to be seasoned field agents? Green tries to get around that by frequently reinforcing that they are a B-team and only there because there was absolutely no one else. Same with their enemies from a rival organization. That team is also there because there's no one else and they're an effective B-team. However, two Bs do not an A make.


Add in some over the top descriptions, more than one info dump, a deus ex machina and an barely believable team up and the story just falls apart. Which is sad, because I know Green can do better and the idea had so much potential. In the end, it felt like Green was trying to be Lovecraft, rather than paying homage to his style. Bad choice all around.


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review 2017-09-18 18:22
In a Cottage In a Wood: The gripping new... In a Cottage In a Wood: The gripping new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Woman Next Door - Cass Green

With thanks to Netgalley and Harpercollins for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.


I enjoyed Cass Green's first book The Woman Next Door so I was look forward to reading In a Cottage in a Wood.


I was drawn into this book from the first page.  It is very easy reading with short snappy chapters.  Neve wakes up in the middle of the night in a strangers bed.  It was her works chrismas do where she met whatisface.  Neve recently split up with her boyfriend Daniel and is living with her sister Lou, her husband Steve and daughter Lottie.  Her BF Mira is pregnant and did not attend the party, drunk and bored Neve had a one night stand.


After escaping Whatisface she starts to walk home over Waterloo Bridge where she meets Isabelle.  Isabelle looks distressed and is wearing only a vintage gown.  Neve asks her if she is all right and offers her the fare for a bus ride home.  Isabelle thanks Neve and tells her is a good person and then jumps into the Thames.  The following day Isabelle's body is found washed up.


A few weeks later Neve finds out that Isabelle Shawcross bequeathed her Petty Wynn Cottage in her will.  Surprised Neve intends to sell the property but when she believes she is about to made redundant she walks out of her job, packs a bag and goes straight to her cottage to clear her head.


The cottage is in the middle nowwhere with little public transport and no shops nearby.  After travelling hours Neve arrives in the cottage and finds the property has been wrecked and finds a dead magpie in the sink.  Hours later the electricity goes off increasing her desolation.  In the morning she discovers all the windows have bars but why?  Strange things continue to happen in the cottage, another dead magpie, doors unlocked and the radio switched on all day.  Neve makes friends with neighbours Sally and Will Gardiner who tell that isabelle was scared and thought she was in danger.  Scared Neve decides to find out what happened to Isabelle.


Neve finds out that Isabelle was a prison visitor, she was close friends to ex policeman Bob Dyer.  When Neve visits Bob he refuses to speak to her.


This was a scary book with plenty of red herrings, you could definitely feel the terror Neve felt alone in the cottage.  Unfortunately I did not feel sorry for Neve, her recklessness annoyed me.  I liked Lou, Neve's long suffering sensible big sister and Mira who sounded funny and down to earth.  I wishes Mira could of played a bigger part in the story.  I did not guess the who the culprit was but I did have a fair idea of the reason why it was happening.  There was a revelation in this book I did not see coming in a million years.  I have deducted a start for the far fetched conclusion but I did enjoy it none the less.  I look forward to the next book.

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text 2017-09-16 21:15
sorgt für Abwechslung am Teller
Green Bonanza: Rezepte für mehr grün auf dem Tisch - Mia Frogner,Ricarda Essrich

In dieser grünen Goldgrube finden sich über 50 leckere und rein pflanzliche Rezepte wie Kartoffelpizza, gebratene Frühlingsrollen mit Kohlfüllung oder Taco-Suppe. Auch an Nachtisch und Snacks ist gedacht und sogar selbstgemachte Nussmilch gehört zu Mias Spezialitäten. Daneben verrät die Norwegerin neue Verwendungsideen für die besten Basiszutaten, Wissenswertes rund um die grünen Zutaten und Tipps, wie man mehr vom Gemüse verwendet und damit weniger Abfall produziert.

Das Kochbuchist aus meiner Küche nicht mehr wegzudenken, da es wirklich für Abwechslung sorgt, und mich immer wieder auf neue und vor allem fleischlose Ideen bringt. Ich bin kein Vegetarier, aber dennoch immer wieder auf der Suche nach Rezepten und Ideen mit Gemüse.

Die Rezepte sind sehr ausführlich beschrieben - das Nachkochen ist somit sehr einfach. Die Bilder sind sehr appetitlich und machen Gusta auf die einzelnen Speisen.
Einen Stern Abzug gibt es, da die Zutaten teilweise etwas außergewöhnlich sind - für die Besorgung muss man da doch einige Wege zurücklegen.

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review 2017-09-15 03:26
The sequel is just as good as the original (phew!)
The Spirit Mage: Book Two of The Blackwood Saga (Volume 2) - Layton Green

Picking up so soon after the end of The Brothers Three that it might as well just be the next chapter, The Spirit Mage continues the story of The Blackwood brothers and their companions (most of them, anyway).


There are essentially four storylines at work in these pages. There's one focusing on the villains here -- the wizards running the campaign against the rebels, the Romani, the "common born" who aren't content to stay that way -- and a spirit creature invoked to find the sword that Will's been carrying.


Speaking of Will, he and Caleb find themselves -- and Caleb's ex, Yasmina -- in the necromancer's castle. Will and Caleb are set on returning to New Victoria to try to find a way home. Meanwhile, they have to convince Yasmina that this very strange dream is real. Soon after they set out, they are captured by slavers and are headed towards mines that no one has ever escaped from.


Meanwhile, their brother Val was escorted back to Urfe where things got immediately interesting -- just in case the reader might be tempted to think that his story was going to be a repeat of The Brothers Three, Green establishes right off that such will not be the case. Anyway, the only way that Val can determine to find his brothers is to actually figure out how to use the magic he's been trying to master. So he enrolls in the Abbey -- a wizarding training college. He befriends a few wizards, gets involved in some pretty serious extra-curricular activities.


Mala disappeared during their party's assault on the castle with a majitsu -- her story is easily the least predictable, and hardest to summarize without spoiling. It's not as interesting on the whole (primarily because we're used to focusing on the brothers), but man, when it gets weird, it gets weird.


The Brothers Three was your basic Portal Fantasy -- a little different, because most of those feature much younger characters (or at least most that I've read). This book was more of your typical fantasy novel -- wizard in training, heroes on a quest that goes awry. It's that the central characters don't belong in the world. I didn't like Val as much has his brothers last time out, but I really enjoyed his story (as stupid as he frequently was). Will and Caleb I enjoyed as much as before -- maybe more. I thought Yasmina was a great addition to the series, and the way she fits into the world was a big plus.


Mala's story didn't end the way I thought it would, but really it had to end the way it did. The same could be said for Val's, actually. Will and Caleb's ended like I expected (phew! I'm one for three). Thankfully, they were all brought to satisfying points -- in one case, as satisfying as a cliffhanger can be. At this point I'm pretty sure I know how things will end up, but I have no clue how Green will pull it off. I can't wait to see, though.


It's hard to think of this as a separate book than The Brothers Three, really. By the time book 3 comes out, I'm not sure I'll be able to tell you the difference between the two (okay, that's not totally true -- but it seems like it). Which makes it a little difficult to evaluate differently than its predecessor. Basically, if you liked the first book in the series, you'll like this one. If not, well, this won't change your mind. If you haven't read The Brothers Three, you really should.


It's honestly a little frustrating to me that I can't think of much to say about this -- but it's so consistent with the last book that I'm going to sum things up in this post the same way I did with the other book: The Spirit Mageis well-written, skillfully structured, and well-paced -- there are some nice turns of phrase throughout the novel, too. Green is the real thing, giving the readers a good story, great characters, an interesting world (or pair of them), in a well-written package. After these two books, I think I can say that this is going to turn out to be one of my favorite fantasy series in a while.


Disclaimer: I was provided with this copy for an honest review by the author.

Source: irresponsiblereader.com/2017/09/14/the-spirit-mage-by-layton-green
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video 2017-09-13 07:13
Looking for Alaska - John Green

John Green talked about how his book got on the most banned book list. 


Good for him. 

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