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review 2017-08-19 19:09
Sad and difficult to read
Goodbye, Dearest Holly: Ten Years On - Kevin Wells

This is an extremely sad and difficult book to read and even though some 15 years have passed since the brutal and callous murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman the events still remain fresh in my mind. Who can ever forget that last picture of the two little girls wearing their Manchester United tops the clock behind them showing the time at 17.04. How could loving parents ever guess that within a matter of hours their two beautiful daughters would have their lives taken from them by the evil monster Ian Huntley. Kevin and Nicola were exemplary parents and had instilled in Holly the need to be always vigilant and aware when out on her own. No one could have anticipated that someone employed as a school caretaker and who together with his girlfriend, and teaching assistant, Maxine Carr, could oh so callously murder two such innocents. The sad fact is that it took such an evil event to happen before the laws concerning the vetting of individuals (especially those employed in the company of children) would be drastically overhauled. If the background of Huntley had been known and in particular his history of sexual relationships with minors he would never have found himself in the trusted position of school caretaker and so it follows that the lives of Holly and Jessica would have been spared and their date with destiny avoided on that warm summer evening in 2002.


The safeguarding vulnerable groups act 2004 was introduced following the Bichard inquiry into the Soham murders The Act introduced a ‘Vetting and Barring” scheme for people working with children, whereby a new independent safeguarding authority (‘ISA’) must maintain lists of people who are barred from certain kinds of work with children and adults. That list includes those who are convicted of, or admit to, certain specified criminal offences, including various sexual offences, and those involving violence or the mistreatment of children. Once barred, the restrictions on work last from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 years.  One of the greatest failings of the police was their inability to retain, store and pass information to neighbouring forces and colleagues throughout the UK. If only the residents of Soham had been aware that Huntley had in the past been accused of rape and sexual assault ( a charge that was later dropped due to lack of evidence) then the events that unfolded in Soham need never have occurred and the families of Jessica and Holly would not have had their lives altered in such a sad and callous way.


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text 2017-08-12 17:28
Reconstructing Jackson by Holly Bush
Reconstructing Jackson - Holly Bush

1867 . . . Southern lawyer and Civil War veteran, Reed Jackson, returns to his family’s plantation in a wheelchair. His father deems him unfit, and deeds the Jackson holdings, including his intended bride, to a younger brother. Angry and bitter, Reed moves west to Fenton, Missouri, home to a cousin with a successful business, intending to start over.

Belle Richards, a dirt poor farm girl aching to learn how to read, cleans, cooks and holds together her family’s meager property. A violent brother and a drunken father plot to marry her off, and gain a new horse in the bargain. But Belle’s got other plans, and risks her life to reach them.

Reed is captivated by Belle from their first meeting, but wheelchair bound, is unable to protect her from violence. Bleak times will challenge Reed and Belle's courage and dreams as they forge a new beginning from the ashes of war and ignorance.

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review 2017-08-10 13:41
Review: Summer at Buttercup Beach by Holly Martin
Summer at Buttercup Beach: A gorgeously uplifting and heartwarming romance - Holly Martin

Published by: Bookouture (27th June 2017


ISBN: 978-1786812018


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 5*



For two years Freya Greene has hidden the fact that she’s totally and utterly in love with her best friend Rome Lancaster. It’s not been easy – they work together in his glasswork business, she lives above his workshop and, he’s completely gorgeous. But Rome has never shown any sign of returning those feelings. Until now…

Lately they’ve shared affectionate touches and words heavy with meaning. Yet Freya knows Rome has a damaged heart. After losing his fiancé in a tragic accident, he’s not allowed himself to fall in love.

Freya has already had her heart broken by a man who couldn’t let go of a past love. Can she risk it happening again? Rome and Freya have a friendship that could blossom into something more. Are they both brave enough to take that chance?



I needed a touch of summer sunshine to break through the miserable rainy weather and cloud that had stolen my reading mojo - and Holly Martin seems to have provided the perfect prescription in Summer at Buttercup Beach!


The two main characters create gorgeous works of art together and have been friends for a long time. The ideal couple who just haven't got together - Freya is someone who I'd want to be friends with. She's the sort of person you could talk to about anything without fear of being judged. Rome would be your ideal best friend and boyfriend combined...kinda like my hubby if I'm honest! I was just itching for them to stop pussyfooting around and get together!


The setting of Buttercup Beach is gorgeous. The descriptions are lovely, makes you fall in love with the place and the people. I want to go and live on Hope Island right now! It's so beautifully written, it really was a dream to read and I just couldn't put it down, I started reading it at midnight and read it all through the night!


I feel I've really missed out as I've not read enough of Holly's books...I will be rectifying that straight away! This is such a feel good warm read, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a comforting, uplifting read that will transport them to another place.

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text 2017-08-06 02:28
Reading progress update: I've read 60%.
Danger's Halo: (Holly Danger Book 1) - Amanda Carlson


Holly is pretty awesome. She's resourceful, has a good head on her shoulders, and is living in a world gone to shit. An astroid hit earth and life was killed off. Only a handful of humans survived, but not as the world once was. It's a post-apocolypic type scenario.


Holly's made a living for herself. Has band of people she works with who are almost like family to her. She cares, but tries not to show it. Caring, Softness, Kindness can get you killed. 


A threat has come into her town and wants her and her gang eliminated. 


It's fast-paced. A unique world set up and great characters. 

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text 2017-08-05 22:31
Reading progress update: I've read 15%.
Danger's Halo: (Holly Danger Book 1) - Amanda Carlson


Intersting. I like Holly and I'm liking the story/plot so far.

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