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review 2018-02-18 19:20
Safe Place
Safe Place (Dangerous Bonds) (Volume 2) - Shani Greene-Dowdell

Title: Safe Place
Author: Shani Greene-Dowdell
Publisher: Nayberry Publications
Series: Dangerous Bonds Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Safe Place" Dangerous Bonds Book 2 by Shani Greene-Dowdell

My Thoughts....

I enjoyed the story even though it was a little predictable. However, it was still a good sweet read where you find Tameka had a horrible marriage and coming out of it with two children she definitely had reason for trust and heartache issues especially what she had endured from that crazy ex. I will say karma is something in what call comes to that ex.

It was great to see by the end Tameka finding someone like Jeb who went after what he wanted and even having his cousin Channing and his wife Kemara behind him was definitely good.

So, from heartbreak to truly happiness...."Safe Place" would be a good read to see how it all happened.

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review 2018-02-16 18:32
Lord Bentley Needs A Bride - Anne Greene

Lord Bentley Needs a Bride by Anne Greene
Book starts out with Bentley and he knows he has to find a wife very soon so he as the oldest can take over the estate and the management of it.
His younger brother has sabotaged all that with the rumors going around town.
Book also follows Camille Meriweather who has younger sisters and a father and knows she needs to get out from under her father's care.
Bentley after conversing with Sebastian his friend, take the advice of an aunt with the rules of love and rules of the fan and what is meant by different movements.
He throws a stay over party for several woman as he tries to get to know them. Problem is things go missing, the list of women are NOT the ones that should've been invited and things just get worse.
Love the things they do have in common, God foremost and horses. Then he learns of why he has to marry even sooner than expected and he's not sure she will take him as a spouse when she's courting two other dukes.
Like turmoil in this one as it throws a wrench in the fire.
Other works by the author and her bio at included at the end.
Received this review copy from the author via Bookfun.org and this is my honest opinion.

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review 2018-01-12 14:30
Mystery at Dead Broke Ranch (Texas Rangers, Men Who Wear the Star Book 1) - Anne Greene

Mystery at Dead Broke Ranch by Anne Greene
Have read other works by the author and have enjoyed the reads.
This one starts out with Ashley, a special ed therapist and she needs a man. She is strong and lives on the ranch with Zach her brother in a wheelchair.
The job is still available: work at the ranch and the man riding up on the motorcycle wants it, Stone Hunter. He's done all kinds of jobs, interesting hearing about them all throughout the book.
She needed him to work because if they didn't have ramps for Zach and other things he'd go back to foster homes. They still have not solved the murder of her grandfather... She just wants a Christian man.
Her twin sisters are moving in and one is to be married at Christmas. Love the work she does with the horses for handicap kids.
Stone just wants to find what he left behind and get out of there...
Past events are brought forward and she recalls why Zach is confined to the chair.
He tells the family the truth then he has to leave and he hopes to clear his past before returning... So many leads and clues as to who killed her grandfather...
There is so much more to learn about the characters and their careers, can't wait to read more about them. Handful of characters but easy to keep them straight.
Lots of action and more mystery and the authors other works are highlighted at the end.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

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review 2018-01-08 04:48
Once in a LIfetime
Once in a Lifetime - Annie Greene

Ben's wife died 5 years ago. Ever since, he's taken jobs that put him far away from his hometown. Now he's back in town and staying. Aubrey, unhappy with the path her life has taken, accidentally stumbles into an AA meeting. One thing she takes away is the desire to make amends for her past mistakes.
I liked that Aubrey was a reformed "bad" girl. I do think the residents of Lucky Harbor were too quick to judge her, without getting to know who she was now. Ben, on the other hand, was well liked and couldn't do anything wrong. Overall, I liked this one. An excellent addition to the Lucky Harbor series! The "star" of the next book was introduced in this one. I can say I'm interested in Sam.

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review 2017-12-28 15:35
Army of Darkness Vol. 2: Shop Til You Drop Dead (Army of Darkness: Shop Till You Drop Dead) - Nick Bradshaw,James Kuhoric,Sanford Greene

The problem with too much Army of Darkness is that it tends to feel same-y.   And after a while, I can only take so many vulgar jokes from one character.  


But, wait, I still read Deadpool, you say?   Except Duggan changed that up, and there's the social commentary that this franchise lacks.   


So this fares more poorly than most Deadpool stories do.  


Or a huge 'meh' to this.  I'm going to finish off the rest of the series because I have it, and I want to, but I probably won't rate it that high unless it proves to be different enough or clever enough, or something.   


Three stars isn't that bad, and neither was this: the story was coherent, there were some funny parts, but I needed a little more for it to rate higher.    Fans of Army of Darkness - bigger fans than I am - will like this more.   These comics make me yearn for Ash vs. Evil Dead, because that series is amazing.  And has Xena in it.



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